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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sledding Southern New Mexico Style

As I shared before, the Mystic Mud family visited the farm on the way to Arizona. They stayed an extra day so that we could take the family to White Sands, and here are some photos of the day.
I loved this photo because there are 8 of the Mud gang
in it.  The kids all were content in discovering the White Sands
while there so having 8 in one shot was pretty cool.
I save plastic food containers for trips to the White Sands!
The boy in front was the castle builder.  All of the kids built 
or created things in the sands, but this little guy saw an
entire historic castle with all the inhabitants...and then proceeded
to create what he saw in his mind.  I was ever so impressed!
You can see the sled trail.  It takes a few runs down
the dunes to get a good path.  The problem is always the 
climb back up the hill and stepping in the smooth path!
Round two of burying this goof in the sand.  The youngest
kept putting sand in his ears and eyes on the first attempt.  
Note the clever idea of turning his sweatshirt around to protect 
his face!!

The Mystic Mud gang are quite the thinkers.  I really loved
watching them as their minds were in high gear~as they played!
Oldest on left, youngest on right, and wise hooded buried
goof in middle.  Can you see his hands?

The third oldest made this flag...I shared before
how touched I was by this act.  

The flag does brighten this part of the castle~doesn't it?
I still think that the youngest believed that he
was in snow.  Not as cold of snow as he is used to, 
but snow.  He ended up having his own kiddie hill
with my handsome Bill as the ski lift, and downhill push.

Can you see how vast this little guy's castle was?
I think from this point forward...this castle is the challenge 
to build upon!
The picnic table...and note the mark in the sand.
 This was the marker for the farthest sled down the hill
and on the flats.  The competition was fierce.  
Waxing the bottom of the sleds makes all the difference.
I take candles and the kids really learned how waxing increased
their distance and man oh man, the line for the candle was long!

This little cutie pie needed a small break.  I cannot tell
you how many times she climbed the hill to then slide down 
super fast!  I made this makeshift rest station...which she sat
in~pretty much only for the photo and then ran up the hill!
Oh they all had so much energy!

And here the Mystic Mud gang is just before we headed home.

Thanks Mystic Mud for having such an incredible gang of children.
Bill and I enjoyed spending time with you and yours!

*I am going to post separately the video of the sledding so those that have never seen sand sledding
can see one of the Mystic Mud littles sliding down the dune.


Dizzy-Dick said...

It was wonderful that you gave them a wonderful break in their trip. I am sure everyone enjoyed the time spent at Double Nickel Farm.

Humble wife said...

Dizzy- I think that the Mystic Mud gang was wonderful and I can't wait for their return trip!