"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fourth's Fotos!

Horny Toad

Desert Tortoise

See it is rain touching down!

Handstands at White Sands

Good snake (hardest two words to put together)

County Fair

Pillaging goats!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

No More

No more mollycoddling to those of you against homeschooling. I have been quiet because it is not the norm for the nation and many folks see socialization as far more important than education, so quiet I was.

No more. Ever wonder some simple stats about homeschooling? Well you can begin to really see differences in how the home school program is working...

~but I will come back on topic- no more nonsense.

I have spent less in 12 years of training for three and (only 1 to go) than most states spend on a child each and every year. I have no dropouts, and have produced productive members of society that work hard, save money and pay cash for items.

My children do not need a state of the art dance studio, we can spend $39 every month and Mrs. Dance teacher encourages them on my dime on the main street of my community. Therefore my children actually encourage more businesses than shutting them down. We need no magnificent art decorating our yards, instead we travel from state to state, community to community, touring and putting money into the economy at museums, zoos, science centers, and even supporting our public libraries in book sales, as volunteers and as active users.

We need not spend extravagantly just because money is there as thrifty and wise spending is a lesson that we instill in our home school classrooms as we are footing the bill, not the taxpayer.

Folks I am sick and tired of hearing the negatives of home schooling and after reading this article here- we all better pray that many more families flee the public schools or the path of economic meltdown will never be recovered from. Public education has become another place to rape and pillage the citizens all the while pretending to be concerned about the children. SORRY, it is only about the money- no one cares about children or we would hold schools accountable and remove the unions that hold us hostage.

ps teachers are not underpaid by us, they are cheated by the administration and the unions above them.

please read the link I have provided(here it is again) as it is time we STOP all this insanity. Home school families should be thanked as they are removing cost and expenses from the system.
  • you do not provide free or reduced lunches for my family
  • you do not provide three teachers for a homeschool child if they are delayed. Amazingly enough we are proving that we as their educators can overcome all the ism's and delays that have manifested in incredible amounts in the past few years.
  • You do not need to pay for electricity for my home
  • You do not pay for school supplies for our school
  • You do not pay me for only 9 months and I am off every holiday and have 3 month break. I work year round as every opportunity to educate we embrace- for free!
  • You do not pay for a school nurse, a nutritionist, or compromise on music lessons so we can have sports(can you say revenue!) Interestingly enough many times 1 person fits all those jobs-me
  • You do not pay for me to have a principal, then a superintendent, then a school board to oversee me. In fact, I pay to have my children tested- which proves an overseer is NOT NECESSARY- the tests do not lie.
  • Electives are not taken out of our budget if we do not have a licensed teacher. Folks this just means that if the children wish to rebuild a 1965 Ford truck that Mom learns too. Oh and if one wishes to learn German woohoo- more learning for mom.
  • You do not pay for transportation to and from school for us either. Sometimes some of the students enrolled in my school have actually rolled over and picked up a school book in bed and actually did school while in bed- hmm
  • You do not pay for my children to have birth control or abortions(don't disagree with me, as there are plenty of cases where schools have taken the young woman to a clinic to handle her little bundle of waste(as they see it). We educate our children and need no one to pay for this...
  • You do not pay for anything for me to educate my children...YET
You benefit from us.

We pay to educate your children.
We pay to support your children.
We pay to medicate your children.
We pay have administrations rob from the wages of your teachers.
We pay for young girls to be taken to abortion clinics and be given birth control.
We pay for school campuses to be built spending 1/2 of billion dollars.
We pay for bus service to and from school.
We pay for three teachers to be over a child.
We pay for security on campuses because the state has removed authority and consequence therefore many of the youth have become caged animals.
We pay for the children NOT to be allowed to call Christmas Christmas.
We pay for the colors red and green not to be used in the December month.
We pay for children in a country that is 70% Christian to learn of Ramadan but not of the Christian faith.
We pay for children to not say Merry Christmas.
We pay for the teachers NOT to be allowed to wear crosses with fear they will loose their jobs.
We pay for the fatty unhealthy lunches to be fed to children, then we pay as a result of the obesity crises .
We pay for the schools to be used as mini indoctrination centers where Al Gore can show his misleading movie...and

Many of you get angry at me for not providing "socialization" for my children.


You all ought to thank those of us who are educating our children- you know why? Because it means that some children are actually learning how to think instead of being told what to think. Oh and one more thing-


Are you interested in supplementing your child in his or her education? Then teach them how to find information. If they are curious about bugs, then teach them to use a library(do not buy them books) and show them how to research. Teach the child how to make a butterfly net from an old hangar and piece of sheet(teach them how NOT to spend).

If you wish to homeschool-there are millions of us out here. You most likely know a few around you, but instead of thinking of us as weird or different, think of Columbus. Remember Christopher Columbus? Now children are being told he was not a good man, but then like now the crowd is wrong. Columbus came to the New World when the crowd believed the world to be flat- and he proved the world wrong. Yet the spin and the hate on our nation is massive in the schools, and because of that shirts like the one below are now being sold where?
Your local Wal*Mart.

Now is the time for you too to say NO MORE.

Mrs. Mom
School nurse
math teacher
science teacher
language teacher
foreign language teacher
history teacher
government teacher
lab teacher
gym teacher
music teacher
cafeteria lady
bus driver
adviser to any and all clubs
and most importantly
the one who wishes for them to achieve their dreams...which means if I succeed at my *jobs* they succeed in life.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

No More

After reading a post on Wizbang, I decided to put together some photos I have used here and there before.Hello to those in the Political Class- no votes for those who have aimlessly supported bankrupting my nation.

Enough already

This flag means something to me. I am proud of the land of my birth and to be honest am sick and tired of the world apology tour that leaves everyone to believe that our president is ashamed of this land.

The flag stood for something for these men and women...yes, David P. Gibson was my father.

And my final photo which is a classic, really shows Mr. Reid's assurance that they are honest...especially on the heels of how he sees Hispanics as one instead of a diverse group that can and do think independently.

What happened to America?
More importantly, can we save her?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to Basics

Time to get back to basics.

I have been writing about preparing for troubled times that are coming, whether a natural disaster or economic meltdown...one must prepare.

Bread is one of the mainstays of a family or community- we break bread to unite, to share, to connect, to apologize, to make treaties, etc. Baking bread for your family and yourself during troubled times is relaxing and calming.

This is rootbeer bread. I made homemade rootbeer and then froze some of the rootbeer to make bread later. This bread taste delightful and is a wonderful base for all kinds of sandwiches.

This is pinto bean bread. This is a great bread to make because when you make pinto beans you have some left over water from making the beans. This bean juice (as I call it) is flavorful and makes the bread taste nutty.

This is banana bread. Did you know that the best bananas for this are the brown skinned soft bananas? This means that you can spend pennies to buy the old bananas to have a breakfast bread. You can make banana bread into a french toast which is really delightful!

Back row-oatmeal bread dinner rolls. Front row bagels and sourdough bread.

And finally regular old fashioned bread. Flour, milk, lard, salt, sugar and yeast...

Please take the time to read the ingredients on the loaf of bread that you eat. Please take the time to learn to bake bread for your family.
Please take the time to prepare for times ahead.
Please take the time to get back to basics.

applesauce bread
pinto bean bread

Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Reflections

County Fair 2010 jagg

The County Fair ended yesterday, and with the end of the fair, I thought I would share the summer that we had this year.
  • I took several summer courses at the Air Force Base
  • I filled in for a friend at his Probation and Parole office
  • Second worked for a few weeks and has been continuing his fire training
  • Third worked in the orchards for a few weeks
  • Fourth helped run the house
  • Third injured his foot and is still using a crutch
  • Fourth entered four items in the fair- she received a blue ribbon, and three red ribbons
  • Second received his Class E drivers license
  • First was soldier of the month for June in Afghanistan
  • First goes before the promotion board next month
  • I served as a juror on a murder trial
  • I am still on petit jury until end of September
  • Three family birthdays
  • An anniversary rapidly approaching
  • Danced with my amazingly handsome husband at the Fair
  • Had more lunches and "dates" with Bill this summer than I have had since BC(Before children:)
  • Went to a Tea Party, met Jim Hoft(he is every bit as kind in real life as he is on his blog)- oh and won first prize in the Poster contest

Farewell Summer 2010
Thanks for the great memories!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long Distance Phone Call...From Afghanistan!

Oldest son called this morning!

Nothing in the world sounds better than hearing the sound of one of your babies-even if they are not so much babies anymore.

He is sounding a bit tired and says he misses home-sigh. He said he really misses home cooking and cannot wait for some enchiladas and real salsa. Seems like Fort Drum and now in Afghanistan salsa is a bit more mild than he is used too. Poor kid...needs some fire in the food. We have sent many packages filled with as much of home as we can- today we are mailing brownies. Not just any brownies, but brownies from the batch Fourth entered in the County Fair (we will find out tonight how she did!)

This role of mama has taken many turns in the past 21 years as each moment it changes. This is the hardest it has ever been as a mama, because I am not able to do anything for him, except pray, send boxes, send letters, and of course pretend when I talk to him on the phone that I am not an emotional basketcase because I hear his voice.

Son-I miss you so very much, and am so thankful that we live in times where I can hear your voice when you are ever so far away. We all love you and pray for your safe return.

ps- sometimes I make enchiladas and salsa as it reminds me of my baby soldier.

We love you,
Dad *Mom
Second, Third and Fourth

Oh and son, I thought you would like to sit with us on the front porch for a moment and enjoy our mountain. Can't wait until you are actually home here with us. Until then- here is our mountain.