"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005
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Friday, February 24, 2012

Candidate Responds to Questions

I wrote Questions on Tuesday and promised I would give an answer to my questions. Since I am responding, I thought I would respond as if the candidate.

My answers will be in red.

I have a few questions I would ask if I was able to host a debate with the political candidates.
  1. Do you believe that your behavior in your private life should be reflective of your public life? Yes I do. I believe that my private actions are absolutely my actions and behavior in my public life. If I were doing drugs at home I would crave them while at work and it would spill over, if I believed I was stealth enough to get away with it. We have seen this time and time again with politicians sleeping around, having affairs, and thinking no one would catch them. If I am dishonest with those in my closest circle, I promise you, I will be dishonest with you. There is no separation of my public and private lives. If my entire character is based on lies, you can expect I will lie in any situation. By the way, I do not wish to suggest that I live a perfect life, but one where my private life would be representative of my public life. I am who I am.
  2. Do you believe that women should have the right to choice? I believe that a woman has the same rights to choice as a man.
    You see everyone in the United States has certain unalienable rights. Please read this here, as personal security counts for EVERY American. Redefining what a baby is-in the womb does not change that it is a baby, and therefore the nonsense about fetus, viable, etc means little. If this still makes people angry, then I will concede in one area. Roughly half of all pregnancies are females-so if only the males are aborted will I agree. As the Court would have to concede that a woman comes in all ages, and the women in the womb would choose LIFE...so the Court must hold the voice of the woman's right to choose to carry over to the womb...see how asinine this argument is? If the woman is granted more rights than the man simply based on her gender-these rights must be from the moment a woman is formed to the moment a woman dies. By the way, let's all be honest about this. The womb carries life and the fetus is a baby, no more mincing words.
  3. If you answered yes to question #2, then do you agree that parent's have the right to choice, in the school their child attends, even if this includes vouchers? By the way, I agree to this. If we cannot hold teachers accountable to teaching our children to read because of Unions then we should allow children the opportunity to chose where they wish to be educated. Our schools hold the nation hostage as without much in checks and balances, we give them money to educate our children. Even when scores continue to drop, the monies keep being dumped into the schools. Letting the dollars go to where schools are more effective would create competition and schools vying to educate America's children.
  4. Do you think Americans pay enough in taxes? I have two lines of thought on this-first, over half of Americans pay no income tax. How is this fair? We always hear of everyone having a little skin in the game yet in truth this means very little. So first off-the simple answer is two part-no some Americans do not pay enough in taxes, and others pay far too much. Now to the truth of the matter. I think we are all paying far too much in taxes. I think when the government can fund a study to see why gay men in bars engage in risky behavior-in Buenos Aires, we are paying too much in taxes...please check out this link and see what other projects use your tax dollars.
  5. Do you think you pay enough in taxes? I think most politicians should pay more first, then decide whether the rich, should pay more. I think Americans are taxed to death. Before I am asked how programs will be funded, let me remind you of the link on #4. Oh and show me ANY government project and I am certain that even I can find the waste.
  6. Do you think that the Tax Code is clear for Americans? (it contains approximately 3,400,000 million words) No it is not. It is this way because our politicians want it this way. If they wanted it easy it would be. I am certain EVERY single American is guilty of tax fraud based on the sheer size of the Tax Code.
  7. Do you think the word marriage has a set definition? Yes, I do. Read the definition here. Because we wish it to mean something else does not negate the primary reasons. By the way, the President Obama apologized yesterday to the Muslims in Afghanistan about the Korans being burned. The Bible-which predates the Koran, has this precious truth in it about marriage. So some religious rights usurp others? Oh and when the military burned Bibles sent to Afghanistan-did Christians receive an apology from the President?(the answer is NO). To recap, yes, marriage has a set definition. Liberals have tried to rewrite the definition but that does not change the truth.
  8. Do you believe in Civil Unions? Yes, I do. I believe that my faith does not define others, and do not expect others to live the way I do, unless they choose, based on their convictions. A civil union should be the requirement for all Americans. After they are civilly united, then those that wish to be married(see #7) can be. I believe that this is not only fair but shows a good deal of respect. When a person works, their benefits should be for them to disperse and not for the company to define who and how the benefits should go. Civil unions can use rings, have elaborate ceremonies etc.
  9. Do you believe that the Ten Commandments should be removed from public buildings? No, because our public buildings-and more importantly our Constitution is based on and respecting his Word. First with the Magna Carta being the cornerstone to the US Constitution, and then taking the forgotten(or revisionist image) of the Magna Carta...that through the grace of God
    First, that we have granted to God, and by this present charter have confirmed for us and our heirs in perpetuity, that the English Church shall be free, and shall have its rights undiminished, and its liberties unimpaired.(source)
  10. If you believe #9 then when will you begin the project to remove the Ten Commandments from here? Never, in fact, I would require the Ten Commandments to be placed back in our schools. If we are truly about culture and tolerance, then learning the commands that share about Judea-Christian's could be diverse and enlightening. And heck, the kids would learn some basic laws that could keep them out of our prison system.
  11. Do you believe the Constitution to be a living document? No. I believe it was crystal clear, and with any changes our nation can amend it. It was not perfect, but granted a legal way to clarify some things. Words did not change meanings...such as the loophole for abortion.
  12. Do you believe the United States should submit to the authority of the UN? Absolutely not. We are a sovereign nation.
  13. Do you believe that the governors of the United States understand how to govern their own states? Yes!
  14. Do you believe that the United States has a right to protect her borders, even if it means securing them? Yes. This is the right of a sovereign nation. If we want to be secure as citizens, this must include being secure from danger coming across our borders.
  15. Do you believe that every American is entitled to go to college? No I do not. I think that college is like everything else, and it should be something one earns. Like our housing bubble collapse, we are also in the midst of an education bubble collapse, because far too many Americans took out loans to get their college degrees and are now unable to pay it back because universities are promoting degrees in subjects that have no marketability.
  16. Do you believe that as president, you are entitled to tell me that I should have some skin in the game? If so, will you live as if you believe you have some skin in the game too? First off, I have no business telling you that you have to have skin in the game, if my family and I are vacationing every other month. Secondly, if I golf more times than the last 7 presidents, I have nothing to say to any American. But my story has been very well shared on this blog. Times got tough for my family and we opted to change the situation-as President Obama would say, by having some skin in the game. We chose to make things better with first some struggles as we had no idea how to begin raising animals, growing the volume of food we need, or even any construction, yet we rolled up our sleeves. We stopped buying new clothes, limited our travels, bought dry beans, made our own breads, and learned skills to keep ourselves afloat. We did not put our hand out but instead looked to see how those before managed. We learned how little it takes to actually feed a family of then six. We adapted as we are Americans and have had many fine examples of pioneers that had little and created a great nation. I have shared stay-cations, frugal tips, transforming trash to treasure, recycling, and budgeting to share that I do indeed have some skin in the game.
  17. Do you believe that the earth is in dire danger because of first world nations spewing vile gases into the environment? No, and am feeling drained on this lie, and refer you to this link. For the record, I do believe in being a good steward of what I have but this does not mean I will drive a car that plugs in, when it is not cost effective, nor will I give up my truck, which is critical to the smooth operation of the farm. I will not use cloth toilet paper unless times become critical and I cannot afford toilet paper. I will continue to raise livestock even if they burp all the time.
  18. If you do believe #17, what do you think should be done? Oh and will you comply first to set the example? I do not believe #17. I do believe we should drill in ANWR, as well as anywhere and everywhere. When foreign nations are drilling right off shore but we are not, there is a serious problem.
  19. Do you believe our troops are paid fairly? No. I do not believe we could ever pay those that are willing to die for us, enough. I think we owe a good deal to our armed forces-what can we do? I would like to thank our troops right now-thank you very much from my family to yours.
  20. Do you believe that America can get back on her feet? I am not sure. I pray we do-but have we divided too much? Have we become so politically correct that we cannot see the importance of our nation? I worry as I am sure many Americans do, about the economic burden placed upon us because of out of control spending. This is not just the politicians, but each American too, as so many Americans are overwhelmed by debt. If we do not work to be debt free and get rid of our entitlement nation-we will never recover-and that makes me so very sad.

So these are my answers. I am praying that things change for our nation. It is far more than voting in the primaries that will bring about change. We must work to remove the notion that we all deserve everything. We must stop the occupy mentality. We must stop this idea that I deserve to have a house like my neighbor. Oh and with respecting faith we will once again see that charity does begin at home.


Well my questions have little consequence, although I wish that we would at least challenge our elected officials to be men and women of noble character.

Oh and finally, if I could, I would ask that our elected officials at least try to live as though they are working for me, because of course, they truly are.


Humble American