"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, February 29, 2016

My World

From files on my Bill's desktop.
Oh what a wonderful smell.  Love the photo, found on I am New Mexico 

Thank you Goo*gle.  I looked up things to do with old
tires.  The herb garden is getting a new look this year!

Planning already for the county fair. Oh how I do 
love the county fair. 

Found on Pint*erest.  I am planning something using the
rounds from the wood Bill cuts.  While looking for ideas I 
found this.  Bill this is for you! 

Okay-yet another idea.  I actually might recreate this
as is.  I collect the oddities of chairs and have two that 
this would work on.  I can't wait!

An oldie of the goof troop.  So far they have increased 
because of their loves and wee ones to 9.  Yep. Double 
plus 1. Crazy wonderful!

Oh how I love this idea.  I am thinking that this 
is such a great idea compared to the shoe shelf.
Maybe not because the shoe shelf allowed for 
many pair of shoes crammed to the hilt when doing 
a mad dash emergency clean when someone was
stopping by!! I think it is perfect for me and my simple
shoe collection of keds! 
A not before photo but a semi middle photo of the new project.
Oh and yep, check out my view...well in the window reflection!

And a closing of my world today is something that at times
feels like yesterday

Wow.  38 years ago.  I remember the snow, no electricity
for months, living at the neighbors home with 20 people, no school,
then school in a church basement all the way through summer and to
the start of the following year.  I remember my brother having 
an outpatient surgery done by my step-dad. I remember being 
so cold. I remember getting sent home early from school and the bus
getting stuck and then pulled out by a man on a tractor.
I also remember ice skating on the roads, tons of hot chocolate, 
chili, and forts like never before and none since. I remember 
sledding and thinking so this is what kids in the mountains must feel
as before sledding involved someone pulling you, or a small hill of 5 feet 
or so.
 It must have been so scary for my mom with all of us kids and 
the worries of running low on stuff.  But as a kid, I just remember 
we kept our socks dry by putting bread bags over our socks and tucked
into our pants. Oh how time flies. 38 years ago.  Wow.

Friday, February 26, 2016

On the Table

Another gourd project.  I have already cut the hole out
of the gourd on the right as I am going to make this one 
like a bird feeder. The round gourd is from a wild gourd 
plant called a buffalo gourd. Visit this link and see how
amazing it is. I confess that it was a buffalo gourd 
that led us to the farm house.  Not hooky but I was
collecting them for a wreath I was making and we saw
the for sale sign.
This is one of the hundreds of pottery shards we have
found on the property. The previous owner had a kiln,
and if she broke something she flung it anywhere
and everywhere. I have a collection of these pieces.
Dish scrubbies. I began making these years ago
to save money and every year or two replenish 
Found some tin love letters. 
Just for you Bill!
I am going to hang these in the dining room.
I found these knob thingies also and they, like the LOVE
letters were on sale so I picked them up. I am going to
have my Farmer hang these by the sink to hang dish scrubbies

That's it for what's on the table this week!

Saving money

is really about the totality of things.  To save money you must change the way you live, spend, and view items.  It is every effort that adds up.  I know that this sounds corny, but it is true.

On to a simple saving measure I have been doing for years. 
We use this lotion in the house.  It works for us in our climate. If I buy it from Cost*co it is a very good price and it last about 4 months.  I do not throw away the container when I cannot get any more out.  I place the container under the sink, until I have two "empty" lotion containers. 
When I have two lotion containers, I cut them open and you can see that there is still a good deal of lotion in the bottom of this one, 

and this one.  I scrape all of the lotion out into a half pint canning jar. 

For real the containers are now~Empty!  

Now we have lotion for about a month.  Simple savings that add up if you do them across the board.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Some things

I watch thanks to the clever invention of You*tube.  I find it amazing to have a place where every single one of us can share life, humor, tips, and even 7 seconds that make viewing far better than most of the stuff on cable (we don't have), or movies.  We do have Net*flix- so I will share some things I watch there as well.  First though~

What I am currently enjoying on You*tube in no particular order:

Life Where I'm From

This is what I watched today.  Neat to have a window to Japan by an average person~and in this case a very young person!

Back in Time for Dinner

This is a series from 1950s to the future and I have finished and enjoyed the window to England. Of course things may have been a bit different in the US but I am a history buff and love shows like this.

Texan in Tokyo

I found this sweet couple when I was watching about the 3/11 quake and I love the way they love each other.  It is so easy to be a sweet loving wife or husband EVEN when dealing with cultural differences and language barriers.  This couple have a relationship much like Bill and I have. You can't miss how very in love they are and how special they treat one another.

Rachel and Jun

I found Rachel and Jun because of Texan in Tokyo and this video is so adorable and who knew foxes behaved this way or made these sounds?

Okay so these links are mostly of people in Japan, as I get on a rabbit trail and then start to study and look up as much as possible about the place.  I love that I can see a different country so clearly all because of You*tube.

On to Net*flix
Secrets of Highclere Castle: There are several in this series and I enjoyed each one of them.

Wild China series: This series offers a window to places and things I would never see.  There is a bias for sure on global warming and such, but it is easy to dismiss and appreciate the spectacular images!

Twinsters:This is a documentary about twins being separated and then finding each other without knowing that they were twins.

Oh and back to two more shows on You*tube that I recently watched and really enjoyed.

Braving Alaska

and the follow up to Braving Alaska

Surviving Alone in Alaska

Do you have some shows or channels you like on You*tube?

Blood splatter EVERYWHERE and how we stopped the bleeding

One of the dogs sliced her ear. We are not sure how she did it, but it was across the inside of the ear and before I saw the dog, I thought she was dying because Bill came in the house for Betadine and wraps~ and his arms were covered in blood.  I rushed outside because I thought I was going to see my pup dying.

Nope, she cut the ear on something, maybe wire from a fence or mesquite or who knows what.  But the ear bleeds a lot.
It didn't help that she kept shaking her head.  She was covered in blood as were we.

The window outside was covered in splatters~can't tell if you can see it-but I like my spider looking shadow! (Now the inside of the window may look like the dog puts her snout against the window at night when she looks out-because she does!)
Bill and Second have been pouring footers for the front porch and all over the area are drops~ugh.
Finally, since we could not stop the bleeding even though we put alum (I researched online) on the wound, we called the vet.
even with a bath it was hard to get all the dried blood off
Dogs flip their ears so the vet said put the alum on and then secure the ear backwards on the head.  Yep, something so obvious we didn't think of. We gave the dog a bath,cleaned her ear one more time, and then put more alum on and wrapped her head. We did cut an ear hole for the good ear...

second face scrubbing a bit better but she looks so sad

I used an old tee shirt and cut the arm off then cut a hole for her good ear.  She hated it and moved constantly and I think she thought she was punished.  It may not have looked the best but it did the trick and after 24 hours of keeping this on, the wound was healed enough that no amount of flipping her ears would open it. 

I thought I would share this as even though we have had dogs all these years I never had an issue like this, and living where we do and financially how we do, to go to the vet would have been costly. This was definitely something that we can treat and did so quite well and the expense of the vet was saved on such an easy fix.  (now rattlesnake bites...that's another story-sigh)

Simple alum. I use it in canning and I never realized how powerful it is to stopping bleeding. I am definitely going to buy more to have on hand for this is such a great tip.

That Darn Lazy Cat

 Every day I deal with the same problem.  The cats seem to think that making the bed each day is play time.  I deal with them chasing the sheet as I pull it tight, the grab the blankets and jump about~actually end up with attacks sometimes as they get too overworked and grab my hands.  For the first time I eVeR though, I had a new experience the other morn.

Can you see kitty ears in the top pic?  That is Val and she looks cozy doesn't she?  Side note~she is the best mouser!  
Well here is Ms. Lazy Val.  She didn't even move as I was making the bed.  I guess playing is losing out to resting! I made the bed around her and she stayed there for a few hours.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Randomness of some of

the food that I made in the past week.
Breakfast: I shredded a potato, added salt, pepper and olive oil,

tossed on two eggs,
Cooked it all a bit, then rolled it all up in a tortilla with some salsa.  

All wrapped up and ready for Bill.  I add strange, lovey, silly, weird notes to his burritos.  I wonder sometimes if he reads them.  I once wrote the lyrics to the song he sang in the shower for that day..."Close to You"~well and the rest of that sweet song, as it made me smile.
The above note is a poorly drawn eye, a heart, and u!
Dinner: I made lasagna the  other night.  Oh it was so yummy! Of course, one side was Brussels sprouts, as I have been on a three month(so far) kick of having Brussels sprouts, EVERY single day! 

Not so pretty but here is my plate.  I ended up having a second piece of lasagna-meatless~and delish.

Dinner: And last night I made Bill teriyaki chicken on white rice.  It was all a ploy so I could have the leftover lasagna for breakfast (and lunch) today. 

 Forgot to publish this post last week, so here you go...

It is a strange new world living without oil

*My label is the absolute truth in spite the fact that former President Carter and I both were born in Georgia.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

No apologies

I love books. In my brain I am hearing my Bill say, "well why don't you marry them?" And that is the humor of the Farmer and his wife.

 Back to books~
I read as often as I can

I use the bookshelves as photo backstops

a lot. The first one was from I think 2008 and this one is from  2015.

Since moving to the farm I have gravitated towards nonfiction far more than fiction.

I consider my time important and try each day to learn and study

This pic is an old one with dvd's and the books

The Bible is one that is well read on the farm

I have cookbooks and love reading and using the older recipes

I use the library and come home with hundreds of books a year.
I am thankful that I am able to have so many books.  The computer is slowly taking people away from the hard copies and for that I am sad, as the book is something that should disconnect you from the world. Now...

Anyhow after all those photos I would share a selection from my collection:
This collection is an encyclopedia set called Richards Topical Encyclopedia.  Years ago the local library was selling books to raise money for a new library. I spent $2.00 for two different encyclopedia sets.
Some of the books had paint on the bottom but that does not impact the inside information!

This set is from 1962.   A few years before my time, but loaded with oodles of information. 

Table of contents...

I am amazed at how thorough each section is.  

The Middle Ages come alive!

  Even though I am an avid reader, when I open these books, I continue to learn things I never knew!

 I remember as a child sitting with my brother John as he read to me from our encyclopedia set.  This memory is a very special one.  Many of my childhood memories that evoke pleasant thoughts revolve around books (and rocks)!
 The stocks in China.  I think that perhaps a bit of public humiliation punishments could be quite effective...remember having to stand in the corner? Or being paddled at school?

The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World...can you name them? 

I think the older I get the more I appreciate how much one can achieve with the ability to read and having the access to information-via libraries, thrift stores, and book stores.  Anything I have wanted to learn how to do as an adult began by picking up a book.  As a former homeschool teacher I worked hard to pass this on to the children and I am very happy to say that each one of them has the same love of reading and learning.  

Do you have a favorite book you have read?  For me, in fiction I have read and re-read the Little House on the Prairie series as well as pretty much all 100 plus Louis Lamour books.  I love Mark Twain's sense of humor and his books as well, so I have many more than one favorite fiction book and the Bible is my mainstay.