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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, January 14, 2016

My very own cheese pizza

with onions and pineapple!  I am going to share my Little Red Hen Jen actions on how I have my very own pizzas to enjoy any time I wish. Here begins my very own cheese pizzas in photo format:

 Flour, salt and olive oil

yeast, sugar and warm water 
mix the yeast mixture into the dry ingredients

Knead into a smooth ball 
Let rise until double(under my homemade cover)
 punch down, then roll into
even shaped mini balls.

Let rise until double, then while waiting-

make a spice blend for the pizza sauce
I have onion flakes, garlic powder, paprika
parsley, marjoram, oregano and salt

 when the rolls have doubled in size punch down and 
work to a flat shape, and dock (make holes) in with a fork
while dough was rising (a bit out of order) I prepped my
toppings, I used mozzarella, onions and pineapple

to the spice blend I added tomato sauce and then when
mixed I put it on each mini pizza.

and added the toppings.

I actually cooked this batch, as I like leftover pizza
I am strange after all!  I then prepped the freezer bags
after I ate two of the mini pizzas...

and froze them! If I am wanting a snack, I can take
the bag out of the freezer and let it come to room temp
and enjoy my very own mini pizza!

***I just noticed that I put 2015 on the baggies***


Deanna Rabe said...


Love this idea. I'll have to see if I can low carb this idea!


Dizzy-Dick said...

Looks good. It has been a very long time since I have eaten any pizza.

Glenn B said...

I have made pizza before from scratch. It tasted great to all who ate it but I felt the crust never quite was right. I may have to try again. Yours looks delicious. Enjoy.

All the best,

Humble wife said...

Deanna- hope you can!!

DD-I do not like restaurant pizzas~too much sauce for my liking, so I enjoy this or one very cheap pizza in the freezer section of the store. Plain cheese and $1.25 and I am set!

Glenn-some people like to fold string cheese into the crust edge as they think it makes homemade "taste right." I prefer the thin crust minimal crust~kind of boring but perfect for me~ I think you should try again btw, life is always about doing!