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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, June 6, 2014

A Quarter of a Century!

Holy Toledo!
Today is First's 25th Birthday!


Twenty-five years ago today, I gave birth to my first baby, my firstborn son, my first baby to be born in the West, and my first premature baby.  Sigh.  First was born 6 weeks early after a very rough pregnancy.  I was not the best of carriers for babies.  I did my best, but my cuties seemed to wish to arrive earlier and earlier.

Today will be a trivia and photo filled post about my First.

*First is the 9th grandchild on both Bill's and my sides of the family.
*First shares his Dad's name.
*First shares his great-grandfather's name on my side.
*First shares his great-grandfather's name on Bill's side of the family.
*When Bill called to share the news, he told three versions for my family, his family, and our friends.  ~Bill announced to my family that our newborn son was named this..., to his family...the other, and to our friends...a name from a Louis Lamour book.  The baby gifts we received for First were addressed in these three different names!
* I had First on 6-6-89.  One day more and I could have had a 6-7-89 baby!
*First was born on D-Day.  He had a very good friend that was born on December 7.  As a history buff as well as his friend, they found this a neat thing.

* First is our only child with an English name.  The rest have Spanish names.
*When First was born, he had three living grandparents, and two living great-grandparents.  Today he only has his grandmother and grandfather on Bill's side left.
*First has had a birthday dinner favorite for practically all of his life.  It is not a pretty sight~but it has been a tradition in the family to make the meal the birthday person wishes.

*We moved to Germany when First was about 2 years old.  One time while on a base in Germany, we went to an ATM.  While waiting on the side with First, Bill went up to withdraw some money.  First saw his dad and ran to who he thought was his dad, and grabbed the legs.  It was another soldier waiting in line for the ATM.  First looked up and saw it was not his dad and he started shaking.  Poor cutie...all soldiers look alike to a 2 year old~at least from the BDU leg part!

 *Bill and I have always kept the birthdays for our children pretty much just family.  The birthday to me, has always been a great reminder of another special person that joined our family. 

 *First was kind of a lighter haired toddler.  I expected jet black hair because of Bill, but was pleasantly surprised to see the light brown hair.  Now his hair is dark, dark brown.
 *When we had First, my OBGYN told me it was unlikely I would have any more children.  This was devastating news for Bill and I, as we wanted 8 children.  Interestingly enough, by the end of this week we will have 7!  How amazing to have our children grant us spouses that Bill and I can claim and love! 
*First has been with Bill and I practically all of our marriage.  He was due in July so he would have been with us 11 months after we married, but by coming early he was with us 10 months after we wed.  Many worry and wait to have children thinking that children will inhibit or cramp the life you lead.  Bill and I discovered that our children made our lives amazing.  We traveled with them, moved with them, vacationed with them, and well did everything with them.  Date nights may have been after babies were in bed at the diner de Bill and Jen, but they were still date nights.  First allowed Bill and I to realize how incredible it was to be~when we became parents.
*Here is First on his 13th birthday.  You can't see the other side of the cake but it had #10 candles on the cake as he and Second shared this party, as Second's birthday is only 12 days later.  Fourth is in the background.
*First on his 3rd birthday.  He was an only child for three years and 12 days.  

*First on his 9th birthday.  He wanted a kind of cowboy birthday so you can see on the right two hats for Third and Fourth.  Second protested hats...and only wanted cake!
* First at age 6.  He was a cutie pit wasn't he?
*Bill and I were excited when we moved to Germany because First had never seen any snow.  This photo covers the most snow we saw in almost 4 years!  One year we actually drove for hours to the mountains in hopes of snow.  No worries though, First loved the snow and enjoyed playing in it!

*My First when he was stationed at Fort Bliss.  He met up with some childhood friends and was sure to snap a photo for his mom!!  

*First and his siblings on the annual June birthday.  As the kids have gotten older, we have opted to join the June birthdays for scheduling of work etc.  This year will be no different and as the family grows so do the number of birthdays in June!  This year the June gathering will include in-laws of the children and of course the sweeties of the goof troop.

*I love this photo of the kids...and of course many of the photos of the kids are with others!

*First enlisted in the army when he was 18.  He served honorably and had one tour in Afghanistan.  This was by far, one of the hardest years I have ever had in my life.  Oh I am thankful he is home and now a civilian.  

* Now my First is more than my bubboo.  He is more than his father's son.  He is a man, and he has made his dad and I very happy over the years.  

Happy Birthday Son! 
We love you.
May you have many years filled with the same love, joy, and happiness that Dad and I have had.

Yes...I have a gift for you.
Yep. You know it.  Salsa.  
*A bit of fun here...a quote from the man in the photo with First,   "In the next 30mins you will witness some of the world's worst drivers and world's wildest police video chases."


Pam Rios said...

Hey there! So glad to find you still well and blogging! First is so very handsome and so very blessed to have you as his mama. Happy Birthday First!

Glenn B said...

Happy birthday to him.

Humble wife said...

Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I am glad to see you popped in for a moment!! As for blessed, I am because f my first!!

Glenn-thanks so much.