"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Five Years Ago

I shared a quick post about the sunset.  
My camera was not the best...

nor were my photography skills.

Yet...the sunset was still amazing!
I do love the simple life I live...where I can take in a sunset as well
as a sunrise often because my time is my own.

It is funny how much people pile upon their shoulders so much that 
taking time to appreciate our Creator's handiwork is missed.

Maybe today can be the day...that you can take a break and look around you!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Crazy~crazy~and farm life...

Some news stories of late:

Drudge shared that he paid not a penalty for not having health insurance (Obamacare) but a liberty tax!  Many called Drudge a liar...he is not as he did pay the penalty.  

Hospitals in the UK used 15,000 aborted babies along with the clinical waste in burn material to heat the hospital.  This is the slope I have written about time and time again whenever I write about abortion.   For the record, some of the babies were miscarried babies and the parents did not have any say in what would happen to the remains.  You see, when one life is deemed more valuable than another, EVERYONE is potentially next on being deemed as less in value. 

A carton of eggs in Venezuela is now $23.00 US dollars.  Hmm...Hollywood remains silent.

Oh and on the farm...A war is brewing!  Be warned...dead mouse photo ahead.

Here is one of our gardens.  First off, yes it is that dry here.
Ok...so we lost a few plants to something.  We knew it
wasn't rabbits as we have covered the bottom of the fenced in area with 
chicken wire or metal leftover from the roof.

My sister told me that mice do not like cinnamon.
That is what you see around the mounds.
The milk gallon tops are how we cover the plants 
overnight, just in case it gets too cold.
Bill also set several traps.
We had 100% of our traps filled with rodents.
Some field mice and kangaroo rats.

The creepy things that avoided the traps ended up eating the trapped rodents.

War I told you, war!

This photo has a new trap we have set. 
If you look on the top center you can see the top to one of those 5
gallon jugs for water.  Bill buried this and we put some peanut butter
in it.  Perhaps we will catch some more in here.  Like the roach motel-or at
least we hope.  Rodents will check in...and we will dispose of them!

It seems like every year we have something more to learn as we continue on this journey.
I share many times about my simple life.  I love this life ever so much, BUT it is
hard work.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Dear America

I originally posted this in March of 2012.  I updated the ages of my sons and the rest remains the same.

I have three sons. I pray that they set as their mentors men of honorable character, with morals and values that raise the bar. I understand that they will be normal young men at times, as we were all young at one point.
I pray that the actions they choose will lead them on the path of goodness and righteousness. I understand that being 24 is not so easy. I pray that they lean on those that stand for truth and follow truth's path.

I pray that when times are heated, that they are noble and live in a way that leads them to stay firmly footed. I understand that being 21 is not easy. I pray that the men they set as their examples are of good report.

I pray that in crises my sons stand on the side of truth, allowing compassion, hope, and generosity to shine. I understand that being 20 is not easy. I pray that my sons stand firm in His Truth in all times and set the moral compass on what God has provided.

I pray that if these young men make mistakes that they learn from the mistakes and go on to be the men of great potential that they are. I pray that if these young men make mistakes that Bill and I do not glorify the failures, but instead support them on the path back to truth.

Dear America, I share my sons, as they are really more part of the national fiber than mine anymore. I share my sons as they are becoming tall men in our nation, choosing to be, all because anything is possible.

I share my sons because Martin Luther King said
I have a dream that little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

My little children are men~ and I pray that we raise the bar for all of our sons, so that they can become.

a mother of part of the tapestry that makes our nation great.
photo one-my oldest son
photo two-my middle son
photo three-my third son

Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Five Plus One

In the garden
the mighty garden

the mesquite creeps up on the fence

 the fossils remind us of a worldwide flood

and nearby clothes wave gently in the breeze.

Oh and I love volunteer plants!  My red Russian Kale is producing once
again...so woohoo~
it's time for Kale Chips!

Plus one~Kale Chips!
Wash Kale
cut or tear into pieces
use a small amount of olive oil 
and gently massage the kale with it
add sea salt and bake at 350F for a few minutes
until crisp!

Old School Health care~Chamomile

Having health care and being able to utilize health care services may be two different things in today's world.  Many still are uninsured.  Many others appreciate the harsh reality that going to the doctor isn't something financially feasible anymore.

 I am not a doctor and must make this very clear as I begin this post.  I am not in any measure telling anyone to avoid healthcare.

For the past several years, here on the farm, we have tried to live a healthier life.  Our journey is and has been one of tremendous discovery and learning.  I am going to begin sharing things that we do here on the farm to promote a healthier life and ways we treat ourselves when we are ill.

As with everything, I began with research.  

These are the books that help me learn how to treat any illness or issues we may have.   I picked up the bottom three at thrift stores for less than $6.00.   The top book in the photo I bought online.

I am going to begin sharing about the herbs that are in this photo. If I haven't grown enough of the herb or I cannot grow it, I purchase the herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs.

I will first share what the books say about the herbs then I will share how effective the herb is in our healing health.

Chamomile -Matricaria Chamomila
Medicinal parts-the medicinal parts are the whole flowering herb or only the flowers.
Effects- The main active principles are flavonoids and essential oils.  The drug has antiphlogistic, antispasmodic, and antibacterial effects.  It also promotes wound healing.  The anti-inflammatory effect is caused by the chamomile flavones. 

Indications and Usage-
~common cold
~fevers and cold
~inflammation of the skin
~inflammation of the mouth and pharynx
~liver and gallbladder complaints
~loss of appetite
~tendency to infection
~wounds and burns

Chamomile is used internally for inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract with gastrointestinal spasms.  Externally, the drug is used for skin and mucous membrane inflammations, pulpitis, gingivitis, respiratory catarrh, and ano-genital inflammation.

 PDR for Herbal Medicines (1st edition). (1998). Montvale New Jersey. Medical Economics Company.  pages 961-962


Camomile* makes a fine nightcap for those that who want something relaxing before bedtime. Many people also find that it is soothing to a troubled stomach, as well as troubled nerves.  Traditionally camomile is also valued as an aid in easing menstrual cramps, probably through its action as a very mild muscle relaxant.

Externally, camomile tea is sometimes used for soaking pieces of cloth which are then applied to areas of minor pain or swelling.  It's also used as a hair rinse, especially for bringing out golden highlights of the hair.

Rodale's Encyclopedia of Natural Home Remedies. Rodale Press.  Emmaus PA. pages 431-432
*this is the way this book spelled Chamomile. 

For eczema-apply a chamomile compress.  For centuries, Europeans have been adding chamomile flowers to baths as treatment for skin problems.  To make a compress, add 1to 2 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers to one cup boiling water.  Steep until cool, then dip a clean cloth into the tea.  Apply the cloth to the affected areas.

For heartburn and indigestion-many studies have  shown that chamomile soothes the digestive tract.  To make an herbal tea, add 2-3 teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers to 1 cup boiled water. Steep ten minutes then strain before drinking.

For stress-According to Jame A. Duke Ph. D., chamomile tea is a traditional remedy for jangled nerves. To make, add 2-3 tsp. of dried chamomile flowers to 1 cup of boiled water.  Steep ten minutes then strain before drinking.

For wounds- Chamomile is much more than a calming beverage tea.  The oils in the herb not only have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties but also promote skin regeneration.  That is why Commission E recommends chamomile as a wound treatment.   You can make a compress by soaking a towel in chamomile tea.  Make tea as above.  Apply the compress a total of three times, allowing it to dry out before resoaking it.

For yeast infections-the popular herb chamomile and several common spices, including ginger, cinnamon, thyme, and rosemary also contain antifungal compounds. If you are bothered by recurring yeast infections, drink lots of chamomile tea and add liberal amounts of antifungal spices to your cooking.

Castleman, Michael. Blended Medicines.(2000).  Emmaus, PA. Rodale's Press. pages 252, 328, 408, 590, 641, 651.


Although chamomile is antibacterial, antiseptic, and disinfectant, it is valued for its anti-inflammatory properties.  These apply to internal conditions like rheumatism, as well as to external inflammations.  Chamomile is indispensable if you have children because it can be used for teething troubles.  Chamomile can be used in the treatment of burns, including sunburn, psoriasis, eczema, asthma, hay fever, diarrhea, sprains and strains, nausea, fever, and all nervous and depressive states  Its analgesic, diuretic, sedative, and calming properties make chamomile an extremely desirable as an essential oil   Chamomile is also used in rejuvenation treatments.

Wormwood, Valerie Ann. The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.   Novato, California.  New World Library.

Farm Successes with Chamomile~
We use chamomile for coughs, colds, sore throats and flu like symptoms with great success.  We make a tea to drink.  Bill adds honey to the tea, but I prefer it plain.  We use the flower tops in the tea.
Newest success with Chamomile~
My daughter-in-law had terrible hiccups the other night.  I had the tea in the mesh tea ball brewing on the stove and when she hiccuped, I looked in the Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy and found something interesting.  It suggested using an essential oil of chamomile with water and inhale several times to relieve hiccups.  I do not have chamomile essential oil, so I took the chamomile flowers and the chamomile in the mesh tea ball that was wet and put them in a brown paper sack and had her inhale the chamomile like a person that is hyperventilating.  Believe me, she thought I was nuts~but she was kind enough to try it.  Her hiccups were loud and non stopping until she inhaled three deep breaths...AND the hiccups were gone!!

I am sure she will be more willing to try some of the treatments in the books as this worked so well.  That is how it was for Bill and I at first.  We have been raised in the United States and were conditioned to have prescriptions and medications from the drug store.  I began this research slow and steady, and would try a few things at a time.  Now we are at the point where I turn first to the books for treatment for simple measures that would have had us in the aisles of the pharmacy before. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

A window

to my life from the March 2013 files.  Not too different this year...
Well Grizzly Adams toned down the beard~a bit. 

This photo was titled I love New Mexico 2.  That has not changed!

I still have to drive through Border Patrol Checkpoints.
Oh how lovely this isn't. 

I haven't been here in a while.  But I see this often for Grizzly gets his hair 
trimmed on base, across from the PX.

One of my Bible teaching tools.
Craft sticks, markers, and tape~easy smeasy.

My favorite salad from 2013.
Still my favorite salad 2014
Spinach, cabbage, romaine lettuce, celery, carrots, raisins, and sunflower seeds.
Squeeze a fresh orange on it and YUM!

A Mexican smoothie shop in the mall. 
Mangoes, cucumbers, kiwis, jicama, and more~
all the great stuff needed to 
make some wonderful drinks/smoothies.

Finally a small shop/restaurant in El Paso. 
We went the other day and picked up a lovely pineapple and
some Mexican candy!

Time continues to march on yet things are nearly the same.
Life is made up of many moments.
It is truly up to us how those moments are viewed.
One can miss out on so much in the busyness of life...or
one can embrace the moments in spite of the busyness.


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Farm Life

This used to be the billy goat pen.  
In fact, it was Pepe's pen. 
He was legendary on the farm!
For five years this pen housed goats and the ground was 
enriched by the cocoa pebble plops...and now it is ready.

This year this will be named the Hanging Gardens of Pepe as we
are going to grow our zucchini, cucumbers, yellow squash, and gourds

The desert hasn't sprung into spring yet.  It happens almost overnight.
 While waiting I noted a fence roll awaiting some important farm job, or
not so important job!

 This tailgate is part of one of our newest acquisitions...to haul trash to
the dump.  Yep.  Bill is amazing in his finds for the farm. 
He will wire the lights and there we go!

Tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree has new lyrics on
the farm...Tie a yellow baling rope around the old railroad tie!!

In truth, the baling rope and wire finds new purpose about the farm.

Bill and I have been prepping the farm for our gardens and look forward
to a wonderful growing season!

Friday, March 14, 2014

From the Photo Vault of This, That, and Blurry!

If you have read this blog at all, you may appreciate that my life is a simple life. Simple does not mean that life is easy. Simple means that it is filled with less hustle and bustle of the world, and more of God, family, and home.

This post is a bit of photos from my daily life that have not made it to the blog.  Yes, some are blurry. I know that with cameras today,  many are instant photographers,but~ I am not!  

This is a project I am working on.  I need to build a rustic wooden frame 
to complete it.  For Bill as he may be reading~when I say I need to build,
we both know  what this means :)! I have been scouring the wood
piles and such about the property for the perfect pieces and hope to
complete this soon.

Here on the farm we try and live a life where we are constantly learning new things.
That being said, I picked up this book to learn some old school preservation methods.

Third and his bride from the annual family photo shoot in November.
They weren't posing as I was taking other photos and yet when I quickly saw them
I tried to hurry and snap this photo.  Blurry is the result...but it is still a precious photo.

My road.  Yep.  This is the road the farm is off of.
Since we have moved here~not one county vehicle has ever done
any work on the road.  We moved here in 2007.  Bill hauls a bit 
of gravel every now and then to fill the holes...and that is how one
has a lovely but remote life!

My mountains a few months ago capped in snow.  This is a rare
image as we only have about 1 day a year that the mountains east of
the farm look this way.

We did not have a cold winter.  This wagon load of wood was
one of the last loads of wood brought to the woodpile by the house
as we did not use the woodstove much at all this year.
That is a worry for us this spring and summer as we have far too
many mice, rabbits, and bugs already.
My head gets blurry thinking about how many rattlesnakes are 
here as a result of the crazy mouse population~shudder!

My dates one lovely day~ Bill and Bill2. 
Proud of Bill to the Second~absolutely!

This was one of my volunteer plants of 2013.
I already have several volunteer plants of 2014 and that is pretty neat.
By the way, this is a gourd plant that produced a few items that

This is an old photo of the mesquite tree Bill has been braiding.
We hope that it grows to be about 6 feet this year.

This weekend is Purim for those that celebrate.  
For those with a Bible and wish to know why Purim is celebrated
take a few minutes and read the Book of Esther. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Why Not?

I mean most of us now travel with a laptop...
so why not take the computer chair with you as well?!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?

No one! 
In all of my life I have never had a cookie jar!

Then a bloggity friend gave me one.  

Now...the day I received this~I had told my Bill that I wanted to incorporate 
orange into my kitchen color scheme...which is navy blue/white.

How cool is that?

When the kiddos were small, I always thought about buying a
cookie jar and never did.

I am quite content to have a cookie jar now.

As I can see down the road, grandkiddos little hands reaching up~
for a cookie from their Gramie/Oma/Lita!!

Thank you MM!

The past few days in photos

as so many things going on that blogging has been light!

As I study the Bible more and more I have been learning about festivals and feasts that are holidays for either all those that read the Bible, or the Jew or both.   Purim is an interesting celebration that was established by Mordecai (Esther's uncle), after a serious threat of destroying all the Jews during the reign of Ahasuerus.  The kingdom of Ahasuerus was large, with over 127 provinces from India to Ethiopia.  If you take the time to read the Book of Esther, you will learn that the Jews foiled the plan of Haman to exterminate the Jewish people in the kingdom, including Queen Esther. 

It is worthwhile to read about the Nuremberg trials as "Purim Fest 1946" was shouted during the execution of ten of the Nazi hierarchy of Germany.  Even how the press was chosen to document the account of the hangings of the war criminals was chosen by lot.  This was key also in the Book of Esther when selecting which day should the Jewish people be exterminated.  The day was selected by Pur(or by choosing lots).

The posterboard that I am making will explain briefly the Book of Esther and its message of Deliverance by God.

Photo of another day...Bill, Fourth, and I went to El Paso, TX, for odds and ends.
Fourth needed a new pair of boots and I wandered around the boot store and discovered 
these boots.  Oh I love them.  I am certain that the G stands for some sports team,
but for me...I claim it for other reasons.  

Unfortunately, wearing boots requires socks.  I am NOT a sock person.

Bill and I went a bit north of Ruidoso, NM for a wedding the other day.
The snow capped Mount Blanca explains her name, don't you think?

Bill kind of needed to be at the wedding.
The couple was very sweet and the wedding theme was 
western.  Oh I love New Mexico.

I have been finding trucks and cars here and there 
around the house.  Oh how I love to find the cars about.

It takes me back to when my goof troop was small.


The Mystic Mud family visited on their way home to Tennessee.
We made a brief stop to the White Sands once again, so David,
could see the Sands.  This photo is of two of the boys waxing the 
sleds...which ensures that one can speed down the sand.

I picked this photo as I love Bill's shadow in the photo. 
Imagine the headlines~Giant seen at White Sands!

Fourth took a great deal of photos.  I am going to send Michele of Mystic a copy
as the photos are hers to cherish.  Bill, Fourth and I loved visiting once again with the

The Mystic Mud family was under the weather as I am sure I have been, as I sat under 
the picnic shelter with a jacket on for most of the time.  I was slightly chilly the entire time I was 
out there, even though it was in the mid to high 70's F yesterday. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Flat Cat Tires

I was talking to Bill the other day about how our indoor plants look rough and wondered what I was doing wrong.  I discovered that I need not worry anymore...
hmm...kitty sleeping in the wild?!

The garden is beginning to green up!  Mint sneaking through a lower level of tire and the chives.

One more photo of kitty ever so tired from sleeping all day!


And finally I am continuing my efforts of painting the tires~
maybe I will finish next year!  If only people messed up paint orders more
often at Lowe's, Walmart, or Home Depot~then I could buy marked down paint!!