"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005
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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Pumpkin Pie Day

Let your day never run out of pie and the Cool Whip pile a mile high!

Mine is in the oven...is yours?

 I am a pumpkin pie junkie...once a year a few days after the first day of summer.  June 24th to be exact. I thank my mom for my addiction.  Over the years, I have shared that perhaps she had a pie in the freezer and my birthday rolled around and she used the pie as a quick fix.  I really don't know the reason but I continue to create a legend around the origin of my cake for my birthday as it is not a cake at all but a pie!


This is one of my birthday cakes pies that Fourth decorated for me. 

Usually on this day, I share a number of things about me corresponding to how old I am, but wow, fifty things?!  I am up to the challenge so for all those that read sorry in advance! 

My list will run from thought to thought and in no means in order of importance or priority.  To add that at the beginning, my faith is my foundation and my Bill is my love.  Now let's see if I can share things I have never shared about me~

1.  Okay I have a weird one to start with...my wrists-I really don't like to have them touched.  Weird. It gives me the creeps. Why?  Not for me to know.   2. I am the same with my navel or ombligo as we call it in our house. 3. We are an English speaking family but have many words that we borrowed from Spanish that we use as our primary word for an item.  See #2.  4. I have dark brown eyebrows.  Now you may not think anything about this, but I have for the most part of my life had blond hair...and now gray.  5. Oh and those eyebrows? I have never plucked them or done anything to them.  They are something I pretty much forget about. 6. I have no patience. I can't even pretend.  I do accept that things aren't happening when I want them to but it is hard.  I will admit Bill was sitting by me at this moment, and he told me to have patience~and I remembered this nugget!  7. I love Robert Frost's poem The Road Not Taken.  8. Rosemary.  I have been becoming a rosemary herb fan on many different things.  Thankfully we have a few rosemary plants about!  9.  My brother Pete used to drive to school in mom's old station wagon.  He spray painted it black-with flat finish!  Anyhow, he would give the two neighbor boys a ride and me as well, but I had to sit in the back if they came.  Final info bit-he had converted the back with a piece of plywood, so I had to sit with my legs crossed and my head did almost hit the ceiling.  10.  One day, when it was only Pete and I in the car, I was granted front passenger seat privilege.  As we were driving a snake dropped from under the glove box onto my feet.  It a flash, I was over the seat near the back door (in the back of the car), pushing to open the door.  Pete was yelling at me, Let me stop, let me stop, as I was going to jump out of the moving car! It was a harmless snake-but still gives me flashbacks!

Ten down...
11.  I love reading.  12.  I am not trying to be judgmental, but when I visit others, I look for their books.  For me, it is to see if we share interest.  If I see no books my heart skips a beat.  Now, many have their books on tablets, so this isn't a tell tale sign anymore if a home lacks books. 13. I have lists of books written down and thanks to Amazon a huge amount saved for later.  Currently I have a few to reread that I want: Animal Farm, 1984, and The Innocents Abroad. 14.  I have Mark Twain still as one of my favorite authors.  15. I am on a reading frenzy again, and have been reading a book a day for about a month. 16.  I love history books as well, and buy used ones the older the better.  17. I am tucking this here because the scholarly world may mock this:  I love Wikipedia.  You know why?  Because it is a launching spot for my random brain. If I want to read about a town in Ireland, I begin there. The links below take me on trails of learning! 18.  Every day when I read the news I will find a nugget that takes me to Wikipedia and then I add to the something new I learned today files. 19. I am a libraryaholic as well.  Oh the rows and rows of books awaiting my brain to open the pages.  Sometimes I will go the campus library and start in one row and challenge myself to find ten books that are about something I know nothing about...it is amazing how little I really know!  20.  If I find an author I like, I will scour the thrift stores to find as many of their works as possible.  I am a loyal reader to a good author. 

Twenty down...
21. I am a tad obsessive about organizing...not everything but things that make sense to me.  22. I like to have the spices in alphabetical order.  22. I need to hang the clothes the same way, and I used to keep the closet like color coordinated.  Since we have the wee one, this one has gotten away from me...sigh. 23. I have been planning Bill's campaign for a long time, so putting it to paper is amazing.  I love my notebooks, folders and bag to take me to the next step of the campaign. 24.  I like the same a lot as in repetition, even in what I eat.  Please remember that someone could have a time analyzing me...understand! 25. I think in patterns and see patterns in situations as quick as I see actual events. half way through..........26. My middle name is not Ann nor is it Lynn. When I run into a Jennifer we end up sharing our middle names, and no Jennifer I have met shares my middle name. 27. I am a person that wears my emotions on my sleeves.  If I am heartbroken I cry, if I am overjoyed I cry, if my children say something sweet to me I cry, if another speaks about my children in a kind way I cry...I've cried once today because of a text! 28.  While writing this post, I am doing what I always do. I am doing several other things.  I began baking the pie.  I am reading the news.  I brought Millie in for a snack.  I am snacking while waiting for my breakfast pie.  I chatted with Bill. I read some Face*book memes.  I am mentally planning a letter to Third.  I am thinking about my mom...and on and on and on. 29.  The triple digits have been horrible on  my plants.  We have been at 106F 105F 106F each day...poor plants.  When the wind blows in these temps it feels like when you open the oven when you have it on broil. 30.  I love clever ideas.  I love seeing people create innovative ways to solve problems! 

Thirty down...
31. For the first time (because I kept the cats away from it), I was able to grow two avocado plants! I am so happy.  32. I love yards. But I love warmth and sunshine more so I chose to live where it is hotter and less people have yards.  33. Bill gave me a back yard a few years ago...it is heaven and I walk in it barefoot.  34. We are planning to have a front yard too.  I love when people say use it all for something you get a return from. You see, I get a return from the yard. It is a mental return.  I grew up where you didn't water and things grew because of the rain. Here it is a valiant effort.  I realized I needed the yard for me. Oh and it cools the house, allows for the critters to have a place that is not scorching and brings color to the desert.  35. I love onions.  Recently one of the grandsons was here and found and onion and bit it like an apple.  Oh my maybe I will have a conspirator in my love of these delish treats! 36. I love sitting on my front porch with Bill and chatting about everything and nothing. 37.  I love flowers.  Sadly, this year the heat has been brutal and most have not survived or are struggling. Also my hanging flower baskets were appropriated by birds and two have nests in them. I stopped watering them for the birds...even though the baskets look rough, I do not want to disturb the momma and her eggs. 38. My sister told me in a text to set up my voicemail.  I laughed and then texted her, I forgot the password and it helps me as I am terrible about remembering to check the voicemail.  I am thankful most can send a text to remind me. 39.  My daughter texted me the most amazing text and she posted on fb...I am thinking I will be sharing.  She is such a sweetie pie. 40. I am a pajama person at home.  If I have no plans to go anywhere I will wear the pj's all day...until about 10 minutes before Bill gets home. 

Forty down...
41. Wow~getting older is hard! LOL ok for forty-one, I like raw fruits and veggies much more than cooked, steamed or whatnot.  I did not realize that the raw foods would be a craze, I have been this way since I was a girl munching on the raw veggies right out of the garden. 42. Bill has my heart.  It has his named etched over and over and has made breathing amazing.  43. Bill has my eyes.  I see life as his wife and best friend in a way that I never saw life before.  44.  Bill has my body. I suppose I need to apologize on this one as it is c-section scarred, round, and not the same as it was 29 years ago! 45. I hope I wasn't being impolite on the previous statement. It is not any other reference than I am his and he is mine. 46. I wrote to the President.  Sadly, I have not received a response.  47. I love hearing my Bill when he is talking to the animals. He is such a compassionate man. 48. I love Brussels Sprouts...a late in life discovery and a great one. 49. I do not feel older nor does hitting 50 make me freak out.  The thing that bothers me is when someone will post a photo of someone famous and say how great they look...and I realize I am the same age and look older etc.  50.  I am thankful that this is a once a year posting as thinking of new things each year is hard and easy. 

I am 50 today.
I am a wife.
I am a mother.
I am a grandmother.
I now will add that someday I will become a great-grandmother.

I love life and am thankful to have been able to reach 50.  If I have but one birthday wish, it would be that those that meet me will know first and foremost I am thankful for the Blood of the Lamb and that I do my best to walk with God.  I am not perfect but that is what I would pray that people would know about me.  

And a few photos to close this post:
Earliest photo I have of me.
Here is the most recent, from June 22.
It really is of my bestie as he looks so good in red!!

Have a great day and try oh my try to have some pumpkin pie today!