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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Good Snake Bad Skunk

A window to a 24 hour period on the farm~last weekend.  For those that have visited the blog before, I feel as though I only post the horrible images of some of the rattlesnakes we encounter on the farm.  This post will give another side to the snake population in New Mexico. 

My sister visited from Wednesday to Sunday.  On Friday she asked me to take her outside to see all the scary things I have shared with her~you know, rattlesnakes, scorpions, javelinas, tarantulas, bobcats, mountain lions and such.  I looked at her and said You're Crazy.  I don't seek the critters, they are here and we pray we don't encounter them often. Funny thing though, on Thursday night we had a BBQ with the kids and my sister and her husband and both Bill and I saw a tarantula in different places.  I did not know she wanted to see one! 

Okay now to the photos.  The first photo and the second photo are images of a bull snake that was on the farm Saturday around 5pm.  In fact, I hope he is still on the farm.  Shocked you didn't I?  I understand that bull snakes are good snakes and they keep the rodent population down.  I CANNOT STAND SNAKES~but I do appreciate the need to utilize the assistance of a good snake when necessary to keep the rodents in check.

Bill came in the house quickly on Saturday evening and said Jen come quick. I did.  My snake dog was not barking like she does for rattlesnakes so I knew it wasn't a rattlesnake even though I couldn't completely get calm as this snake was huge~nearly 5 feet!!  Anyhow this one was caught up in the mesh left over from the chicken coop.  

It was caught so badly that we knew one of us had to hold the snake while the other had to cut it free with a pocket knife.  Well I can't touch a snake~correction, I can't hold even a good snake, so I chose the cutting of the mesh.  Ugh.  I had to touch the snake while cutting so that I would not harm it.  UGHHHHHH.  I really believe that the snake knew we were helping because it calmed down~aside from my few moments throughout where I was wigged out.  Once freed, Bill set it loose and I ran inside.  I was wigged out!

My stomach was in knots, my legs were like Jello, and I needed a few hours to calm down.  Ugh, I touched a snake.  Anyhow, I wanted to share this story, because I forget that in my need to share a dead rattlesnake...I exclude the reality of the farm and what we do with the good snakes. 

On to Sunday afternoon.  Bill was gathering some tin roofing we have left from various projects we have done on the farm.  The snake dog is always with whoever is outside.  When Bill lifted a sheet of tin up, the dog jumped between Bill's legs and grabbed a skunk.  Bill said he practically fell over himself in efforts to get away as skunk is not a great idea anytime.  As Bill is running back, the dog, with the skunk in her mouth is following.  Bill came in the house from back door to front~maybe a four second run, to grab his gloves and BAM~I was gagging.  Bill had skunk spray on him and he brought it in the house-for 4 seconds.  It was horrible.

I made Bill strip in the backyard.  I opened the can of tomato sauce and put it in the shower.  He showered while I wore a hospital mask and boiled half a cup of cinnamon.  It worked removing the pungent smell in the house.

Then Fourth came out and helped bathe the dog.  Oh poor puppy, she was SO stinky she was gagging too. 

This is a window to life in an unbroken land and the events that unfold often.  I share as much as I can because it is not something everyone experiences, but I also share because it is strange how much we live through and how much we accept life as it is!

To refresh new readers~this is not Bill's first time getting sprayed.  Yep, he went in his shed a few years ago and a skunk sprayed then as well.  New Mexico and her mountains and lovely views require a bit of blood, sweat, and tears...and we will gladly continue to give as the beauty has captivated us.  Oh and we will ALWAYS have tomato sauce on hand as it does clean off the skunk smell wonderfully. 


Dizzy-Dick said...

I like snakes and think that they are beautiful, even the poisonous ones. Skunks can be very bad in a couple of ways. Bill found out the one way, the stink. The other is worse. A lot of them carry rabies. So being bit could be worse than being sprayed.

Patti said...

A bull snake is a true blessing in rattler country! Glad I got to see yours!

Humble wife said...

DD~oh yes, and that would have been horrible. The skunks are big stinkers here and I am glad we have one less!

Patti-yes we agree!