"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sometimes Things Happen

Sometimes things happen that change your lives. Sometimes it is your fault, other times it is the fault of weather, or others, or something unusual. None the less life happens, and as a result we must figure out how to live with these happenings.

I have had several emails asking me about a picture I posted a few weeks ago, sharing one of the photos from Bill's accident. Since I did not say what happened, and have not in many months or even year on this blog, I thought I would share what happened that placed us on the path that we are on, living a humble, simple life on the farm.

On January 1, 2005 until around 9 pm, I was a content wife of a law enforcement officer. Life was wonderful, we had great pay, great benefits, and I never thought about not being able to afford anything. As to medical and dental insurance, we had top of the line.

Bill had worked New Year's eve, as you can imagine, it is a busy night for law enforcement. Then he was called out early the next morn, getting only an hour or so sleep. He then worked the entire day, here and there, fielding calls. It had snowed that night and he was up in the mountains working although we lived on the southern end of the county. The kids and I spent New Year's with a bunch of teen age boys basically chaos of kids. Bill spent the night up north, as that was where the bars were. When he did end up taking that hour or so to sleep, he went to my brothers house to sleep. That is the life of a law enforcement family, long hours, which we worked around.

Bill called me around 5 pm or so and told me he was heading home. Around 7 pm he was not home, but I did not worry as things happen that cause delays. By 8 pm I had the younger three kids in bed as they were exhausted. My oldest was 15 and opted to stay up with me and get the house back in order. He was finishing dishes when a knock on the door startled us both. I opened the door and it was an older woman, the wife of a county commissioner who I knew, but did not really know. I had said hello to her, but had never had any real conversations. Anyhow, she just walked past me plopped herself on my couch, without saying anything to me. As Bill was the resident officer of the town, we were used to locals coming directly to the house to have their issues resolved. That is the way it is in small towns. So I offered her a glass of water and waited. She still would not speak, so I assumed it must have been a doozy of a fight she had with her husband and she was cooling off.

No problem I thought and sat down and watched television while she was quiet on my couch. About ten minutes after she had been on my couch, I started hearing sirens, and said something like, I pray that everyone is okay. She still said nothing. By fifteen minutes, I began hearing commotion outside. We lived in a little subdivision with about 20 houses, so this noise was very unusual, and then my life changed forever. The door once again startled me, but this time it was a hard pound, just one knock. As I walked slowly to the door, it was exactly like you see in the movies as everything was connected, I realized something happened to Bill. I looked at the woman, and slowly opened the door. It was a fellow officer of Bill. He was a young guy, barely 24, and very meticulous about his uniform, and how he looked. We used to joke about how perfect he was. Not on January 1. I looked at his shirt which was a plaid button up(not his uniform), one side tucked in, one side not and his uniform pants...with his hair a mess, and knew that Bill was dead. He had come to tell me the news, as most wives have scanners, as does everyone else in the community, he was sent to tell me before I heard from anyone else. This was probably the hardest thing to date for him in his short career thus far, as he grew up knowing Bill as small towns- everyone knows everyone else.

I immediately turned to the commissioners wife on the couch, as it dawned on me that she knew, and actually said "YOU KNEW." She later told me that those two words devastated her, but she came to be with my children once I was informed. How amazing was she? That is a small community. She did not know me any more than I knew her before this night. But she understood what needed to be done and did so, biting the inside of her mouth not telling me anything until I was officially informed. D, as I will call the young officer, had been told that Bill was not alive or was so bad off, because he believed that Bill was dead. I remember looking out my front door and seeing the street filled with cars, and tons of people talking and looking to my house. It was surreal and cloudy as much as clear to me. I immediately clicked into function mode, and told D no one comes in the house, and no one says anything to the children, as I was going to have D take me to my sweet husband of 16 1/2 years so I could say goodbye. It would be the least I could do, as I loved him with all my heart and soul. D told me no problem, and I saw my oldest peeking out from the kitchen and told him to wait a moment, I needed to tell him something. I then called my brother who lived 80 miles away, and said you need to come. I then took my oldest and went to the boys room and told the boys they needed to get up and awoke my daughter. I took them to the family room where the commissioners wife was and looked to her eyes and she understood...as I was going to lie to my children. I then sat them down on the floor and told them that dad had been in an accident and I was going to be with him....I said nothing else, except we were going to say a prayer for him. Even the commissioners wife knelt on the floor with us. I then ran to my bedroom and tossed on clothes and then hugged the kids and out I went. My oldest in all his amazingness, had ran to his room and grabbed about $ 100 in cash which he had been saving and placed in my hand as he hugged me. This would be important later on, as I did not even grab my purse as I left.

To fast forward this narrative, as we were heading to the scene, we hear frantic chatter, that begins calling for Flight for Life. It dawned on me that Bill was not dead as first suspected, and so I was taken to the high school football field to meet up with him while they waited for flight. Bill was a mess, blood all over, and he had no clue babbling incoherently. As I sat by Bill's head in shock I suppose, D stood near the end of the stretcher and looked to me, and then said "Bill, do you feel this?" and squeezed his toes really hard. Bill flinched, and D gave me a lopsided smile to let me know that perhaps Bill was not paralyzed.

Sometimes things happen, and then the next step is up to you. What will you do when bad stuff happens? Will you be able to move on? I confess that for five or six months of therapy and rehabilitation were hard on me, as I longed for the old, while slowly realizing that things were forever different. We then regrouped and made a game plan which took us to our farm and our lives here in New Mexico.

Those who serve to protect live lives somewhat separate from others as it is shift work and filled with things many people will never see nor understand a cops life. For us we had to reinvent who we were as all we had known was military and civilian law enforcement. It has taken five years of physical adjustment. I am thankful that my tomorrows have had Bill in them as is. Here is the inside of the patrol car. Bill's head usually touches the ceiling as he is so tall.

Another view of the patrol car.

His accident scene was nearly 1000 feet and the car rolled and rolled. The light bar was gone in the rolling and the rifle rack which was attached to the ceiling became a weapon that kept slamming Bill in his face, neck and shoulder. Eventually the rifle rack would go out the window swing back and split opened Bill's neck/face just beside his ear, then it too would break free of the patrol car.

Although Bill was in and out of consciousness, when he woke up he called in his own accident to almost the exact mile marker post. His call was heard by the commissioners wife and that is why she came over. She later told me that he sounded hollow. Before any first responders could show up, a truck driver saw the lights in the desert off the road and quickly called it in, and ran through the terrain to help. This truck driver was the sheriff's son.  I will always be grateful to those who put themselves in my Bill's and my life and acted without thinking, as in times of crises that is what is needed. Those not immediately impacted can be the calm of the storm.

So now you know that sometimes things happen and as a result of things happening, I live on my beautiful farm that faces a breathtaking view of the mountains. I must relay that it is perception much more than reality, but life is how we see things, more than how things really are.

Thank you God for January 1, 2005

*this is unedited as even five years later I cry a bit thinking about that night, I hope you understand.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ten Things

Here is a list of ten things to start 2013 off...

1.  On average I iron something 24 days of the month.  Some people may prefer to iron everything at once but for me, I like to iron as Bill eats his breakfast and that takes only time to iron what he wears that day~so now you know.

2. Every year I make it a goal to learn something new.  This year one thing I am going to be learning is how to be the mom to all adult children!  I am super amazed at how time flies by and love that my goofs are far more than goofs...oh how I love them.

3.  We have converted the school room into an indoor laundry room.  So on days like today, I can dry my clothing as we are a dryer free.  I actually have three lines that can be pulled across the room and I can dry an entire load of clothing!

4.  This is what today looks like.  That is one of the small water troughs spread about the property.  Currently, thanks to Fourth, there are trails to each of the water troughs...as we try to take care of our critters.  We also spread hay in the trails so the chickidoodles feet stay as warm as possible.  Have I mentioned I love the snow?  I love it for a day or so then I am ready to enjoy New Mexico weather once again!

5.  Bill has grown his beard a good deal this year.  It is the longest and thickest he has ever grown it and I find it very handsome!  It's kind of neat after years and years of having to be clean shaven as he was in the Army then in law enforcement~I would have never guessed all those years ago that I would be married to a bearded man!

6.  I am having my favorite meal for breakfast...perhaps you remember it:  red beans, rice, and onions.  Oh how I enjoy them.  If I were to be forced to eat only three things the rest of my life...these would be the three.  Yep, I suppose I am that boring!

7.  This is what older flock of chickidoodles abode looked like before we opened the door up for the day.  Those silly sunflowers brighten the snowy day don't they?

8.  What 1969-1970ish looked like from a giggly 2 1/2 year old...I am on the far right. Front row cousin J, sister Cathy, brother UJ,  cousin G, sister Liz, cousin F, cousin E, me.  Back row, cousin V (I wrote about her here), brother Pete, brother Dave.  I am going to use this photo in an upcoming post...but I thought I would share now with my ten things post also.

9.   Laughter...have you laughed today?  Bill makes me laugh every day...and for an inside joke who who... Remember even in sorrow there is hope.  Sometimes I laugh as I realize how silly the world is in trying to make an impression.  We need to have the perfect hair, clothing, home, spouse, children, pets, etc...and it is so silly.  Shake things up today with a smile.  Wear pajamas all day.  Play a game with a loved one and talk.  It is amazing how soon you can end up giggling.

10.  As I close with number ten, I am going to close with my theme of the year-gratitude.  In all things I pray I have gratitude.  We have one life granted us by our Creator (whether one believes in God or not), and then we die.  Why must it be used up so poorly in hatred, bitterness, angst, discord, and misery?   If someone is a problem in your life you can allow it to impact you and get angry, you can leave the situation and ignore them, or you can pray for them and NOT allow them to change your life.  If you want to have something then become a verb.  Make things happen or at least try.  Set reasonable goals-most of us are never going to be famous, live among the rich, invent something, or write a best selling novel, BUT all of us can make our world the best it can be.  We can be cheerful to the downtrodden, we can show love to our family no matter what, and can whistle while we work as it means we have a job...yep, I am named Jennifer, but totally am a Pollyanna-and you can be too.

Friday, August 2, 2013

About the Yesteryear Newlyweds

Although it really does seem like Bill and I married just a bit ago, in truth 25 years have flown by...wow!  Today I am going to share several things about us as we approach our Silver Anniversary. 

1.  We were both 20 when we met.   I turned 21 before we married.  Bill turned 21 a few months after the wedding. 

My thoughts about getting married young~let's see,  I strongly recommend this.  Marriages fail all the time and age is not the sole factor.  I must say growing and maturing as a couple has been pretty neat and the crazy thing is that by October our 4 kiddos will all be 18 and up.   I think I will expand on this topic in a separate post in the near future because there are millions of reasons marriages fail and but a few why it succeeds.  Age alone is not the key either way.

2.  Bill and I are from completely different parts of the country.   He is from the Southwest/west and I was from the Midwest.  

I chose to move west before I met Bill.  This was not a drastic change or hardship but something thrilling and exciting for a girl from the flatlands!  The moment I saw the Rockies I was hooked.  The bonus was sunshine almost all the time.  I never realized how much I missed seeing the sun for six or seven months of the year until I was able to see it all year!

3. Although from different parts of the country,  we had several things in common and I know that these things are things that allowed for us to be so compatible. 

He was from a small town~well actually he lived outside the town a bit.  This is the same for me.   He comes from a large family and so did I.   Neither of us really were brought up in any particular faith and instead were raised with common morals and values.  Neither of us are an oldest child or youngest child.

4.  Bill and I actually told those around us that we were going to wait five years before we began having children!  

Discussing things like children, finances, and occupations etc are very important before a couple gets married.  Bill and I did not really talk much about anything aside from us~and the whirlwind that comes with being in love.  For the record, neither of us were against children.  Our oldest was born 10 months after we were married...just so you can smile 25 years later!!!

5.  Bill and I are not a couple that you would forget if you met us in person.  I am not suggesting that we have magnetic personalities or anything like that.  You would not forget us because to those meeting us for the first time you would take note of something pretty different about us.   He is truly tall to my short.  He is a good 15 inches taller than me.  Yep...when he is sitting we are far closer in height if I am standing.  

The way I tell the story now for dramatic effect is that I married for height not money.  Now to my readers I must tell you that this is so far from the truth.  I decided to marry Bill from the moment I saw him.   He took my breath away.  No kidding!  I knew in that moment he was mine and boy I am ever so glad that he is.  Now for the kiddos my children without Bill may have been a bit on the shorter end of the height spectrum but with Bill the boys are all 5'10 and my cutie pie Fourth~she is about 5'4". 

6.  I was raised in the generation of a woman bringing home the bacon and fry it up in a pan (this link has the video of this commercial halfway down page).   In spite of this, when we had our first Bill and I decided to split the work...he would cover anything outside the home and I would care for the home and children.  The decision happened in a flash after we had our oldest cared for one afternoon and the care shocked us.  

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that staying home and being a homemaker has been an area that I have been most attacked.  I have been called a mousewife, a doormat, and even have been asked don't I want more, implying that this role is something less than noble or important.  This decision made Bill and I totally reliant on one income.   This has proven to be a saving grace for us in recent years as the adaptation to less was just kicking up what we had already been doing.  

I will not try and cross and offend anyone here.   I appreciate that many women must work as they are the sole breadwinner in the family.   It took me several years to appreciate or let's say reprogram my own thoughts on being a housewife after being raised in a modern woman attitude of the 70's and 80's.  That said...forgetting all about the money or wages earned or the cost of a woman working needing two vehicles, wardrobe etc...being home gave me something I could not put a price on today.   Being home raising my children allowed ME to be the person that saw each child's first steps.  It was me that heard each child's first words.  It was me and the values Bill and I wished for our children that was placed in front of the children and not a caregivers values or wishes.  I watched precious moments of each of my Little's lives.  I saw love and kindness between the siblings and was able to guide and correct behavior that wasn't wished for.   I had my goofs on a schedule that did not require constant to and froing .  Before we made the decision to homeschool, we were homeschooling.  I realized with my kids I had a captive audience and took every moment as time to enlighten and educate them.  Now to what I look back and realize...this is the advantage of a primary caregiver.  I am ever so thankful that I had these years to be at home and be the one to influence my own children.

7.  We hold hands...after all these years when we go somewhere we still hold hands.  When we drive, we hold hands.   We hug each other when we part, and hug each other when we return.   When we walk about the property we hold hands...although for me this is more as a safety mechanism.  If I see a snake I want to climb a tree or something and here in the desert, Bill is pretty much the tallest tree around!!  

Marriage is more than a contract, or a bedroom convenience.  Marriage is more than having children and raising them.  Marriage is about two people becoming one.  Marriage is about a daily commitment to the other person above all others besides God.  Marriage is about ensuring the needs are met of your spouse and they will ensure your needs are met.   Conversing daily about everything and anything under the sun makes a marriage strong.   Learning new hobbies or at least sitting together while reading unites the bonds.  Your marriage is something that should be raised above all else in your life.  Sometimes it is hard to do so but even a small gesture each day to maintain your commitment can be done.  I will say with no amount of shame or pride that I am not a perfect wife.  I have had bad days/weeks/months etc.  Bill is not a perfect husband.  We do not even think about marriage that way.  Oh before I forget as I know as Bill reads that he is not the perfect husband he has said 'WHAT? in humor.   I grin with your what , Bill.  You are perfect for me~hope that helps :)!

8.  We have never owned a new car.   Never. 

To even maintain the challenges and struggles the world adds to a marriage why add unnecessary debt that holds you down?  Cars are one area that you can buy used and end up with a pretty amazing vehicle.  I remember in Germany buying an Opel that seemed to be the car for the newest arrivals and as soon as you could you upped to a newer used car and sold the Opel to the next family.  We are a Ford family and although we have had other makes and models over the years I prefer Ford.  Between the kids and us we have 3 Ford vehicles.

9.  Although we love our extended families, we really worked hard at establishing and maintaining our own family~even when it was just Bill and I. 

We did attend holiday events at other members homes but for the most part we established the traditions for us.  I will totally respect the kids when they establish this with their spouses.  Bill and I have a goal of one meal a month with all the kids that can get off work and we will have a large gathering in November so we afford them the same chance that we had to really become a family independent.

10.  Do you want to know how much money we have spent over the past 25 years raising four children and living?   Many people are guarded with personal and business information and believe me...I usually am.  But for today to wrap up these ten things about Bill and I ....privacy is off.  Scroll down and I will share the numbers as I have kept our checkbooks and banking in careful order.

We have spent~


the past 25 years

you ready???

Seriously?  You kept scrolling down?  I guess I better tell you right now then.  We have spent everything we made over the years.  Does that surprise you?

To those with beautiful planned out retirements with huge savings...I pray you appreciate we too had these plans and then Sometimes Things Happen. 

Saturday, February 4, 2012

And the Reasons Are:

  1. I slipped on ice and twisted my ankle. Oh and yes, we have ice, up in the mountains. I took Fourth ice skating with her friends in Cloudcroft, NM, when I slipped getting out of the truck. This could possibly happen, but this did not happen!
  2. I had food poisoning~I had a corn dog from Sonic...with green chili. I am not sure I am giving up Sonic but perhaps corn dogs! I am not a fast food restaurant fan so no~this did not happen to me. The first year we were in New Mexico, this did happen to my Bill, poor guy!
  3. I let Rose the Hen take me on a joy ride and we were picked up by the law! Now Rose and I are the farm criminals. She is used to dressing in black and white stripes, I am not. This would have been fun, as she can reach the gas pedals easier than I can, but no, this did not happen.
  4. I misunderstood the mirror when it said objects are closer than they appear. So this one received a clever comment from one of my sisters~she wondered if I was tall enough to see the mirror~ haha!!
  5. A ram let me know why he is called a ram, and am very sore, although pleased I was thrown several feet and for a few moments was impressed, until ground and I joined! Sadly-this is one of the reasons. I let my guard down, forgetting that a ram is a ram because he rams. One must never forget that in life, some things are dangerous. Both my hips hurt as well as getting up and down.
  6. I was flying back east and TSA screeners scared me-my own fault, I am not a fan of flying and I had a wig-out moment, and was escorted out of the El Paso International Airport. Since all of my kids are nearby, I am not likely to fly anywhere. I do not like to fly...and with TSA-and escort would have ended up to the back seat of a patrol car, so this did not happen.
  7. I am 5 months pregnant! I know, with my youngest being 16, we waited a good amount of time to ensure all was going well, before announcing the news. Oh I smiled when I typed this one. Bill and I hoped to have 8 children so this would be exciting, but no, I am not pregnant~but this would have been a neat thing to share!
  8. We are in the midst of a construction project and no matter much I pretend I am okay with such disorder, but truth be told, I am not! I shared the tile a few posts ago. The boys have been staggering when they come home and so we are removing flooring and firming up flooring to lay tile. The kitchen is completely chaotic- and I know the end result will be amazing~but for now~ I am in the midst of construction chaos!
  9. I have a job! Me! The eternal housewife has actually found work outside the home, and I LOVE IT! My life and work is at home. I truly am blessed that I can work at home and take care of my home full time. It has been a blessing, and perhaps someday I may volunteer somewhere, but if Bill and I are blessed to have more years together, I will be the one on the home front, and he will be the one ensure our financial needs are met. So no, this is not the reason.
  10. My oldest eloped and we have been planning a wedding reception as well as time to get to know his wife! I smiled typing this one! I do look forward to weddings and receptions as marriage has been so wonderful for me, but this is not the reason. For the record, I would be tickled to death to hear of this from him~

Gayle guessed spot on, with 5 and 8!!! Woohoo! Yay Gayle!!

Glenn was correct with his guess of 8.

My sister almost had it, then changed it so she ended up with 8 correct.

Sassy was correct part guessing 8!

Musemater was correct with 8 and made me smile with her hedging her guesses!

Thank you all for playing along. Sometimes it is fun to make light of situations that are out of our control. I like to enjoy the best of the day and work through parts that are imperfect.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It seems like a lifetime ago

we bought the farm.   In truth we just began our seventh year the other day!   I am not sure what I really imagined would happen once we moved here.  I will confess that it has been far harder than I would have guessed and far more wonderful than I would have dreamed. 

We began our journey to simplicity as a result of a life changing event.  I am a firm believer in seeing the best of anything even when times are the bleakest.  The farm was us seeing the best for our family.  For anyone that doesn't live in the high desert, you may paint an image of a farm that is not fitting of our region.  When we bought this little place in the middle of nowhere...it was not a farm.  In fact, it wasn't really anything.  Correction~it was an eyesore, that was a rundown hole in the shrubs, mesquite, and cacti of southern New Mexico.  The property came with a few things: 1. It is in a zone considered a Colonia, 2. The previous owner was a collector of cats, and a maker of pottery that she then disposed of~everywhere.  3. The view to the east was one of the most spectacular views I had ever seen. 

We named our little place the Double Nickel Farm.  In humor more than anything else, as we bought a place that then left us without even two nickels to rub together!  

It was a crash course in homesteading.   We built pens from salvaged items, traded labor for farm animals and then learned on the ground floor how to care for all the animals.   We began gardening and then learning how to preserve the harvest.  We studied how to make everything as we are cash poor farm, but have brains that with a bit of dusting off, work pretty well.  

Now I make all of our cleaners~and they are organic, safe for the environment, and extremely LOW cost.  I make a good deal of our toiletries and the research into this arena opened my eyes to all of the chemicals that I had in our home before the farm, and how with making my own...how I have reduced this.  

I can make so many things from scratch.   We went from eating a good deal of processed foods to having very little processed foods in our diets.  

A large part of our home has been furnished by visits to the thrift store, antique stores, or on line yardsales.  Typing antique was fun, but in truth, antique stores have a good deal of items for very reasonable prices.  

We do not have cable/satellite television~and don't miss it.  I think we are on our sixth year of no television aside from DVD's...and it is wonderful.  

Our luxuries are few...the internet~out of Texas, cellphones shared with our kids(low cost when several are together...oh no land line),  and well that's it.  We do not have wiggle room to cut back as we don't really have much surplus.  

Since we have moved to the farm, we finally got another vehicle.   For anyone wondering~new for the farm family means a vehicle with 90,000 plus miles on it.    You see, on this journey, we no longer even know any Joneses, therefore keeping up with them no longer matters! 

Our family has grown up and pretty much moved on...from 2008 with the oldest entering the Army and serving in Afghanistan, to now having all of our sons in the community, one as a fireman, one as a hospital tech, and the other as a deputy sheriff.   It's crazy to realize that the journey that placed Bill and I on this path, very well placed our children on their paths too, as they learned such impressive work ethic over the past years, that they are an asset to any workplace.   Our baby turned 18 this year and so now, the journey of the Double Nickel Farm takes on an entirely new path.  The farm now is more and more a place where Bill and I work together for simple milestones to make the farm become the 'folks' house...where the kids and their loved ones venture out to have a break, family fun, and good food. 

I cannot imagine what another seven years will bring.  I cannot imagine where we would have ended up if we did not have the courage to leap into this life we have made for ourselves.  I am ever so thankful that we accepted that sometimes things happen as my life has been all the better because.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It has almost been ten years Part 1

since we moved to the farm.  I was thinking about this last night and I thought I would share some of the things that have happened in the past decade.

First  the reason we named the farm the Double Nickel: It seems like a lifetime  ago
Be sure to read both of these as it explains why we began the journey that placed us on the Double Nickel:
     Before President Obama Part 1
     Before President Obama Part 2

Bill's and my story from an anniversary post: Happy Belated Anniversary.

Bill and I on our wedding day:

Bill and I on the first day of 2017

About the goof troop...they are all grown.
I homeschooled them all.

Here is one of the earliest group photos after Fourth was out of NICU. 
 Here is a photo from 2 weeks ago.
l-r Second, Fourth holding G2, Second's wife, Second, First's wife holding G1, and First.
The kids all live and work in the area we moved and now call home.  To keep things as real as possible I must say that my kids take after Bill and are either first responders or connected to that field~either in the legal sector/ or the detention sector. 

Grandbubbies: The family keeps expanding.  We became grandparents in 2015...twice! 
G1 born in June

G2 born in October
Crazy thing about having the two grandsons 4 months apart is that their daddy's are 9 months 10 days apart!

We will be adding to grandbaby files by late August early September 2017.  The votes are 50/50 for whether it is boy or girl.  I am making an official declaration on the blog that it is a boy.  Updates to prove me right or wrong when news is available!

Bill has had two surgeries and the events that brought us to the farm are a dim memory as sometimes things happen and then surgery and one can return to the career one loves...stay tuned for news on this as well.

Oh and so far two members of the Double Nickel have served in the armed forces. 

 Here they both are.
One was a wee bit young and the other my Bill as an MP.
The wee one all grown up.
On Wednesday the number will change and I will give an update after the officialness is all done.  
By the end of the month 50% of the Double Nickel of the family(before spouses and grands) will have served or be serving.   

This ends Part 1 of the It has almost been ten years series.
I am working on the rest of the series and of course the upcoming week lots of events or milestones are happening and I am going to post about.
Until then, 

Friday, July 22, 2016

I Believe

That one can re-purpose old curtains into a braided rug.
I believe that clothes dried on a clothesline smell amazing.
I believe that a woman that does not know how to sew can make
her own skirts.

I believe teaching children to work alongside you should be done
from the time they are small.
I believe that love should be shared every single day.

I believe that work doesn't always have to be tedious.
I believe that the simple life and feeding animals is priceless.
I believe that a family should work together as the wood brought home 
warms everyone.
I believe that cooking food for your loved ones isn't a job but 
something to take pleasure in.
I believe that teaching children to work while working with
them at an apple farm creates habits that will last a lifetime.
I believe that learning that all life has value and respecting it 
all the while providing for the family is important.
I believe that when an opportunity to rest is offered that one should
take it.  Hard work earns one rest.

 I believe sometimes things happen. 
 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, 
to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 
I believe. 

I believe that one need not have the newest gadgets or even the 
exact ping pong table to enjoy a game of ping pong.  I believe
necessity is indeed the mother of invention.
I believe that traditions of the annual photo aren't easy to maintain
but are precious memories to look back upon and see the changes 
of all.  I believe the photo triggers memories as well thinking
upon all the outtakes each year required to get the final photo!
I believe that little girls should remain little girls as long as possible.
Innocence and childhood are not hand and hand in this world. I 
believe that we should do everything possible to ensure that our children
and their childhood innocence is protected-and a good way is by turning
off the television, game systems, cell phones and such.
I believe that young men should stand and serve.  I believe
that character, honor, integrity and patriotism are traits that 
we need to grant to those that will be fathers to the next generation.

 Although this is not the first image I know it is the most important. 
I believe that the Bible is the word of the Creator,
and that life is because of Him.  I believe that the 
basic instructions before leaving earth are indeed in the 
Bible and that I should study to show myself approved.
2 Timothy 2:15

I believe that a gift from a child can never be given
a monetary value.  I believe that this gift is 
priceless in so many ways. 

I believe that making a child and their childhood is through
simple things most often not requiring anything but your 
time, love and willingness.
I believe that nearly 28 years later I feel as newly married as I did
in 1988.  I believe that I do feel as in love or more in love now and
I am ever so thankful for getting the wrong belts put on the car.
I believe that this young couple had faith even before they understood it
and that all because of this they are the parents of four seven(with all the daughters-in-law)
and grandparents of two.  All~ Because.
I believe in happily ever after.  I believe in this not because it is a mushy love story every day. No.  I believe in happily ever after because with Bill, we rolled up our sleeves and united to walk through everything life has given us.  I believe that joy is a choice.  I believe that we can choose to be miserable or choose to be happy.  I believe that after working at it for several weeks it becomes a habit and then joy is.  

I believe.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Titanic

Remember the RMS Titanic? Forget the movie drama, but think about the reality of what happened on that cold April night. The Titanic carried all classes of people, and typical of how things are even today, not enough precaution was taken. Over 1,500 people died. Not one person on that ship could even fathom the possibility that death in the frigid ocean awaited them, as this was the maiden voyage of an incredible vessel.

The Titanic has a great lesson for us all. We often view ourselves as something so incredible that if something tragic happens we sink. We are ill prepared to grab a life vest and jump in a lifeboat because we haven't allowed for any possibility of anything going awry. In fact in an area where something has gone terribly wrong, what is the first thing you hear from a witness? "Things like this never happen here." Think about all the school shootings, disasters, crime sprees that you have read about. Not one person in that region believed that it could be them that would be impacted.

I have been a Titanic follower my whole life, as my mother was born on April 14 and the ship hit the iceberg on the 14th and sunk on the 15th. So my mother shared the birthday tragedy with wisdom, why not us? Things do happen to each and every one of us so why aren't we prepared?

We must prepare for things to happen in life, as things always do. Clearly we all will die, so perhaps it will be today. Sometimes a great business idea isn't what we the public wishes for, so pull back and start over. We need to step up and be accountable for our failures as well as our successes. On the Titanic there were several extremely wealthy people. I will mention two of these wealthy men, as they had enough money to buy their way out of the situation: Isidor Straus and John Jacob Astor. Quite easily they could have offered their fortunes to those in the lifeboats...to be given to the recipients children or such. But guess what? They did not. John Astor is reported to have asked once to go with his young wife because she was pregnant, but when told no, he did not storm off, but gave her his gloves and went and lit a cigarette. Mrs. Straus refused to get in a lifeboat and is quoted as saying "We lived together, so we shall die together". I cannot imagine the chaos of today's mindset in a situation as the Titanic. Oh but I can...

You see businesses, banks, and people are sinking. Some because they were duped, or just because they are poor managers of money, and others because we no longer have a need for the service offered. Yet instead of stepping back and regrouping...they are all jumping into the lifeboats demanding to be saved. I am sure you know what happens when too many crowd into a lifeboat? It sinks and no one is saved. That is what is happening to our country. It used to be you had a story of your failures that then resulted in hard work, savings, and energy to relaunch you. Think about how many strike outs Babe Ruth had. Contemplate how many times a baby will fall in learning to walk. They may cry a bit, but up they go and forget that they fell.

Because we have chosen to not allow failures we all are doomed to sink in the lifeboat of the American Bailout. My question to you is then this, do you have a life vest to keep YOU afloat?

***something else to ponder when you wonder where I get my strength- of course the Lord first, but then my mother. My father was killed on the 8th of April but she was told on her birthday that he was killed. What makes one pick up and go forth? Well knowing that you have to. She continued on because there was no other option. That is why Bill and I ended up becoming farmers without any experience- as we had to pick up and go forth knowing that we ourselves must make our way.

I pray our country can recover from the incredible amount of debt we have taken on by not allowing the failing of mismanaged or what not businesses.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016


squeak.  Shorty.  Peanut and on and on.  As one that is not so tall, I have heard practically EVERY nickname one can come up with for a short person.  As a child in school, as lines were always from tallest to shortest, I was always last.  At graduation, I was last.  Being not so tall isn't a problem as it is all I know~but sometimes things crack me up so I thought using some memes I'd share a window to my world.
First off, 5'1" would be great! Second off, this is sooo
true.  I cannot see over  things or in crowds if I am not 
front I walk away as I won't see it anyhow.

I have solved this problem by using grill pinchers to
reach the stuff at the bottom of the washer.   If I am lazy
I'll launch myself up like in this photo, but the older I get
the less I wish to launch like this!

Once again, Yep!
In the house before the farm, I would lift one
of the four on the counter top to reach items in
the cupboards.  By the farmhouse I decided no
more.  I removed ALL the cabinets as I cannot 
reach even the first shelf in them, so why have them?!?!

In the grocery, if Bill is not with me, I may end up 
waiting in an aisle until a tall person comes along.
To all of you that have reached something from 
an upper shelf in the stores for a short one...I thank you.
I hate asking but when I need something I ask!

Bill~You agree, right?

Highlight on the not unusually. 

For me this is the pain that I get in my thigh.  Since
we have these on our trucks, I do forget at times and create
a bruise. 

Footstools are my favs and a funny thing happened to me at the DMV 
in a previous state.  I was told to read the vision chart and I told the clerk
I can't.  She asked me if my vision was okay.  I told her it was fine, but
I still could not read the chart.  She asked me why, and I told her I cannot
see it as it is above my head!  So in the DMV with the entire area filled,
she came around the counter with a milk crate and had me stand on it so I
could see the vision chart!  I have never had that happen before or after this,
and I laughed as hard as those waiting in the lobby!

The last photo is my favorite and to my law enforcement family:

This is how things would be if I ever donned the uniform. 

I'd be bold, yet one would still laugh. 

For the record~kitchen chairs, the average couch, and most toilets are too tall for me and my legs dangle.  If I visit your house and say I'll stand don't take it personal.  At home, I have what I call my little people chairs which we found at a yard sale. I think that they were formal living room chairs for children~but I LOVE THEM.  I also have my chairs at the table.  They are normal for me so my feet don't dangle. 

I am not a little person, but I am not close to the average height of women either.  I am in the no man zone of no official title yet obviously no title either.  Therefore my official title is Short to Bill's Tall.  

As a disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to someone that may take offense to something I have shared.  I am making light of my life and the humor I find in a world that is not often geared for me. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

From the Foto Vault

Time once again for a bit of foto vault fun!
This is the before photo that I wrote about here.

This was for Third's 19th birthday that I wrote about here.
All four of my kids are in the photo...maybe only a teeny portion of one
but yep.

Boots and Fourth.  Pretty much her style
all the time!

This was a remix of a photo taken in 2006.
I am thinking this will be remixed once again,
but the spaces between the four will be filled with
new additions to the family!

Oh and with those boots Fourth wears, she enjoys olives.
Because of her olive addition I have a lovely spice set.

Not sure what Second is doing, but I love these cutie pies.

Another White Sands photo.

From the really old foto vault files.
My cuties with my Bill when he became a civilian police officer.

McGuinn's Pistachio's~yum.
Garlic are my current favorite!

It's amazing that my life is the life is it, because Sometimes Things Happen.