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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, October 30, 2015

Snake Dog

Thena has proven to be quite the snake dog.  It's funny
how she will find one and then raise the alarm.  She has a 
very specific bark and I end up with chills down my spine.

We have had many snakes breach the yard this year.  Two under the porch,
several in the grass, and one by the house under the trash can.

I had arrived home and walked to the trash can to toss a water
bottle out.  Thena was crazy doing her snake bark and Millie would not let
me go near the can.

I called my knight.  Yep.  I call him for all 
of my snake issues.  I confess I have taken care
of snakes, when I needed to, but I prefer not being
the one to handle them as they scare me ever so much.
My Bill can make it to the farm in warp speed when I call.
The above picture is the snake as he was ready to strike when
Bill took care of it.

A silly thing about discovering a snake is that I cannot
leave sight of the snake until it is removed.  It is a horrible ten to
fifteen minutes but I am more creeped out about where the snake
may go...so Bill thanks for your timely arrival!

This was the thickest snake we have seen on the farm 
and tied for the longest.

It had the largest rattle of any that have made it to
the Double Nickel Farm science museum.


Now to Thena, I am thankful that we listen to the warning 
that she gives us.  She is an incredible desert dog and loves
the farm life. 


Dizzy-Dick said...

It is good to have such a great snake dog around. I bet he has saved you from being bitten more than once.

ProudHillbilly said...

Ooooo...I have no particullar dislike for snakes but a great deal of respect for venemous ones. Some years back we had a cookout at Mom and Dad's place. My +80 year old grandmother was also there. We cleared the picnic table and made several trips to the kitchen with the remains. At one point my daughter called to me "Mom, what kind of snake is this?" I stepped out to look and there, coiled next to the edge of the steps, was a good sized copperhead. Few deaths actually occur due to copperhead bites, but the elderly are particullarly vulnerable to their venom. It dissappeared before I made it back with the hoe.

Deanna Rabe said...

What a good dog Thena is! She is worth her weight in gold!

I hate snakes too!


Humble wife said...

Hi Steve,
I wanted to read your comment as I could only read a pinch on blogger. For some reason I cannot delete it at this time, so I will say this I do believe that man should be immersed in His Holy Word. I do not know your blog so will share with readers to do as you always do, proceed with caution when going to another link..Oh and do not trust man for truth but God for Truth.

DD-that comment gives me major shudders!! lol

Oh Proud-how ugh, I would be in a state not knowing where that snake went. I am happy no one was bite by that copperhead...ugh!

Deanna-yes, she is a wonderful dog that helps me with my major fear of snakes...