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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dating Your Spouse

The dating relationship between a husband and a wife does not end once the vows are said.  It is important to kindle the relationship in every walk of the marriage.  Bill and I are now grands~as in grandparents.  That is so crazy to type as it seems like yesterday when we brought home First!  As parents of adult children we are still very much working to keep our marriage as strong as it has ever been. 

I strongly believe married couples should date each other long into the marriage, and Bill and I have and will continue to do so until well, I don't want to think about the until.  

We went on a date the other day to a place near but so very different than the farm.  We went up to the mountains east of the farm.

The drive was amazing.  I cannot say that enough and if you were to ask Bill, he would tell you I kept saying how lovely and wonderful the drive was. 

It is green up in the mountains and the trees are ever so tall.

There was even traces of snow still on the mountain here and there.

We went to a familiar place.  I love it for the vast amount of rocks~
and the peacefulness.  This tree had rocks in its roots.

We set up for a picnic and them I wandered off a bit careful to
keep an eye out for critters.  I know Bill watched as well.

We took a simple picnic lunch of beans and Hebrew National hotdogs.
We had chips and coke as well.  This date was impromptu yet easy to 
put together.  I grabbed the items needed to cook, Bill grabbed the grill 
and the cooler for the food and water.  

I wore my old but favorite tenny benny shoes...

and Bill wore his favorite work boots.

I love how the world feels when we date.
I love how a simple getaway kindles our love.

I smiled as I looked at the shadows of the tree and was inspired
because I thought of the family tree that Bill and I have grown.
The branches are filling up!

I wandered about while Bill was content to sit and soak in the sun.

Then I hit a bit of Jen heaven...ROCKS.  The date
exceeded any expectations as the rocks in this area are loaded 
down with fossils!

I must close with how important it is when dating your spouse, you should know your spouse.  A trip in the wilderness may not be the ideal date for your love.  If finances hold back a trip somewhere you can still create a trip at home.  Make a fancy meal(after the kids are in bed-if you have wee ones).  Dress up and dance in your dining room.   Sit in the back yard under the stars and speak about your dreams~and I promise you that at every age you continue to have dreams.   The date Bill took me on was a date for me by a man that knows me ever so well.  He knows that I prefer the wilderness to the city.  He knows I prefer a picnic instead of fine dining and that if I want to see the *sights* that I want to see the sights made by our Creator. 

Thank you my handsome Billyjoejimbob~my Knight~my date for life~
I had the bestest of times.
Love the short to your tall.


Deanna Rabe said...


Glenn B said...

What a coincidence I just saw this today and am also planning a date with my wife, first one in way too long a time.

By the way, after the scheduled Everyman's Evening Eyeful blog posts have been posted automatically on my blog, there will be either very few more of them or none at all. That way, I hope you will feel at ease visiting my blog again.

All the best my friend,
Glenn B

Humble wife said...

Deanna-yep :)!

Glenn, I am so happy to read that you are off planning a date with your wife. I know that you have had a good deal going on in the past few years so it is understandable. Retirement, cancer, marriage of your daughter dealing with the aftermath of a major hurricane(I can't remember aside from you did have damage), the following health of having cancer...I am certain that you need the date as much as she does, and I pray you have a wonderful time and make it a regular thing, as when you first met!

Take care and thank you!