"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Rubbing Shoulders

Little Parker


Just a few family members I have seen thus far on the trip...

A few more to go

Peter~Victoria~ Peter~ Parker

Then off to the farm family

Who made this trip possible... missing you lots

Friday, June 19, 2009

Domestic Terrorist

  1. I am a Christian
  2. I am a stay home wife
  3. I am the mother of 4 children and we would continue to have children if we were so blessed.
  4. I have home schooled the children all of their lives
  5. I bake cookies, cakes, pies, make my own bread, tortillas, and homemade cheeses.
  6. I grow much of our foods and then preserve it for our use.
  7. I am a farm wife and we raise animals and poultry to feed us.
  8. I make many of the items we use in the home, such as clothing, aprons, towels, curtains, rugs.
  9. I study the Bible with the family each morning, and we pray as a family before meals, and whenever we need to.
  10. I am a conservator in all items in my home, not because they are expensive or that I am in the *green crowd*, but because I appreciate the money that was spent to acquire the item.
  11. I am pro military. As the wife, mother, sister and daughter of one that has and is wearing the uniform, I understand that a strong military protects our way of life.
  12. I am against abortion in all cases. The life is a life. When we began to trade one's rights for another we began to slide on a slope that cannot ever be climbed again.
  13. I am for being personally responsible for my actions. If I break the law, hold me accountable.
  14. I am against making another pay for me or me pay for another.
  15. I am for being charitable. Life on my farm has permitted us to have an excess in items that we are able to give to several families that are on restricted incomes. I am for helping the sick, the elderly, the widowed. This is my choice. I do not want to have my money diverted to the chosen needy(as this is subjective and most often abused.)
  16. I am against same sex marriage. If two people wish to have a gay relationship my stand is NOT stopping them. I am not against a civil union between the two. It is a legal contract the gay couples wish for to cover each other in life insurance and custody which the law should cover-they are not man and wife as one party would physically be missing. In a civil union they can be man and man or vise versa.
  17. I am against the discrimination held by the Left. As a minority household we are not recognized by the Left because we do not act as victims or hold our hand up. We are the silent Condi Rice's(she was attacked often for not taking the preconceived idea of what a black woman should hold as her ideology -by the Left...even being called a house nigg*r) This is the most obvious of racists views that is never picked up by the MSM. We are all unique and do not think or vote in blocks like the Left so wishes. Remove the bribes and see how quickly you will lose those who blindly check D in every election. You are not for the equality of races, but believe that without you they would be completely dysfunctional. Welfare, food stamps, quotas and the likes do nothing but hamper the people that you then say you are helping.
  18. I am against this lie of global cooling, then global warming, and now climate change. Didn't any of you listen in science? If the belief that the earth is billions of years old, then the past 15,000 years of scientific data on cooling and warming trends is not enough to make any correlation to any climate change. There is just too little information on hand. How pompous to believe in both the age of the earth and then the impending destruction based on such minuscule of data. Quit buying in to this Al Gore junk. He is lining his pockets on your blind faith. Be wise and reflect long and hard on what I wrote. The data that the climate change crowd is like you basing your viability on the very first microsecond of your life. How can you make a scientific observation off of this first spliced piece of data? You can't just like with the data we have now.
  19. I am against groups like PETA. This group can only thrive in a wealthy narcissistic society. I think that those in the group should move to an impoverished region of the world where around every corner isn't an eco friendly organic grocer and food is for sustenance and not times in the day where one breaks. Animals provide food and clothing and labor all around the globe. Your group is a double standard.
  20. I am against groups like NOW as they really are a bi*t*ching group instead of a group seeking real rights for women. If you were for the rights of women you would embrace the design of a woman and its ability to produce another living being. If you were for the rights of women you would press our leaders to cease the abuse against fellow sisters around the globe...and combat female circumcision, honor killings, child brides to men in their fifties and killing women for not covering or killing a woman for speaking to a man.
  21. I am against dumping more money in public schools. I am for the immediate change in the system and have the schools held accountable. I am for vouchers and the option of the parent and student making the decision as to where they choose to be educated. If a school is not producing students who can read, then the school should be held accountable immediately.
  22. I am against the weak stand on border security.
  23. I am for limiting our elected to two terms for any in Congress...we have created a Political Class and they are unwilling to relinquish their position in society. We can and should give control back to the people. We did this to the office of the president and we should do this for all other elected persons.
  24. I am for drilling in ANWR. For those who are for the environment or the animals please reread #'s 18 and 19. I also think that we need to build nuclear power plants all over. If France, with the spineless image we have of them, utilizes nuclear power plants then what is our problem?
  25. And finally I am against calling terrorism anything other than terrorism. Call a spade a spade. No more mamsy pansy pc junk suggesting that 9-11 was a man made disaster. A man made disaster is the boo*b job. Women look like freaks with the augmentations that occur to them. Terrorism is 9-11, as the population was terrorized by the actions of terrorists who had but one intent- to wreak havoc. Once again a man made disaster does not bring me to my knees with grief for the loss, the fear and the pain felt...
And because of this list...I am a Domestic Terrorist. Me, the woman who missed out on having a dad her entire childhood, because he wore the uniform of this nation. Me, who stands and really sounds a voice for one who has few champions while they reside in the womb. Me, who wishes to solve my own problems before asking the government to step up. Me, who prays to a Divine Creator and lives my life in such a way. Me, who believes that our nation is an incredible place in the world. Me, who believes that charity begins at home. Me, who loves the institution of marriage and places my spouse and family to a level of importance. Me, who thinks that the color of ones skin should not make a difference and has taught my children to view others by their works and not their color. Me, who believes that there are people who do wish to cause our nation genuine harm and stands against them...

is a domestic terrorist.

May we all understand that the times we live in are unlike no other time, and America is at the crossroad. What happens next is uncertain. But I can say with absolute certainty that if I am the threat it may be too late.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Down To Earth Books

The fires in Australia have been terrible and the blogger I read Down---to---Earth has shared a link letting us know that it is not always money that makes a difference. This blog gives the details of an avid teen reader who lost all his books. She is trying to give him hope by making him a new book collection from people all over the world. How about checking out the list and seeing if YOU have a book that you could mail to him.

As I think of how the families lost everything so quickly I am reminded that sometimes even the best preparation is for no gain.

Since I read the list of books I was inspired to think of how much reading he will be doing over the next several years. While I ponder how incredible this book gift will be to him, I am overcome with emotion thinking of the parents and the generosity that they will feel from all over the world.

As I write I am thinking about the books that have made a difference to me over the years.

First the Bible, but honestly until I was 30 it was more for show, I could not have told you who Esther was or Paul. Now I am friends with so many in the bible. I walk the paths that they have because I did not reflect on the lessons that they learned. I have become eternal and looking forward instead of the past. I am lightened in my step as I am covered by the blood.

2) My 1963 Betty Crocker cookbook. I bought this at a thrift store years ago and it has become another friend. You can take your fingers through the pages and follow a young woman teach herself to cook. Betty and I have spent many hours in the kitchen.

3) The Complete works of Mark Twain. I confess my mind gets the stories he weaves. I see the moral of the stories he shares and I love that the dialog is timeless.

4) Back to Basics. My sister Cathy gave Bill and I this book in the mid nineties. It is filled with homesteading information and how silly that my life turned out the way it is, as I have read and re-read the book many many times.

5) History books- I have so many, but I prefer the older books as the revisionist history is recreating something that is not true.

6) Country Wisdom and Know How- this is a compiling of the Storey pamphlets that Lehman's sells. Fantastic book!!! I cannot give it enough praise.

7) Strong's Concordance- this has been so great to cross reference words in the bible. I can study topics and people thanks to this.

8) Webster's 1828 dictionary. Since so many words have lost their meaning many people believe that what words mean today...have always been. That is not the case. I also suggest a current dictionary...to cross reference. The word I can think of as an example is gay...it most certainly means something way different than when in the 1940's.

9) My blue book for canning. It is under ten dollars but well worth it, mine is dog eared and stained but a gem!

10) My family's writings over our marriage. I saved every bit of correspondence we have received from family, and all that the children have written or that Bill and I have written. It is a written story of those around us, and our lives. Someday I would like to put it together as a book with stories wove around the letters...and photos. I did not do this in the beginning to write a book, as who looks ahead as a young person? I just remember that my mother cherished the letters that she and my father wrote while he was in Vietnam. Neither knew that he would be killed. They were just young parents of 5 pregnant with their sixth child(me) and wrote of their days and experiences as if they were sitting on the couch next to each other.

I have never read these letters although I pray that some day I am given a copy. I know that it would impact me even more so as the time passes.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Just Risk It

My thoughts for today are simple and make all the difference in my home, and perhaps can also in yours. We take time as a family to relax together. This afternoon we played Risk(click here to see Wiki link about game).

Even before we had the children Bill and I devoted time together at home, no money spent, just playing or relaxing. As each child was born we continued. Sometimes it was just a Lego building activity, or concentration with cards, and other times just playing in forts in the living room. The simple time together has been amazing and will travel many years in the future when the children have their own families. The way our children look to becoming parents has been impacted by simple time that they have had with Bill and I.

The way TV or the world presents family is negative, and often something that one wishes to ditch. I am saddened so much by this image as the family is a blessing. I have often heard that we seem corny or boring in the same conversation that I am told that my children are so nice, so kind, and well different. I promise you that the notion of teens and angst do not have to be synonymous.

So as you close your day, I challenge you to risk being corny and schedule an activity at home with your family. It has been worth it and never been boring, and as much as the kids will look back and smile, I will look back and wipe a tear of joy, as I never knew that it could be this way.

* the above photo of Risk Bill won!

* On another post I will share how the morning begins- as a family in His Word, as we know that all things are possible because of the Lord.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Road Forks

When we went to Arizona last year I saw this sign and quickly snapped a picture. It really caught my attention as it said so much with 2 words.

Road Forks-this is life. The decision then becomes which path do I take? Do I take the easy path? Do I take the hard path? Pretty cut and dry, yet as when one is driving, the fork comes and goes so quickly that the decision is a split decision, so one must be ready at a moments notice.

My whole life was preparation to the Double Nickel Farm. As the seventh of eight children I was able to work well with others, eat whatever managed to survive the first pass at the table, and well wear Toughskins(the two directly above me were boys, so hand me downs were~ well what they were!) I attended a small school in Ohio and enjoyed living in a rural environment. My early years in marriage were of being an Army wife, and from that I learned that no matter what, no matter where, home is where you put your boots! We lived in 4 states and 3 places in Germany(on the economy) and assessing the surroundings and blending with the locals became second nature.

So although my story, or more clearly my family's story that Michelle Malkin shared makes us look so atypical that we seem to be a dying breed in today's America...well that is not the case.

We have the ability and the determination because before the fork in the road was upon us we were prepared. This is not saying that we haven't had our ups and downs mentally and physically. No, what I am saying is that while we were in our comfy lives we have tried to look ahead and prepare for any scenarios. We committed to one another and the roles we each had, then we looked to carry any slack for another. We never forgot that we had a Creator either. We have always known that a wise man builds his house upon a rock, not because he expected life to be grand, but that when the storms came in, his house stood. So our preparation has included the knowledge that we can do all things through Him. We are not dismayed at adversity but know that with each day we learn something new.

And in case others feel that they too may be nearing a fork in the road, I offer sincere advice: if you stand united as a family, when you hit the fork, you all travel as one. Bill and I have become even closer on this journey, as have the children.

Oh and one other thing, I love Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Thank You

As the day comes to a close I thought I would share a photo of the very reason I am who I am. This lovely group of people are my soul. In blogland they are known as(L-R) Fourth, Third, my sweetie Bill, Second, and First. As many readers are new here, I thought perhaps you would like to put faces on our farm family!

*this photo was taken just down the road from our farm*

Friday, October 3, 2008

200th Post

Wow, this is my 200th post on this blog! I wasn't going to post about that but I noticed this as pulled up the create post...so woo who!!!

I have not posted much as of course we have our usual prep going on, and cutting wood and such. But I had something neat happen and thought I would share this with you. For 10 years or so I have had the luxury of having extra padding, around the midsection...you know the story, life is good and I had the ease and sadly the convenience of buying whatever foods I wished. I did not read nor truly care what I ate, as if it tasted good, then I was fine.

But on my path to simplicity I have really investigated the foods that we ate, and what preservatives have been put in them. What an eye opener! Boy the junk that is put in foods is awful for us. In fact the growth hormones given to cattle is frightening, especially when you see the obesity rates of children. I mean do the math if it makes a cow grow faster and put on bulk, then wouldn't it make sense that those that drink it would be affected by the hormones?

I cannot express to you the importance of reading your labels, and be cautious when you eat. In my research I discovered that the food we eat should be as close to it's original form as possible. For example eat a potato that you mash if you wish for mashed potatoes, instead of buying mashed potatoes. Now I must also say that the potato is not the best food you can eat. But you get the idea.

Now to my eye opener: on this path to simplicity I have worked a great deal with my 5'0" frame. I have hoed, raked, weeded, lifted rocks, fed animals, chased and caught a goose, chickens, ducks...and mucked out pens, painted the house in and out, ripped out carpets, and baked from scratch...and I have lost inches in the mid section! I cannot keep things pulled up and things are loose!!Yay.

The lifestyle has kept me in the sunshine and I have added natural vitamins from the environment...vitamin D...for one.

Now to the interesting thing...in our previous life(before simplicity) Bill worked 50-60 hours a week so that we could buy neat things and expensive foods, and eat out and travel, and he worked holidays and overtime so that I could buy exercise equipment and gym memberships, all for naught. Now he works 40 hours and uses all leave or sick time promptly(unlike in old life where he NEVER took any time off). We have in front off us visible rewards to our efforts. The boys are so much more tone that when they worked out with the Nordic Gym that they have, or when they jog and lift weights. Funny huh? God tells us in Genesis that after the Fall that the in the sweat of thy face thou shalt eat thou bread...and we sweat and are the healthiest(aside from injuries as a result of accident) that all of have ever been.

You see this world was made by Him and He did provide ample ways for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. He did not make it easy, but the regime has been a blessing!

Now to my newest workout method! Are you ready? It did cost some money. I paid $3.43 cents for one item and $1.00 for the other item...and I have the rest...

What is this??? you might innocently say a plunger!

How about this?? Again you might innocently say a broiler pan
And these?? 5 gallon buckets...RIGHT?

Nope...in order you see an agitator, a washboard, and the wash basin and rinse basin of the Double Nickel Farm. I realized after much research that the average washing machine uses 60 gallons of water per load! We have a well in the desert, and I want it to last and be hearty...so I pondered what I could do.

Wash clothes... by the hand method. (I will use around 15 gallons per load or less). I will still use the washer for the bedding and the jeans of the guys, but the rest will be in our handy dandy laundry center. I have researched this a good deal, and realize that much of what I have washed was clean, one time usage and I have been conditioned to wash and sterilize EVERYTHING...

No we are not going around dirty...and secretly I love the idea of another work out that is more than a mundane activity that I HAVE TO DO TO BE SKINNY. By doing physical labor that benefits me!!!

I do believe friends that our financial situation in the US is not going to get better because the politicians believe that the solution is to BAIL out BUY out, GIVE FOOD stamps, Welfare FIRST...for everyone. We do have those that need help, but I believe that we should help ourselves FIRST...BE PART OF THE SOLUTION. On the airplane we are guided if we have small children to first put on our Oxygen mask, then the child, as if we pass out from lack of Oxygen then we cannot help them. Same premise for us as a nation. Take it to your family level. Pull your bootstraps up and get smart with the money you make. Be frugal with the effort you make to bring home a paycheck.

Be cautious and wise with your money! And for you women that want a toning up exercise, begin making your bread...IT WORKS:)

Oh and as this is my 200th post here I am going to offer two crocheted dish cloths that I made. Leave a comment and I will draw next week...The dish cloths look like these but may be a different yarn print(whatever I have on hand!!) I use one like these to do dishes every day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stick your elbow in your ear...

Have you ever tried to stick your elbow in your ear??? Impossible...so then the discussion switches to can you look at the tip of your nose??

the following pictures are a result of siblings pushing the buttons and being, well kids teens being goofy.

First...leading the gang of goofs...

Second...who added or embellished the tip of the nose routine

Third..who tried to remain serious and burst out laughing the minute the camera flashed.

Fourth..cute as can be, couldn't look at the tip of her nose with her eyes fully open...this is take#3

Take #1...notice that Third has this skill even sideways!
Take #2 "stop" she pleads... "you guys keep making me laugh....I can do this!!!"

I love being a mom. I love these goofy cuties. I could not have imagined my life without them...and mother was right, if you cross your eyes they will stick! I cannot show you Bill and my pictures doing this(we did)...because as I loaded them and looked at them I laughed so hard that I nearly lost it! For fun, take a photo of yourself crossing your eyes...it is not as easy as it was when we were kids! Oh and you will laugh! Your kids will laugh! And your spouse will laugh!!

***Sarah...thank you for the stage that these scenes were set***

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School Update

Well school went well and then we went into town to attend a park activity. It began to rain so the kids all began heading to the cars, and Second was on the ground. He dislocated his shoulder, and I spent time at the doctor's office and Bill at the x-ray place.

Second is fine!

What day.

Dinner is leftovers.

And all you can eat pickles, apples or what nots.

Praying the year goes smoother from this point.

Friday, July 25, 2008

This and That

Friday's post topic is usually a home school tip, but for this post, I have a few things to write about.

In my previous post, I wrote about going through the freezer to make a meal, to rotate items and use what is on hand. I used two drumsticks for the meal. I boiled them earlier and then pulled the meat off the bones. The pot of water was perfect to then add a few items and bring it to a simmer to make some chicken broth. For the meal I peeled a carrot and used some celery, so the peelings and the ends of the celery went in the pot. I also threw back in the bones and the skin of the chicken. I then added salt, pepper, garlic, paprika and Italian seasoning.

Instead of canning this small amount of broth, I decided that I was going to freeze the broth. My simple freezer jars? I buy frozen juice in reusable plastic containers, so that I can freeze other things.
Here are the containers:

Here are the veggies and chicken bones that I used. I am straining them.

Here is the broth.

Cooled and ready to be frozen!

And the scraps of food?

These will be tossed to the chickens! So full circle, everything will be used to the fullest capacity!

Now to the tip:
Years ago we bought the net and paddles for ping pong. My table is not standard ping pong table size but it is perfect for us. We have championships and challenges that are so fun. As a society, we seem to believe that entertainment and fun require money and outings. This is not the case. Children are only in our care a small period of time. We should maximize our time with them, without placing them on a pedestal but raising them the way God lays out for us.

Just for fun while playing- play with the opposite hand...or with two paddles...or with the cat sitting by the net! Last weekend the playoff match(believe it or not)was between Bill and I!!!

~~you can pick up a net and paddles at the local supercenter...in case you are wondering~~

Monday, July 21, 2008

Farm Menu

Did you ever wonder what the average weekly menu was of the Double Nickel Farm?

Well hold on to your horses, here goes:
Breakfast: arroz con leche, oatmeal, or cereal

Lunch:(always the same) ramen noodles and peanut butter and honey sandwiches

Gumbo, bananas
Ground beef burritos, Spanish rice, beans, salsa, cantaloupe
Breakfast for Dinner-scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, and orange juice
Spaghetti, spinach, garlic bread, carrots, applesauce
Homemade chicken pot pie, peaches,
Homemade meat pizza, Hawaiian pizza, spinach salad
Chicken Enchiladas, beans, Spanish rice, salsa, cabbage

Desserts this week: Brownies, oatmeal cookies, pudding, sugar cookies, homemade pretzels

Of course this menu lasts for 2 weeks then I switch things about. I make enough of each dinner so that I can send 1 meal with Bill to work each day. The daily drinks are water, homemade lemonade, a rare Koolaid mix, or milk.

I was pondering things that we do and wondered if others were curious to the foods eaten here. I am a pretty simple person and these menus are flexible and interchangeable. One of the first things that I do after I return from the grocery store is brown the ground beef. I pre-season it with cumin, onion salt, garlic salt, and a dash of cinnamon. Then I take each one pound of meat and put it in three freezer bags. Yes, for every recipe that requires 1 pound of meat, I use only a third. It can stretch and I do stretch it. By having precooked ground beef, I can quickly make a number of meals depending on if one of the kids or Bill is craving something else.

Did you know that you can freeze cheese? Or milk? If these go on sale I buy extra and then freeze them. Milk needs about one cup taken out, before you freeze it, and it takes around 10 hours to defrost. It goes from yellow in frozen state back to white and it tastes exactly the same.

Most of the fruit is fresh that I serve and we have become spinach salad junkies!!!In off season...I try and use frozen fruits.

Planning your monthly menu is a tremendous savings to your home. By being organized you free yourself from rushing out and buying pre-made meals that are loaded with preservatives.

Now what about you? If you write about your weekly menu and some tips let me know so I can zip over and see what you do!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making things for the home

I have come to love making things for the home. It has really been something that I enjoy so much. Do you make things for the home? Did you realize that you can personalize your home by creating simple things?

We live in times where everything is presented as perfect and I think that has caused many to never try to create decorations for their homes. The television and the media (magazines, papers etc) have brought zillions of ideas to us, but they are presented so glamorously that we think that it is out of reach.

Believe me on the path to simplicity home creations are just another arena to dabble in. Now the dinner table is an area that brings the family together. It is an area to share the day, to talk, and to just enjoy each other’s company. So for this project for the home I have made simple placemats and cloth napkins.

The fabric was remnants from curtains that I had made and a wedding present that I made for the couple Bill married in May. If sewing is not your thing, I must confess that it is not really mine thing either, but the stitches are in straight lines(generally:0) so continue on with me.

Here are 2 of the placemats so you can see the front and back. I love mixing prints and fabrics!

By making niceties for your family you celebrate them daily. Sometimes we forget that the place to be the mostest hostest is in your home for your family.

The cloth napkins are one of the easiest things that you can make on a path to simplicity. The savings from the cloth napkins add up. I used to spend around $6.00- $12.00 a month on napkins. Think about this: it may seem like minimal savings, but really this small amount could reduce debt on credit cards, or be put in savings or on the house note. Many people do not look long term and think that this small amount is worthless to put away. But after I share several other things that I have made to reduce throwaway or unnecessary products, the small amount increases. Be positive and think of how this money is in hourly pay. If you are on salary break down the time it takes for you to work for a product that you wipe once on your mouth and throw away. This is where you realize that your sweat in your job is much more valuable than perishable items.

Back to the placemats- the pattern I made used four complementary colors, and I created a simple pattern. The napkins were made in the fabric that was the most left over. How pretty and nice the table looks when you have set it so lovely? Everyone gets in the mood when the table is set. Manners are out and conversation reflects the mood. Take one afternoon and make a new table placemat setting and cloth napkins today.

Here is the placemat simply displayed with the cloth napkin on the top. It is so easy to create this ambiance for your home!

Here are a few other styles of placemats and napkins that I have made for the home.

If you'll notice some are crocheted and some are actually painted on. I have fun with my daughter and we come up with projects like these.

Oh and here are 4 other things that with a bit of help from Bill I created. This project has been in constant change and always a delight to the home

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

I have read the gloom and doom that so many are making over the food costs. I guess I haven't paid attention of late as I have been working for a while to maximize every product we purchase.

Here is an apple pie I made yesterday. Notice that I used an aluminum tin, as over last Thanksgiving my oldest brought a store bought pie home. I save everything. In fact I try and buy things that will be dual purpose for me. The container can be as worthwhile as the product.

The recipe is one that can be found anywhere, but the ingredients are the key here. I purchased the apples on sale, and these were some from last month(yes nearly 50 days old). After I washed and peeled and cored the apples. I made the pie. For the crust if I make a thin bottom crust and use a cookie cutter for the top I save and only have to make one crust.

But here is the best thing, I boil the skins and cores in a sauce pan filled with about 3 liters of water(equal to 1 1/2 cran juice containers). When I boiled off about a third of the water, I then strained the juice. I poured the juice in a juice bottle added 1/2 cup of sugar and the kids and I enjoyed apple juice! It was yummy! The only difference was that it looked pink, due to the skins. Oh and the peels I then gave to the chickens. So the apples are a great value in this home. The apples probably cost me $1.00.

Guess what I made with my first eggs that the hens gave us?? Banana bread!!!

This is another item that one can save on. The big chains cannot do this, but if you have a local grocer, you can sometimes buy the browning bananas. Friends these are perfect and with the markdown could be great savings.

Here is one more thing to mention, the prepared meals are costly and oftentimes less nutritious as there are many preservatives in them. The thing about meal management and stretching your money is planning and really maximizing all that the item has to offer.

Sunday I baked to whole fryer chickens and ended up with Sunday's dinner(1), homemade chicken noodle soup(2) for lunch, 3 more baggies filled for soups(5), and a meal of large breasts and pieces(6), I then boiled the bones with the veggies in the fridge, peelings(of carrots, potatoes,) garlic cloves, green onions that were looking like death, half a sliced tomato from dinner on Friday, and spices. I saved a pot full for the chicken noodle soup I had planned on making Monday, and the remainder I canned in 2~ 16 ounce jars. Then I took the strained veggies and bones- and put in the bucket for the hens. Boy they love bones!! Again it all was salvaged. Some things go into the compost too.

It is not a situation to take lightly, this stewardship of all we have been entrusted to. We must not ever consider that we are too wealthy or what not. It is now the time to address how we are living. I think that like the post I linked to on Pen of Jen, we are comparing ourselves to Christians here in the US, and do not see any flaws...but friends we are to compare our lifestyle to the Bible and standards set within.

Wealth and consumerism and lacksy daisy life of seeking pleasure are the norm where I live. The references to the Lord that I hear are OMG to leave it crudely. Our clothes, our homes, our temples are flamboyant and filled with the world not of Him. Please do not think that I am suggesting that one become a free living Hippie, but I do believe that one should really assess ones lives.

"What are we doing for Heavens sake?"

"Could another determine that you are a Christian from looking at you?"

Well that is all I have for now, as I have been fighting a spring cold for a few days, and it has hit full force. Time to rest.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Double Nickel Census

Farmer's Wife-1
Children-4(one on own)
Guinea pig-1
*we are increasing the flock on Friday...1 new rooster, 19 hens, 9 chicks
**goats are weaned and we will have by Saturday.

*****we waged war on a mouse in the green house...and won, but the casualty rate of plants after months of growing was emotional and shocking. Garden may require store bought plants:(

Surviving plants:
6 potatoes planted
6 bean plants planted in garden beds
lemon tree
10 saplings

We have been busy building new pens, coops, and painting around the home. Spring is a busy, harsh, wonderful time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Snapshots

Here is Third with Mr. Magoo(blind mute kitty, right side of photo) and Teeger (named after a character from show Monk).

I have always loved yellow roses. Then marrying a Texan was a lovely surprise(The Yellow Rose of Texas). Guess what? The raggity rose bush in the front of my home with water and some treatment surprised me the other morn by blooming, and the rosebush is a yellow rose bush!!

Another wonderful day on the farm!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Meme and More

As I said in my previous post, it was hazy and chilly yesterday and today! So I made what I call leftover soup. I gather all the veggies in the fridge, and dig in the freezer for leftover frozen meat(today it was turkey).

I guess I wanted to confess I have yet to sew the curtain. Life gets busy, and with the boys working of the play at the university, I am doing a bit of drive time. For anyone wondering, the table is one that we have had a long time. I painted on it every place that each member was born(we were born in a total of 5 states and 2 countries) I wrote along the edge all the places we have lived. We were in the military during the draw-down by President Clinton. So we moved lots, and I loved seeing so many places. You can see that the table has mars and nicks...once a person left a comment that this table was shabby sheik! How funny is that? This table represents the Pen of Jen gang and all of our memories that we have had.

Here is what we had for dessert. Whenever I use carrots, I scrub them very well, and then peel them. I then save the peelings until I have 3 cups. When I do, I make carrot cake. Years ago I would toss the the peelings and grate a fresh carrot for this. Yummy is the word by the way!!

Sarah tagged me for the Memoir Meme, but I did that on Pen of Jen, so I am going to do the other Meme that she had:

1. When tagged, place the name and URL on your blog.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write 7 non-important things/quirks/habits about yourself.
4. Name 7 of your favorite blogs.

Here goes my seven:
* When I was a kid I used to swim in our Horse Trough...and it had green moss(slime) on the edges!

*I lived(for room and board) at a state school for the deaf, so I could put myself through college. I had to work 5 nights a week for 2 hours and 1 weekend a month. I was very proficient at American Sign Language.(now I sign while watching movies or TV, to keep this skill up).

*I can write in cursive in mirror image(or in reverse) I cannot remember when I began this, but have this *skill* to fall back on!

*We had a laundry chute when I was a kid, and with my brothers and sisters could escape through this. If you recall some details of my childhood, this proved to be a valuable skill.

*As a girl I loved to jump into the hay from the barn. Loved loved loved this.

*A friend of my mother named her daughter after me. My middle name is the not the usual Jennifer Ann, and this woman loved the way it sounded. So out there in the US is a woman that is 37 or 38 with my name. I wonder if she knows. My mom lost track of her after we moved to Ohio.

*All of my life I truly have only desired to be a wife and mother. I tried to be of the world, so to speak, and work, and live with the lofty goals...but a wife and mom is what I wished for...WOW...I truly have had what I want all of my adult life! Funny, whenever I think about goals and things, I have had mine all along!!!

Here are seven blogs that I read...I am going to list the news blogs, as I have so many favorite blogs!

OK I love Gateway Pundit, Drudge, Michelle Malkin, Little Green Footballs, Powerline, Polipundit, Townhall, Worldnet Daily.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Excitement on the Farm

Second got his driving permit today! As you can see everyone shares his excitement! Second made all the calls and told everyone the happy news!