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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sleep Tincture Recipe

 I found this remedy on wellnessmama.com and really think it is a good one to share.  I am in no measure against medical treatment or medications.  For some things though, a herbal remedy does the trick and there is no need to use a store bought medication.  For a simple night's rest here is a sleep tincture recipe.

Here are the ingredients:
#1 hops flowers, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, and oatstraw

#2 yarrow flowers, stevia leaf, catnip and 80 proof vodka.

How to make the sleep tincture~

Materials and amounts of ingredients needed:
2 TBSP each yarrow, catnip, oatstraw and chamomile
1 TBSP each mint hops and stevia
Boiling water
2 cups vodka
quart size canning jar

Put all the herbs in the jar.
Pour boiling water to just cover the herbs and mix well.
Fill the jar the rest of the way with the vodka.
Cap with airtight lid and leave in cool dark place for at least 2 and up to 8 weeks shaking daily.
After the time (btw I left mine for 12 weeks), strain the herbs and store in tincture bottles and use as needed.

I made two jars and then have the remainder in a half pint jar. 
I label each item with what it is and the date.  In my books of recipes etc for herbal remedies I have the exact ingredient list and can refer to it as needed. 

Normal dose for adults two to three sprays in the throat.


ProudHillbilly said...

Um, no no... Two or three shots of the vodka one...

Humble wife said...

PH-for the tincture yep. But to ensure nothing before night and perhaps a headache, some shots would work. I think. LOL