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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mystic Mud Visits Double Nickel Farm Part 1

The MM gang were traveling through New Mexico on their way to their grandpa's house and made a quick but wonderful stop at the farm!

 I have shared about Michele, the blogger behind Mystic Mud, before.   The family moved to the mountains of Tennessee and Michele writes about their life, the family, and how they persevere in times of trials.   The past several months have been very hard for her family.  Michele shared her sweet baby Finn with all of us...and we all grieved when he could battle no more.  

I wished many times I was closer to the family, so that I could do something, anything.

When Michele announced she was traveling to Arizona and was hoping to find places to stop along the way, Bill and I offered our place and Tuesday night the Mystic Mud gang arrived!

Michele has sweet nicknames for each one of these amazing children for her blog, so
I was thrilled to learn their actual names and get to know each one of them!
For the blog world the names of Mud crew will be numbers~at least here on the farm
as I cannot be sure I will put the proper Mystic Mud nickname with each child!

 This gang of goofs stole Bill's and my hearts! We were humbled at how comfortable, kind, generous, and smart these kids were. 

I must share with you something about each one. I am going to use birth order once again...

1st~He is the oldest~18.  He is kindhearted and smart.  He was sweet to the littles and spent a good while talking to my Second.  1st is a natural carpenter.  Oh if we could borrow him for a few days, I would be in heaven as he is so gifted.    He has plans for his future that involve an honest trade, but in truth, he could do anything he wanted~the sky is the limit for him, as he can do anything.  He is a great leader as well as compassionate.

2nd~she is 16.  She is a lover of nature, and I was immediately drawn in to her when she began to share of her love of rocks.  If you remember, I am a major rockhound.  I had a cookbook about cooking  in the wild, and she began reading it.  She is a reader too!  Sweet 2nd is a good listener, kind and has an incredible smile.  I see her future filled in any way as well, although I wouldn't be surprised in she wrote a book about the outdoors and/or worked in a park ranger position someday.  

3rd~let me tell you about 3rd.  The night they arrived it was late.  I tried quite hard to memorize the kids names, and I could not, for the life of me, remember his name.  It kind of kept me up.  I saw his face and could remember Einstein~the nickname for him on Mystic Mud but not his name.  Let me say this~I did not forget him.  3rd is a gentleman.  His heart is bursting with so much.  He is quiet until he is ready to speak and then he is quite animated.  Third is a problem solver as well.  One of the littles needed a flag made for a sandcastle, and 3rd quietly walked away and then in about three minutes came back and gave his little brother a perfect flag!  Oh my heart smiled at how simple this yet incredible this act was.  3rd is ever so noble.  Third will be the one that will invent something or find the cure for something~and probably both!!

4th~is a twin(Set #1). She is the older of the two.  4th-I am not exactly where to begin but I think I will say 4th is ever so loving.  She is tender, caring, compassionate and a momma to everyone in the family, and even was very much trying to make sure I was cared for too.  4th is a very good listener and has such a sweet voice.  I have meet many strong people in my life, you know the kind, able to endure, able to stand firm, able to be who they are in spite of anything, and 4th is one of these people.  She can do anything in the world because she knows who she is, AND with that she will be able to pick and chose her life path.

5th~is a twin to 4th.  He is filled with laughter, joy, and entertainment.  We all were happy to see his activities, but in truth, he loves life and is doing things for him, that as a side note we benefit from!  Very early after meeting 5th, I was not only smiling from ear to ear, but I could see a real future for him.   5th is also like his twin in being tender.  I mean that in a way that the world misses, as men, even when they are boys, should be tender.  5th is perfectly content to work alongside the older children, as well as holding, playing, or caring for the littles.   5th reminds me ever so much of my Third in his bold, fun personality.  5th reminds me of the actors and comedians of yesteryear~ and boy oh boy does his smile pull you in, hook, line, and sinker!

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