"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Reality of the Situation

I have been thinking often of the Jews in Germany in the mid thirties. I am connected to Germany for several reasons. A young immigrant came to this great land in the 1820's, and he began the line of the family that would bring me into the world. He was from northern Germany but always wanted to own his own store which he did by 1830 in the US.

I was able to live in Germany for nearly 4 years because Bill was stationed there in the early 1990's. In fact we added two more sons to the family while we living there. No matter what experiences I had there(everything as we saw and did everything)I cannot never forget the reality of what happened to citizens of that nation.

Some Jews understood the times and left Germany in the mid thirties. I am sure that this was an incredibly hard thing to do, and in fact I am sure many said to them that they are being too paranoid.

As history has shown those that left Germany were justified. The signs were all there, and it is a horror tale that is sometimes disbelieved or even out and out lied about today.

Friends the signs are here in the US, not for the roundup of any religious faith, but of massive inflation. The stimulus package was 15% stimulus and 85% programs such as food stamps, birth control, science to be named later and on and on. The economy is not going to be stimulated. Already I have read on line that perhaps a second stimulus package will be needed. Where do you think that this money came from? We borrowed it from foreign investors. In fact China is the largest of the investors. You and I will be paying it back, but our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be paying for more than the money. Dumping money into a problem has never solved anything. Homeschool parents can testify to how little we spend for the gain we see.

So in times where inflation is going to climb, I suggest increasing your pantry as I have said before. Buy food, toiletries and meds. If you have a place to plant a garden, then buy heirloom seeds as well so that you can provide some of your own food. During WWII Victory Gardens most certainly kept families alive. I realize that many of you cannot have animals in your city or urban dwelling, yet rabbits are often considered pets, so I would consider getting a buck and doe, as many during WWII learned that rabbit was easy to raise and the meat brought protein into many a diet.

I am not suggesting you believe me. Our President has even told us we are in almost catastrophic times. Economist are talking and suggesting buying gold. The dollar is not going to be important in a few years(or much sooner). I think often of the wives of the Jews that remained in Germany. They probably were much like me, and convinced their husbands that the move is crazy, why leave all they know? I am sure I would have been that way, and then being in my forties would have ended up in the "showers".

I pray that the reality of the times are clear and that you prepare for you and yours. I am most certain that parents in Africa have horror stories about hungry children dying, but it couldn't happen here could it? Please remember all empires have a shelf life, and America is no different.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The girls are out of the master bathroom! Yay! Now for the cleanup of the entire master suite. Here they are on Monday in their own yard. It is incredible to see the instinct kick in. Pepsi is very troubled, for once they were so close and she thought of them every day. She would sit by the brooder and probably drool. Now they are enclosed and she has lost out!

We did not expect Colonel Sanders, so now that we moved the chicks out Colonel needed new digs! So the boys and Bill built this bachelor pad! Colonel was not too happy and quickly flew over to the old yard. We have nearly fixed this problem as we have made the coops completely contained so no birds can fly in and enjoy the tasty feed we give our little flock.At some point we may clip the wings, but that is down the road as this solution works well. I was also troubled by the amount of hawks that I see. I am sure that the chicks look like easy pickens'. Now they are not.

We will allow Colonel to have a hen with him, when we desire new chicks. It was an amazing blessing to read in the paper that someone was giving him away!

Greenhouse update: over 130 plants growing from seed. More than 15 tomato plants so far! Herbs have been slow but are finally coming, and I have planted several apple seeds. One is growing. From seed to apple is around 10 years.

So far nine garden beds have been prepped, and by tomorrow we hope to have all the melon and squash beds plotted. We are busy each morn collecting rocks from the mountain to use to outline the beds!

Here is a photo of looking down towards our home and the White Sands! Can you see them?

Check out this fossil! Can you believe that I was collecting rocks and this was just on the ground! It has been so amazing because we have been able to discuss the Flood. I believe that we have collected over 100 fossils in 2 days!

Here is another perfect specimen.

One incredible find(no photo yet) has been of clams fossilized closed. I am speechless, as when a clam dies it opens. These clams were covered and never had this option. Following the writings God left for us, I know what happened. A worldwide flood. Soon I will post a fossil discovery, as each one of us has found leaves, and shells, and trees, and teeth, and crustaceans and fish. Another hard job immersed with the Lord and glory to Him!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Remember Last Year?

Here was our garden last year. We lived in a leased home that was on a very small lot. This is the garden at its peak! Water restrictions were in effect, so every drop of water was conserved. Notice between the beds...no green!

Here are the beds in May 2007

And here was the beginning...I saved my milk gallons and created little green houses until the weather was warmer in the nights. We treated the soil with sand and manure that we bought!

Fast forward to the new farm. When I use the word farm, I am being optimistic, because we probably will be the first to harvest anything besides tumbleweeds or thorns! The kids set up a line and set up the stakes for the new garden beds. The gravel is for me to have paths. It really is dry and barren...but I showed last years photos(for me) to know that there is hope, with hard work.

Then we drove about 2 miles to the hills to gather some rocks to outline the beds. We have great fun as we found tons of fossils!

Guess what this is? Yep! The neighbors have horses and gladly gave us some of the horse manure! We gathered the old poo and were ready to prep this years bed. Sadly this job of poo hauling fell to Fourth as Second and Third were putting gravel paths in for me, and finishing the clothesline!

Here are a few of the finished beds. All three of the younger kids and I tilled the soil, turned in the manure and then lined the beds. The reason we have fixed small beds is to control the exact placement of the water. Because we are not in the city anymore, we will be utilizing gray water for some of our watering! I am so happy that we can do this, since I no longer use any harsh cleaning products, so the water is not bad to reuse. No we will not use water from the toilets(I am sure that you knew that)

Here is an early greenhouse shot...some things we will plant directly in the gardens...others I have growing in the greenhouse.

Here is the close of Saturday, two weeks ago. I am sharing the good the bad and the ugly, and as you can see we are under construction. To the left is the clothesline that the boys(with Bill) put up. Bill used pipes to create a heavy duty clothesline for me. On the end that you see closest, it is actually higher, and Bill is going to put a swing in for Fourth. Not for high swinging, but for a young woman to sit and ponder quietly in her thoughts.

To the right is the chicken coop. And in front of that is the construction material, and a pile of Mesquite branches(the ones with the thorns)...

The white buckets are green beans with the spider web twine for them to climb.

Again, I am sharing this with you so that you can see the barren raw land that we have overtaken. I know that Rome was not built overnight, nor will the Double Nickel!
I cannot wait until we have our first crop!
I hope that I am not driving you crazy with all the photos!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Plotting and Planning

You can click on the photo to see what I have dried in this picture.

So here are some of the seeds I dried from last year's garden to be planted this year. Little did I know that we would move and have such a huge place to plant this year! So I have begun planning what else I will grow this year.

Herbs have really made me take note. I began making my own shampoo and soaps and herbs are really important in these ventures so that sparked my interest in growing my own. Then I began to research herbs that are helpful and healing and they too are herbs that I wish to grow, so what I am saying is that I will also be growing an herb garden.

We really grew a great deal in our small back yard, and I look forward to this year! In the works, more varieties of tomatoes, onions, garlic, cucumbers, zucchini, cantaloupe watermelon, pumpkins, green beans, pinto beans, Anazazi beans, peas, jalapeƱos, Serrano's, bell peppers, sunflowers, popcorn, and corn. Shwew! I probably left out some...but I am typing and planning a Saturday getaway at the same time.

In addition to this I am in the planning stages of creating a tropical greenhouse of sorts to try and grow lemon and lime trees. I do not know for sure if it will work, but I am definitely a person who loves to try and solve things.

So as I go back to *work* I wonder, are any of my readers gardeners? If so what do you LOVE to grow?

For me simple....ONIONS:O)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Does It Ever Rain?

Sarah jokingly asked if it ever rains here, and I thought about this and decided to write a post about the water situation here where I live(Southern New Mexico). Hmm, where to begin on the rain issue? Well I have heard all the sides to the rain issue, and will give all that I have heard for you the readers. Being so close to an Air Force Base, and White Sands Missile Range, some reasons I have been told that we have so little rain is because of all the communication satellites set up, and all the electronic stuff(super secret and messing with the storms) for the Range. Another told me that until the base and such was here that the rains came every spring and every July 4, you could count on it. But the mountains and the electronics pull the storms away from the city and mountains that are near me.

Now the first person was implying that the Government had some secret agenda, but in my not so scientifically trained mind, the second seems plausible. I often have watched storms come in and then at the last moment skirt the basin.

Whatever the reason, say that it is the Southwest and a desert, it does not rain here very much. According to this link we have around 9 inches of rainfall per year. With this small amount of rain, I have taken the responsibility upon myself to conserve all rain that we do receive. Now that we have moved, we have been drawing up plans to make a cistern, like ones in the Middle East.

But I decided to write about the lack of water so that you, the reader could see how one can create an oasis in the desert. I was inspired by what Israel has done since they have resettled. The only requirement is to be diligent with every drop of water that we have. I have spent many hours researching what gray water is and how to use it. I also have buckets to collect all rain that we get.

Now with this post in mind, any that have read my blogs that showed my garden, yes it is possible. If you are new, you will soon see the garden I will grow this year. I know that being a good steward is also about water.

So Sarah, thanks for helping me explain something through your fun comment. Since Bill's accident we have been altering our lives. We do not think like we did 4 years ago, as it is impossible to go back. But it is so important to work with what you have. And we have the desert, vast Internet and library resources and our minds(with the Lord's help) to live a wonderful life with ever so less. And I truly mean a wonderful life! At times I am so surprised with how I will come up with a way to do or make something that a few years ago, I would have rushed out and just purchased. I am in awe of how Bill thinks of things and then explains to the boys what he wants built or accomplished and they are able to do it. It has really been a blessing. In fact, as of late I find myself thinking of how far removed we as a society has come from the actual foods we eat. Is that good or bad? Probably neither, it is just something for the family and I to learn as we embark wholeheartedly in this life.