"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, June 3, 2016

My Love Story

Bill and I met almost 28 years ago.  I believe in love at first sight.  Yep, I do, as it happened to me.  I knew the minute I saw my Bill I was in love.  But being in love and having a long loving marriage are two different things.  I thought I would share my love story with an abundance of photos as that is me.
Love is something that isn't easy to define.  For me love is like breathing and without love (and by love I mean my Bill), I will not be.  Bill and I work daily at maintaining our love.  We are most definitely not the wealthiest people in the country, but we can fashion homespun things that are reminders for the other that we are thinking of them.  The photo above was the gate to my raised bed garden.  One day Bill left me a simple wire heart.  This was a love note to me from him. I am so thankful that I understand.  You see, men and women are different and what we think (or are conditioned to expect) a love note should be is far different than what a man thinks a love note should be.  This heart~well it is filled with a million words of love from Bill.
For no reason a window can be filled with love notes for a cutie pie.  I made these from  wax paper folded and melted crayon and then cut out the shapes.  

Doodles can say a lot.  At the kids computer center (we homeschooled), the area became just like in public schools with doodles on the table.  One day, I added my own.  The next day I saw the LOL, and I smiled because I realized that the doodle from me to Bill caught the eye of one of the kids.  It is important even if they LOL something that they know 100% that Bill and I love each other.  

When we were putting the floors in, the house was more dusty than ever (even for living so close to the White Sands), and I made a mess into a note for Bill.  Maybe notes in dust illuminate my not so amazing housekeeping, but I see a note as something that lets Bill know clearly that I love him.

Sometimes love notes can be created by using baling wire, gourd tops, and remnants of clothes.  You see I made the farmer and his wife and they are the main characters in my love story.
Do you want to know something incredible?  God writes us love notes as well.  This was one of the rams born on the farm.  Can you see his heart? 
Other times love can be reinforced because of a simple roadside picnic.  Being with my Bill is perfect no matter where we are.  We do not need fancy places to go, or expensive items to build our love.  It is simply being together and sharing ourselves that builds and strengthens our love. 

Flowers are the go to for gifts when in love.  I do not receive many flowers as why pay for something that will die, but my Bill does send me a bouquet photo from wherever he goes.  If we are in the store together he will point to a beautiful arrangement and say that I am as beautiful as that arrangement.  
I really understood how much Bill loved me when the kids were born.  I think I should say it more clearly.  You see, as a mom with four kids so small, Bill would take over and give me a break when he came home.  He would allow me to take a soaking bath or read on the bed for a bit so I could reboot.  This is the greatest of gifts to a young mom.  Time.  Bill showed many, many times his love by helping me.  Changing a diaper, making breakfast, and playing on the floor with the kids.  This is not something you should say~well of course he should do this he is the dad.  You should take the time and appreciate that love for you and your love in return are made up in a million teeny tiny things that no love story or movie can equal as they seem so mundane.
These gloves are a love note to me as well.  You see Bill puts these on and works hard on the farm to provide for us.  This is love.  His hands are a testament to our success as a couple as he has never hesitated to provide for us all of these years.  He is willing to do whatever to ensure our success.  Oh how a simple poem or card cannot even come close to the words that the gloves reveal even though they are not spoken but speak volumes. 
The wood pile is a warm and snuggly love letter to me.  It encircles me in the coldest of times and reminds me that once again Bill puts a tremendous effort in making sure I am comfortable.  That is love. 
Trust me, I am corny about letting Bill know I love him.    

I will say, if the moment hits Bill will create  a love note.  I received the above note when we only had one child. I still cherish it as seriously, Bill IS pretty crafty when he wants to be!
But this is as amazing to me as the love note above it.  You see, Bill drives home as quick as possible if there is a rattlesnake in the yard near the house.  This is LOVE.  I am so stinkin' afraid of snakes I cannot breathe when I see them.  I only maintain visual of the snake until my Knight in Shining Armor comes home and battles the dragon snake.  

The four letters hang in our dining room.  It is a reminder to any and all that we LOVE in this house.  

Sometimes I will leave a note for Bill where he will find it.  It is not on paper.  I want him to know when he is about working for the success of our family that I am thinking of him.  

Everything can be made into something to cherish and remind you of why you married your spouse.  Bill gave me a cookbook in 1994 that makes my eyes tear up...a simple moment captured from a young husband to his wife.  

Bill and I are older.  We are not models.  We aren't the fittest folks on the block.  I am completely gray.  Bill is 50-50 gray.  We aren't as up and going as we were.  But we are still in love.  We are the best we can be for the other.  In fact, I told Fourth the other day, that there are about 3.5 billion men on the planet and dad is the most attractive, smartest, kindest, gentlest, manliest man for me!  It is all about perspective.  

Oh and Bill, I wrote you another note.  I am not sure if you have seen it yet, so when you see this post, let me know where this note is!
Bill I love you forever and a day.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Nice looking rattle snake. Glad your knight in shining armor came home and saved the day.

kymber said...

OMG Spicy - that's what i always say to jambaloney "forever and a day"! i could ramble on and on about this post but i think for once in my whole entire life i will be succinct and say only this:

i am so glad that you found each other. and i am glad to be your friend. always.

Humble wife said...

Oh DD- me too!! Oh the snakes-they give me the weebies.

Kymberrrrrrrrrrrrr~Yay I am so happy that you and jam have the sammmmmmme love! I am so glad we are blogity friends as well From the north to the south we are bffs!