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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

And the Garden of 2014

is officially started.  I have refrained from sharing our temperatures as a good number of Americans are still battling winter but I cannot hold back anymore.  We have been in the high 70's for several days.   It is 73F (22. 78 C) now, and the doors are open and the sprinkler is busy.

This is from my garden a few years ago.
This year I am planning on expanding once again.  Bill and I walk around the property and the gardens and we plan often.   Here is a partial list of what we are going to grow this year:
Allysum~Carpet Snow and Royal Carpet
Bells of Ireland
Cosmos~Bright Lights mix and Purity White
Dahlia~Unwin's Mixed Colors
Verbena~Mixed Colors
Zinnia~ Peppermint Stick, Persian Carpet, Scarlet Red, Giant Violet Queen

Sweet Pepper
Spanish Padron
Cabbage~Ferry's Round Dutch
Cucumbers~Homemade Pickles
Cherry Tomatoes
Melon~ Piel de Sapo, Top Mark,
Pumpkins~Casper, Giant


Now this list is in the early stages as all that I am posting are what I have in pots thus far.  My indoor growing is late this season as the end of 2013 was quite busy for the Farm family!  Updates to this will be often as I use the garden posts to follow our progress and improvement each year.

Our raised beds are tires and the color theme for the tires is from this interesting peacock creation that
Bill and I saw on our trip to Mesa, Arizona.  Clearly I am revealing something about the inner workings of my brain~so enjoy pondering that for a few minutes and let me know what your diagnosis of me is!


MammaBear said...

We are trying luffa this year as well! Can't wait to see how your garden does this year.

Marica said...

Well! You lucky dog, you! I know what you mean about gloating about the temps. It's starting to turn better here in Mississippi, too. Last night was the first the furnace didn't come on (but we set it to 60).

Anyway-- if melons do well for you, may I recommend Old Time Tennessee Muskmelon? It's an old old variety that's almost extinct. But it is THE BEST melon you'll ever eat. Fragrant. Sweet. Oh my!

Here's the link for the seed:

Mrs.Rabe said...

I love this garden talk! Sitting here with snow all around I am dreaming of gardens both flower and veggie.


Gayle said...

I grow many of the same things.... and am falling behind as each day passes. Enjoy that warm weather. My old bones sure would! Yes, that is an interesting peacock.

Gayle said...

I grow many of the same things.... and am falling behind as each day passes. Enjoy that warm weather. My old bones sure would! Yes, that is an interesting peacock.

ProudHillbilly said...

Sigh... Spring. It really exists?

Mystic Mud said...

We are doing luffa for the first time this year too. Have you grown it before?

We are enjoying warm tempts here in az, but no planting for us back on the mountain until Mother's Day....that's "the rule" so we are told.

As for the inner working of your mind...all I see is bright and beautiful :)

Humble wife said...

Jennifer-I can't wait to see yours (and your family garden too:)!

Marica-I am glad your nights are getting warmer! Thanks for the link, I have it tabbed!

Deanna-oh I cannot wait for the flowers!! I love the flower gardens ever so much!

Gayle-I do love that peacock!

PH-yeppers and it is coming soon to your neck of the woods.

Awww Michele, thanks you make me smile. I am thinking you will be venturing back to your mountain soon...