"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, December 31, 2016

Part 3 Year in Review

Read Part 1 Here
Read Part 2 Here.

This is the first time since I began blogging in 2006 that I have done such a review of the year that is ending.  I confess it has been very special to my heart to review the year and reflect upon milestones in my life and the Double Nickel Farm family.  Part 2 ended in June, so Part 3 will begin in July of 2016.

July 2016: 25 posts
Bill, Fourth and I went to the mountains to get wood.  
We also had a lovely picnic and siesta!

I repurposed an old window frame with my cutie pies.

This was the year of the hummingbird, as the farm
had sooooo many hummingbirds visit.

Our oldest got engaged!

I went on a ride-a-long with my oldest. It was an incredible 

The wind blew in a ton of schoolwork
of a little boy.  It really made my heart emotional
to think all of his papers were here and there, so I
granted this coloring Farm museum status on my fridge.
We still have not located the family, and have 
no clue how far or near this little guy that colored this may be.

August 2016: 24 posts
Must mention-In August Bill and I celebrated our 28th anniversary with my sister and her husband-who celebrated their 32nd anniversary, we all went out to dinner!

I shared the cold hard boiling hot facts about how the fence feels in August
with my remedy for the problem.

I entered items in the county fair once again.
The menorah, and the top right item are mine.

I made a chess set out of Pringles cans which I entered as well.

I entered many canned goods too and other items not in 
these photos.  I shared once again how much I love the county fair.
 September 2016: 19 posts
I shared the loss of a fellow officer: Officer Clint Corvinus
who was killed in the line of duty.  The farm family was

To be able to be in the motorcade that brought Officer 
Corvinus home was a very emotional thing.
What I learned was how very much our little community is so
amazing and how it seemed like the entire county came out
to every single side road, street, business and such to wave 
flags and salute Clint. 

All of the law enforcement agencies in the county 
brought Clint home.
There were patrol cars ahead and behind us and it seemed
like the procession was a few miles long.
I am incredible emotional right now thinking about
this, as the family of those in law enforcement understand 
how high the price may be.  If I haven't stated this in
my year end review yet, I need to now: We on the farm
are pro Law Enforcement.  We have been a law enforcement
family most of our marriage and now our children are filing
in the ranks.  I think it is probably one of the most unappreciated
jobs and the family carries much as well. 

I was able to snap a photo of the day breaking one day.

I also was able to take a photo of this henny.  I really
enjoy having all the critters we have on the farm.
October 2016: 17 posts
October is tarantula migrating season on the farm.

These cuties came to the law enforcement appreciation 
day and tug-a-war.
Second holding Grand #2 on the left and his son Grand #1
on the right.

The sheriff's department won the tug-a-war contest
against the city pd and fire department.

Went to a wedding and all these peeps that I love ever
so dear all were born with the same last name...oh how
much they steal my heart.

I made homemade oatmeal milk. 
It is delicious, seriously!

I shared that we all should lighten
up and be able to walk through a few puddles in life!
Grand #1 was a willing candidate in this example!

Oh and that engagement from July? Well here they are 
in October!!
November 2016: 8 posts
I shared how Bill made a dog bed for $19.00

Here it is put up during the day.

And I shared that it was time to break out the winter clothes.
December 2016: 12 posts
I shared in December how as I am recovering from some health
issues that I doodled to pass the time and make me not think 
of any pain.

I shared one of my tasks on the farm-to chop kindling.
It is very calming and I do enjoy doing this.  And to
date, I still have all my fingers.

I shared my almost finished towel rack I made.

I shared a photo from the photo vault of the 
boys pointing to my dad's name on the 
traveling Vietnam War Memorial.

And that is the longest conclusion or year end review I have ever done.  If you stayed to the end, thank you.  This is a window to a very humble life we live on the farm and those that we love ever so much. 
With that I will say, Please have a very safe and Happy New Year.
Bonus Photo:  I love the family table, as this is where we gather and visit with all those that come to the farm, and I wanted to close with this: for all of you that visit the blog and have for a good long time, I thank you so much and hope you feel as though you have been visiting with me here at the table

Friday, December 30, 2016

I'm Still in my Pajamas-or another title would be: 2016 in Review Part 2

January: 13 posts 
Here are some photos from January 2016. See I'm Still in my Pajamas for Part 1of the year in review.
I made a collage of my Bill.  I confess Bill is on
my mind pretty much 24-7...

Here is the lighting in the kitchen.  Yep, those are chicken
brooder lights.
Papa playing with the grandbabies.  
I so so so love seeing Bill hold and interact
with the grands~it makes my heart melt.

February 2016: 21 posts

The before on the front porch.  If you click on this image you
can see my mountains in the window reflection.
How my studies go EVERY single time.  Of course
the kitty may be interchanged with the other two but
seriously, notepaper is like soft bedding to the furrkitties.

I shared a grocery haul.  It is just Bill and I now, so 
this is pretty much what I get when I shop. 

The dining room.  I shared how much we have done since
we moved in.

 My favorite -okay tied favorite food ever.  I shared 
my newly discovered love of Brussels Sprouts. Oh how
I love them~as to the tie-onions!

My bed or should I say, Val's kingdom.  She stays pretty
much in my bedroom most of the time.  Not sure why
but this is her zone, unless it is like 9:30 pm then she
comes out and meows at me to go to bed.
March 2016: 25 posts
We took Fourth to the zoo.  She and Bill were so goofy!

I snapped an incredible view of my mountains.

I painted this photo.

I shared how to pressure can pinto beans.

I painted this photo.

I shared what is always on the dash in our truck.

And we had this two cutie pies in the high chair line up.
Grand #1 on left Grand # 2on the right. 
April 2016: 17 posts
 I shared one of my most favorite children's books that 
I read to my cutie pies so very much. I am reading this now
to the grands.

I discovered that I love vegetable rolls.  Oh so delicious!

I was thinking about my cutie pies and doodled some
pictures of them.
Left to right- First and his wife, Third's wife, Second's wife and Fourth.
I never finished them.  They are this and will always be.

One of the presentation boards on Who is Israel: Matthew 15:24. 
I shared a comparison of Biblical Holy days and man's holidays.

My Bill took me on a romantic date up in the mountains. 
We had a little BBQ and I hunted for rocks.  Yep, it was
the bestest of dates!
May 2016: 27 posts
I did a post on how not tall I am!

We built a Catio so the hawks won't enjoy tasty 
kitty morsels.

 I found this and believe it is something a native from
the Tularosa  Basin tooled.

Bill and I ate here in Albuquerque.

We had a hailstorm in May!!! Millie enjoyed it, 
my plants did not.

I salvaged the lattice from the porch makeover
and made frames for my collages.  The one on the left
has been rehomed with a friend.

Plant center Double Nickel Farm style.
I ended up growing many many Coleus plants
and that also became a gift that I gave with a
good number of people.

I made meals to freeze and heat up later.  We discovered 
some awesome recipes from trying this out.

I shared my rock collection.  A few other items are among
the collection but for the most part it is rocks because I seriously
love to collect rocks.

On the final day in May I shared my view from the front
June 2016-29 posts-
I doodled this somewhere Bill would see it during his daily farm work.

I shared my oh so love of these Mexican sodas.

I melted my cutting board.

Henry and Phoebe were teeny tiny.

The new chickies.

Oh and who knows what this was that a hawk ever
so kindly dropped on the gate to the sheep. I jumped when I saw it.

Okay so another long post and still one more to come.
Stay tuned.