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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June and Another Birthday!

My handsome Second is 22 today!  I should not be surprised at how fast time goes by, but I am!  Today is my Second child and my second son's birthday.  We were told after First it was unlikely that I would be able to have any other children, so this day, or any day celebrating the births of all of my children are amazing days. 

Second has been only called Second on the blog.  I have revealed First and Third's given names so today I will reveal my Second's name.  For much of my pregnancy with Second, I planned on naming him John Parker.  The moment I saw Second, I knew he was not a John Parker.   He favored my Bill and I knew his name was to be a name from Bill's family.  We named Second, Jose...after Bill's dad.

Conveniently Second is a fireman.  I say conveniently, because one nickname Second is called is Hose B.  Get it? Hose A(Jose)??  To confuse the blogworld, we do not call Second Jose.  At home he is known by his middle name.  I am that way you know!

 My Second has been such a delight in the home.   When we moved to New Mexico we saw the direction that Second was taking for life.   When he was 17 he volunteered for the local fire department and trained as much as possible.   Almost 2 years ago he was hired by the city fire department.   My Second is very determined.
Second is on the left.

photo credit alamogordo daily news.
 Second is on far right.

Second has such a great sense of humor and he cracks his dad and I up all the time.
Second and his brothers.
They are all very close even to this day.

Second has been very busy in his short life and participated in many things.
This photo was from a pass, punt, and kick competition.

Second, First, and Third.
This was from December 1, 2013.
Third's wedding.

These two are just a bit over nine months apart and definitely are buds.

4 faces of Eve...Second.

Second with his little sister.
He is a very good big brother.

Yep, Second is a wiener sometimes!

And now my handsome Second is in a new phase of his life.
Second proposed a few weeks ago in a pretty amazing proposal.

And so this birthday is now not only a time to spend with my Second, 

but also with his new bride.  Yep.  His new bride.

The two had a very small ceremony a few weeks ago and will
have the official wedding in August.  

Second has made Bill's and my life all the better all because he joined our family on June 18.

Have a happy happy birthday
and yes, I am making your lasagne!!

Love you very much
Dad and Mom


Mrs.Rabe said...

You have a precious family Jen. I know how proud you are of them.

Your family is growing! I missed whether first was married yet, but congratulations to you all! Special times!


Humble wife said...

Deanna-thank you once again!! :)