"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, June 30, 2016

If I were a hummingbird

that resided at the Double Nickel these would be a couple of views that I would have:
My first view would be of the feeder that the kitties watch the most.  Fortunately the feeder was moved away from the window and put under the porch so the cats would stop leaping as I drink.

My other view would look like this.  No kitties to scare me here, only an amazing short person that will pause from doing what ever to watch me feed! 

And that concludes if I were a hummingbird~well residing on the west side of the Double Nickel! 

My Day Today

 I am canning today.  I took some photos of the books I use when I preserve foods.  Although it is nice to race online and watch a tutorial or read someone's blog about how to can, it is best to have a book or two to help you through the process.
This is the second copy of this book as it was my go to canning book for information when I began.  The doodles are compliments of one of the goof troop.
 This is a Ball canning book that has a ton more recipes and it is another well used book.
 I have begun to pickle more and more and I found this book and if you look at the top, I have pages tabbed with pink.  I love reading about the process and things always remind me of historical food preservation and the methods used by those long ago.
 This is a newer book and it has modern recipes on old favorites.  This book has a great jerky recipe I have tweaked a bit to use with elk.

The final book I am going to show you I picked up for $5.99 a year or so ago and I am going to try a corn salsa recipe tweaked a bit for the southwest. 
Often when I visit with people they reveal that they have fears about canning whether pressure canning or water bath canning.  I tell them I did as well, but the best way to get over a fear* is to dive in and begin through trials.  Read as much as possible and perhaps have a canning buddy for the first go to ensure that all works out.  I feel pretty confident with canning and sometimes will have mistakes.  Recently I canned pinto beans and they did not seal for whatever reason whether my lids were old or whatnot.  It is fine to make mistakes and then do the best thing~toss out the mistake, roll up your sleeves and carry on.  The great thing is that you can reuse your jars and some have lids that can be reused so the costs to you is very little if you either raise your item to can, find it at a farmers market or on sale for a great price.

* Disclaimer~this step of overcoming fear does not apply to rattlesnakes.  Shudder!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

A bit after 6 this morning

and here is a snippet of what I saw.

 The sun as it was slowly peeking out with an overcast sky.

The mesquite beans are looking great.
Can't wait to begin collecting to dry for snacks for the 
critters, for coffee, and jelly. 

Another look back to the morning as the clouds break away.
Some of the henny penny's enjoy a snack.
The brooder.  Some time this week this mini flock will
be introduced to the coop as this will be taken over by the
next group of chickies.
Do you like our simple perch?  We came up with that 
in a blink as we were trying to come up with one.
This morning as we walked out the chickies were 
perching wonderfully!
Duck duck-Goose run! 
The geese are growing fast and we needed them in a 
place protected so under the back is perfect.   Their
domain will be the back yard and keeping the bugs down.

The girls.  
And finally some of the plants I am growing on the front porch. 

That was my wee bit post of things before 7.  
I forgot to take a photo of my pardner while out and about
but my Pard was tall and made me smile and laugh the entire

Monday, June 27, 2016

I would like to

write about the Bible.  

I did not own my own Bible until I was about 22.  I had never read the Bible completely through until I was about 28-29.  I did not understand how the Old and New Testaments worked or why they were in the Bible together until about 8-9 years ago (so ages 40-41). 

I did not really begin to read, study, and pray about the Truth in the Bible until a person that is not a believer challenged me on something I was absolutely certain was truth and was in the Bible.

Then my life changed.

For those that have not read the Bible but may have watched or read say something by Tim LaHaye in the Left Behind circuit, I challenge you to read your Bible.

For those of you that claim to be part of the Christian world that is called Protestant, I challenge you to read your Bible and history and see why Protestants were called Protestants.  Then I challenge you to see if your church is separate or removed from the church that was protested or are you still complying with doctrine established by that church.  I will update exactly who these churches are in a future post to be less vague. 

If you read your Bible, do you read it separately?  Meaning the Old Testament is for a people that are no longer part of the Father's plan and that the New Testament is new about grace and not the old laws which no one could keep.

If you read your Bible are you praying as you read the news?  Are you seeing scripture unfold before your eyes?

If you have responses to any or all of this post, please leave a comment.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Me

It is my birthday.  I usually only have a vague mention of my birthday with a reference to my cake of choice which is not a cake but a pumpkin pie.  I am not a fan of boisterous celebrations and most certainly do not like me being the spotlight.  This is not new, I have always been this way.  I do not like the feeling when everyone is looking at me singing etc.  As a  parent I was in control and thereby made the kids birthdays a family dinner event and then allowed for mine to pass with just pie.  Usually the pie is mine for the week to eat because the goof troop and Bill are not pumpkin pie fans.  I always wonder about my choice of pie was it mine or my Mom's?  She had 8 kids and my younger sister's birthday is two days before mine.  Perhaps cake in two days wasn't something that sounded good so she gave me pie instead.  No matter, as I love it.

Although I do not like being in the public eye in the real world, I do share a window to me here, so today in honor of my last year of my 40s I will share 49 things about me.  I will try and come up with some things never shared before~so here goes:
  1.  I do not like to have the traditional American breakfast for breakfast.  Every couple of months I will have a breakfast for dinner meal of a pancake, scrambled eggs, and potatoes and onions. 
  2.  I have had to change one flat tire in my entire life.  When I was dating Bill (for those few days before we married),  we had a flat tire, and he told me that I needed to change it.  He walked me through it, but he wanted me to understand how to do it in case I ever was in the middle of nowhere (pretty much often in the west), and I had a flat.  Since then, Bill has taken care of every auto issue I ever have. 
  3.  I love random bits of information.  Seriously.  I study things that have no connection all the time, because I am so interested in pretty much everything.
  4.  I never had Brussels Sprouts until this past year.  I have been making up for lost time since!
  5.  I have never tried asparagus either but I bought one yesterday to begin the year right!
  6.  I prefer mismatched instead of matched in how I arrange my house to the setting of the table.  
  7.  I do like NOT* alcohol.  I do not like seeing alcohol as so spotlighted in everything.  This is what I wrote about alcohol and a twelve year old me.* I left out the word not. This is an update.
  8.  I was born in a southern state, raised in the Midwest, married in the west, lived in Germany and settled in the southwest. 
  9.  I actually wrote in a memory book while I was in high school I would NEVER marry a Bill, Joe, Jim, or Bob, as those were the most common of names of boys when I was a girl.  My Bill now is nicknamed Billyjoejimbob because even though he is of Mexican ancestry, and the first of his family born in the US, he has two of the names I vowed that I would never marry.  
  10.   I try to NEVER say never anymore.
  11.   I raised my kids in a fascinated state as each developmental stage was so incredible for me.  Even now watching them (or as I say~observing them) still impresses me.  We are truly fearfully and wonderfully made
  12.  I have three brothers, Bill is of three brothers, I have three sons, my father was of three brothers and my mother had three brothers. Hmm.
  13.  I never painted on a canvas until I was 47 years old.  Now I have a good amount of paintings on canvas.  Someday perhaps I will be bold enough to share them beyond my blogity world. 
  14.  I have six encyclopedia sets.  They are of differing topics and two are for young adults.  I bought all of them at thrift stores AND I love reading and re-reading them.  
  15.   I began collecting Pyrex as the result of a wedding present of nesting bowls.  I love Pyrex and still collect pieces but they must be under a few dollars for me to buy it.  
  16.  I have a scar on my left leg thanks to my brother Pete, our friend Tim, and firecrackers.  It is 5 inches long.  
  17.   I am double-jointed in my left thumb.  
  18.  I used to run track and was very fast.  I ran the 100, 200, 200 hurdles and the 440 relay.  When I began it was yards and then midway changed to meters.  I have old newspaper clippings as well as medals and ribbons.  
  19.   I take my shopping cart to the cart caddy or to the inside of the store nearly 100% of the time.  If I don't it is because one of the kids is with me and they do.
  20.   I am not a vegetarian but I really do not eat meat.  Hmm.
  21.   I am currently reading along with the Bible, 7 books.  They are all nonfiction books.
  22.   I no longer read fiction.  
  23.  I am in my pajamas even though I have been up since 5:20ish.  
  24.   I am certain I will still be in pajamas until 9 or so. 
  25.   I went outside and fed the animals in my pajamas and probably will tomorrow as well. 
  26.  Too much information isn't it?
  27.   I made the present for Grandson #1 b-day.  I planned it months ago and will be making something similar for Grandson #2 in four months. 
  28.   I love love.  Seriously.  I love a sappy love story where both the husband and wife genuinely love each other and work each day to be in love. 
  29.   I love Bill.  
  30.   He told me before I even opened my eyes this morning that he is IN love with me.  Pretty wonderful words to hear when one is a year older!
  31.  I am tucking this one in here because by this point I believe most that stopped to visit may have quit reading.  I love to swim.  I miss swimming and it is the one thing I truly wish I could do every day.  
  32.   I love children.  
  33.   I love seeing young families.
  34.   I love seeing older couples.
  35.   I broke my ankle my senior year in high school.  See #7 to understand the cause.
  36.   I painted my cast purple.  In 1985.  Even then I was creating, crafting, and defining my space, my way.
  37.   I also wore a crocheted Christmas stocking on my foot to keep my toes warm, as I broke it in the winter and had to walk in the icy snow on crutches.  My fault!!
  38.   We do not celebrate Christmas now.  It has been about 10 years in coming.  We are not of some fringe church, but studied the roots of Christmas(easy to discover on line) and took to heart that we are not to learn the way of the heathen.  
  39.  I do not judge those that do celebrate, but wish for any and all to click on the link on the top right of my blog.  I have begun sharing the Bible holy days that the Creator established for man, and then using information available on line share how man changed the holydays to holidays that are not Biblical.
  40.   I ask any that think I am crazy for #'s 38 and 39 to share with me any Biblical verses that tell us we should celebrate Christmas.  It is a study I am willing to continue if one can show me using the Bible. 
  41.  These next ones are doozies~in a trivia mindset.   My sibling group is like this: Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy,  Boy, Girl, Girl.   Bill's is like this: Girl, Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy, Boy, Girl.  (the same minus the last girl)  
  42.  The oldest two girls on both sides have names that begin with the letter C.  The next girl on both sides has a name that begins with the letter L.  The oldest son is named after the father.  
  43.   Bill and my mom shared the same birthday.  Crazy for those of us that think in a strange weird way. 
  44.  When I began my life in 1988 crossing the country into some unknown place I was reading a book where the main character was named Billy (and our last name).  I had never heard that last name before, and after I met Bill I stopped reading that book and put it in a Ziploc baggie and put it a memory box.  I mean seriously how does this happen?
  45.  I am getting a ton of texts and calls right now.  My Bill is so sweet and I know he reminded all the kids.  The goof.  I love him more than he can ever know,  and I pray I can show him each and every day.
  46.   I love New Mexico.  Seriously.  This is my view.  I am not famous, nor am I rich.  I am simply a person that is living with a beautiful mountain in front of my house and it is mine free each and every day to enjoy. 
  47.   I am drinking unsweetened tea in my Rio Grande Zoo mug.  I shared about our zoo visit here
  48.   I make tons of notes every day.  See #3 and #14.  I cannot believe how amazing the world is and how many interesting things occur.  I also study history~you know the quote by Edmund Burke don't you?
  49.  Hmm.  That's 49.  I am wordy aren't I?  I love being 49(well so far at least), and would never say I am 29 or 39.  I embrace this age as many people aren't fortunate enough to make it to 49.  I look forward to many new things this year and pray that I stay focused on my Creator, loving my Bill, watching my kids(and loving them) as they continue on, loving the grandkids, enjoying the farm, and taking each day for the gift that it is.  May any and all of you that stuck it through to the end~ Hip hip hurray!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2016


in history:  One year ago today Bill and I became grandparents for the first time.

In farm news:
Quail have the most lonesome of calls to each other.  It makes me reflective when I hear a quail calling out.  This quail was perched high in the sheep pen.

I do love flowers brightening up the desert. This is in the bucket with our pepper plant.  Why yes, that is a stump that the bucket is on!

Dehydrating some onions this week.  I love to snack on dried onions~sorry Bill :)!

Some thoughts as I close this post:
Last Sunday we had two visits, one in the morning and these visitors helped Bill with the new barn and then we feed them lunch.  We had a nice time and they loved all the things we have ongoing on the farm.  It seems like life here will be a constant project as there is so much to do and so little time in each day.  They made me smile, because they were genuinely interested in the framing of the windows, the woodstove rockwork, the art work I have made, the back yard, the porch and the critters.  Then we had a visit in the evening with a group that had BBQ with us.  This group humbled me a bit.  You see, all the things that were positives in the morning were unfinished things by evening.  The handcrafted items were seen in conjunction with the ability to purchase anything needed and therefore homespun was quirky not frugal or thoughtful.  

Now to be clear, both visits were wonderful.  It is always important to have a reminder that a person is deeply influenced by their circumstances and that sweatequity may not be understood by those that do not have to work the same way we do for the things we have.  For me~I was reminded of the glass of water.  Some will see it half full and others half empty.  Bill and I will see that it has water!!!

Happy Birthday dear Grand #1 
Love Papa and Gigi

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Learning is fun

if you take every moment as a learning opportunity.  I went out to feed the sheep today and found a lovely surprise on the gate.
Now to be clear it is the regurgitated items of some bird.  I can identify a young bird and skeleton of another thing.   

I see the big crows and hawks perched on the front gate all the time and I know they are eating there as I find rabbit remains and such on the ground below.  This was a new one for me, and I suppose some chick full of nests are a bit hungry right now. 

If I take this for an opportunity to ponder the situation, I am not so grossed out.  See~it is a safety mechanism for me~the person who is grossed out so easily!

Feel free to click on the images and help to really dive in and identify what we are looking at!

Reasons for Power Outages in New Mexico~Photo

Photo credit: Weston Fralie
In case you were wondering where this happened~it was within close proximity of the farm.
For scale each side of the pole is about 3 1/2 feet. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tuesday Ten on the Farm

Yep, it's time for Tuesday Ten again!  Here are ten photos that share a bit about life on the Double Nickel.

Sand pile
Bill brought this in for his cement mixing.  Sand, cement, a dinosaur
claw and something else makes the perfect blend for a strong cement!
One of the wood piles.
When the lumber yard is open, we can buy a truckload of wood for 
$10.00 and a trailer load for $20.00.  We also go to the mountains for
wood, but the lumber yard wood is a great deal.  Each pile seasons
for a year or two before it is cut for the woodstove (or other projects).
Strawberries were $0.77 a container.  I bought three and dehydrated two.
I also freeze strawberries as well as bananas so on hot days, you know
days that are over 100F (as it has been for the past several days), I can
make myself a banana, strawberry smoothie.  To make it sweeter, I only
add a few pineapple slices!
This horse trailer has been invaluable for our small farm.
A frugal Bill found this for cheap cheap and he bought it.  Perhaps
some day I will paint it and put a new window in it...perhaps not. 
I like the character of the trailer as is.  For the small animals such
as the sheep the trailer is perfect. 
This is Bill's project of a few years.  He has been
braiding the Mesquite ever so carefully. 

I really like how it is coming along and this Mesquite
is on the bend of our lane so it either says goodbye as we
leave or hello as we return to the farm!
Here is a re-purposing job in progress.  The planks that
are going to be the new and improved barn, coop, feed center
are from the old porch.  If you click here, you can see how the
wood looked as the porch. Living frugally means that things 
may not look the best for a while until you can create 
a way to redo, replace, or re-purpose something.  And then
the old gets set aside for another re-purposing.  It really is about
thinking before ANYTHING hits the trash. 
Oh and interestingly enough photo bomb Thena is in the linked
post too!

A cup of tea to help the sneezes calm.  Allergy season in the desert
comes and goes and increases in intensity as the winds blow.  Fortunately
the winds only seem to blow daily so everything is fine ;).
Organizing the study boards for a quick Bible presentation.  I am 
slowly but surely putting together something that Bill and I are going 
to put on video.
I was mooned this morning and I liked it!  By the way that tree 
is the only tree that was on the farm when we moved here.  It is a 
non producing Mulberry and it is amazing. The tin roof was not on 
the house and I like to call it the goat/sheep roof as the critters and the sale 
of many of them allowed for a leak proof home.  Believe me, when I say 
that leak proof is important ESPECIALLY in the desert.  It does not rain
much but when it does it is monsoon style rain and drops so much in 
so little time that we had buckets and pans to catch the leaks.  Thank God
we no longer have to do this. 

Okay this post is Tuesday Ten plus the bonus one:
This is in the library
 I think that we should take serious the verse 2 Timothy 2:15:
 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
Even when we are in the library or the kitchen, or dining room
or pretty much everywhere. 

If you would like a free Bible, Bill and I would love to send you one free of charge.  Click here to receive your Bible. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

On this day in 2009 I shared a recipe

Pinto Bean Bread

2 packets yeast(1 packet yeast =2 1/4 tsp.)
1/2 lukewarm water
1/2 cup evap.milk(I often use goat milk or powdered milk)
1 tbsp. salt
6- 7 cups flour
1 1/4 cup water(bean juice:) from making pinto beans
1 cup mashed beans
2 tbsp. shortening
2 tbsp. sugar

Soften yeast in lukewarm water. Warm bean juice on low heat take off heat- add milk, oil, salt, sugar, mashed beans and 2-3 cups flour. Beat until smooth. Add yeast and more flour until dough is easily handled. Knead until smooth(5-10 minutes). Place in greased bowls and let rise until double in bulk. Punch down and let rise again. Shape and place in 2 greased bread pans. Let rise again.

Bake 40-45 min. at 375 F.

Pinto Bean Bread

Rootbeer Bread- I am putting this picture up so you can see(well not the best picture:) that I make bread in round pans too. I like the different shapes and how it changes the feel of a meal!

Update June 20, 2016   
This recipe was a blue ribbon winner at our county fair.  I do love the bread as it taste like a really good wheat bread with a light color. 
My pinto bean bread on the right.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day

May you all have a wonderful day.  Here are a few photos of some dad's that I am fortunate enough to be related to.
Second and the one that changed his name to Dad.

Third and the one that changed his name to Dad.

Bill's dad, the goof troop's dad, Grand #1's dad and Grand #1

Bill's dad, the goof troop's dad, Grand #2's dad and Grand #2

To my husband-
I thank you for showing me what a dad was and how precious you
have been to our children.  What I missed as a child our children were
doubly given through you.  You make each day better than the day
before AND at every age you are muy guapo.

My dad, who only celebrated 5 Father's Days.

And a special thanks to my mother as she had to be both mother and father to us.

To all those that do not have a relationship with their dad's I send you (((hugs))) as I know what it is like not to have your dad around~no matter the reason.  To all those men in the world that another looks up to remember the previous sentence.  Not every one is as fortunate in the world and we so need examples of honorable men for the next generation.

Happy Father's Day.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Twenty Four years ago

tonight Bill and I welcomed our Second.  He was born in Germany while Bill was stationed there. 

My life is more because Second has joined the family and now has made his own family.  This year has been an incredible year for Second with some downs and of course the lovely up of his son being born a week into his 23rd year.

Bill and I will be heading over to his house to wish him birthday wishes and to give him the card I have made with a few snacky gifts.   I also made him two freezer containers of a favorite meal from his childhood.
Happy Birthday Son,
We love you very much,
Love Dad and Mom.

Friday, June 17, 2016


We have some Light Brahma chicks: 14 hens and one rooster.  I did not pay too much attention to breed information when I ordered them, except that I ordered chicks that we had never raised before.  The fun surprise was that the Brahma have feathers on their feet and legs!

Names for this group are up in the air.  I am leaning for an alliteration of Brigham and his Brahmas as a play off of Mormon polygamist Brigham Young who had about 55 wives.  If for some reason this seems offensive to anyone, we did have a rooster named King Solomon and if you know your Bible you know that this was for the same reason~except Solomon had a ton more wives and a ton of concubines.   I do not name the animals we raise to spite others. I give the animals names because I (or a family member) selected the name and it fits for that critter. 

We aren't always the most clever in the naming department and have had a four horn ram named Cuatro (Four in Spanish),  a goat named Norm as it seemed normal for him to come up on the porch and try and enter the house, and a rooster named Colonel Sanders~sigh. We had a turkey named Krut which is turk backward as we already named one turkey Turk.   A grey tom adopted us and we named him Grey. The sheep we now have are flower names aside from the momma which I named after I heard the name that someone I know plans on naming their baby.   Our one cat is named after a TV character from nearly 9 years ago, and the other is named after I think hot sauce~Val for Valentina Hot Sauce.

For Bible readers~we have had Boaz and Ruth and they had Obed.  We have had Esther, Mary, Martha, and Amos, Samson and Delilah.

For reality some animals aren't given the names of people but of foods. 

This concludes the naming game on the farm!


you lookin at?

Thursday, June 16, 2016