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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Stories From the Kitchen Table

I thought I would share some thoughts about the kitchen table.  In my family it has been the center of the home.  We have had a few tables over the years but for the past 25 plus years it has been the pine table and benches and then one I picked up a few years ago at a second hand shop. We have both still and I thought I would share some of the memories that we have gathered while sitting at the table.
We homeschooled, so I would make theme dinners and this is China night.

This is an early photo of when we moved to the farm and shows
we had extra chairs and stools for the ever often guest that would join us.

I crafted on the tables and here is one of the rugs I braided.

We had formal dinners on the table.

Bill and I made it a weekly event to play games with the kids.
Here is the game Life in play!

I have shared tips on canning on the table.

We have celebrated birthdays oh so many birthdays on the table.
I have shared cleaning recipes I make on the table.

I have shared after views of the kitchen from the table.

And before views. 

I have shared gatherings of the table and how we have added
extra tables to the kitchen table to expand the space.

The table is a cover for kitties that sleep on the chairs.

The table welcomes those entering the home.

The table becomes a place for the grands to taste new foods
and share the new foods everywhere!

The table holds many projects as I craft away.

The table converts quickly to a competitive ping pong table!

The table contently waits for the farm to save money to do the floors
and while waiting rests upon the subfloor painted.

The table becomes a point to decorate for the holidays.

And a place to assess how many more quilt squares need to be crocheted.

The table hosted its first wedding reception!

And it is a place where the Bible is read and studied.

The table held many meetings of the goof troop.  This one
was on the very day we were introduced to our first daughter-in-law.
She patiently watched as the four filmed a mockumentary.  I hope
that the video still exists...it was super funny!

The table became a place for me to salvage the kids old t-shirts.

The table was the place I shared my first batch of lip balm.

The table shared my secret love of Pyrex.  Oh Pyrex
I love your eclectic colors and styles...you match my mixed
up thoughts and styles ever so much.

The table celebrated with us when we had our first Feast
of Trumpets holiday.

The table in the early expansion stages of holidays.

The table hosted many game nights.  Imaginiff is a great game!

The table has been there for many hours of study, whether my 
Bible study or the children's homeschool work it was there.

The table held many fun parties.

Even before I painted the table it was there for birthdays.
First had a cowboy theme birthday.

Oh and Rummy.  We have played many card games
but Rummy seems to be a favorite on the table.

Here is the tabletop after I painted it and many years of use.
Each person in the family was born in a different city/ or state.
I thought this was fun.  Soon I will reveal the tabletop with all the
new additions...:)

Oh my how the table has hosted many canning days.

And I could not share the table without Risk.
Risk became the family game for a few years and 
things got intense.  Some cried that secret alliances were
made and others made secret alliances then pointed the finger.
No matter, we all learned a good deal about the world, strategy
and competition.  Oh I looooooove Risk and cannot wait to 
teach the grands!

The table held special moments.  This was a birthday in
October for First who was born in June. You see
he was in Afghanistan for his birthday-his 21st birthday,
so we had the birthday when he came home. 

That is where I will end with the photos.  I am so thankful that we have had the kitchen table to be the place we gathered.  It made moments like when First was in Afghanistan easier as we sat around the table and prayed for him and thought of him.  The table has been amazing and I think of all the moments we have had as a family and the table has been part of those moments.  Corny I know, but true.  I have heard twice that a grandbaby was coming at my kitchen table.  The third time was when we were all out to eat and gathered together at a table!  I have finagled finances at the table when we barely had any money-pretty much always.  I have looked from my seat to the end at my love and had a secret smile of love while sitting with the children.  I have sat at the table with my children's in-laws and shared goals to be supportive of our children and the new family that they each were creating.  I have sat at my table and talked to my mother on the phone. Those days are no longer possible but it is a precious memory. 

Last night, Bill and I had dinner at the table with Grand #1. 
The memories made at the kitchen table will never end but will continue writing their stories for the table to share.


Glenn B said...

All very nice, such a truly wonderful family.

All the best,
Glenn B

Humble wife said...

Thank you Glenn, I really appreciate this. Jen