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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Before and After

Over the years we have grown gourds on the farm. I let them season for a year or so and then begin crafting one thing or another. This year I have several gourd projects in the works and I thought I would share one that I finished.

This is from another gourd project but I wanted to share
how I cut a gourd as I opted not to get any fancy tools.
I use a push pin and follow the gourd round.  Once I have
pin holes all around it, I cut the top off.  It is very easy this
Then I clean out the inside and sand the edges.
I save all the seeds and even a year or two later
they always grow.  From this gourd I got 252 seeds!

My base coat was yellow and I use low cost acrylic paints.
Here is the finished bowl, view 1.
view 2
view 3
view 4
view 5

My inspiration is the Talavera dishes that I have.
There is a small store in Tularosa, NM, and one in
El Paso, TX where I find these dishes very inexpensive.
I love the bold, bright colors so I decided why not
paint a gourd in a similar style!

Here are a few other gourd projects I have made:

The heads are from the tops of the gourd that was left over
when I cut the bowl shapes out. I am a thrifty person and knew
I was going to use them.  I ended up making Farmer and his

Here is another gourd bowl. I let the shape determine the
mouth of the bowl and I really like this piece a lot!



Dizzy-Dick said...

I really like those gourd projects. Really look like expensive pottery.

Humble wife said...

Thank you DD-I have really enjoyed creating them!

Susan said...

Great idea!

Humble wife said...