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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Well the freezer will be filling up

as Bill shot an elk yesterday.  
Tomorrow Second and Bill are going out as Second has 
an elk tag too. 

Second and Third arrived to help skin
the elk.
This photo reminds me of another skinning
photo~ here.

Lots of meat for the family as well as bones for
the dogs!


Fiona said...

Wow that elk looks in beautiful shape.I enjoy elk very much, have you had Moose? My Father was a great hunter and we always had a good selection of game to supplement our farm produce. Do you make sausage with the elk?
I am glad you dropped by my blog, it is more reminiscing than information but I enjoy getting things down in print. Your elk hunters should have good tales of their hunts!!

MammaBear said...

Yahoooo!!! Derek was able to get 5 deer this season. It's not over yet! I will pray for the Lord to bless your son!

Marica said...

Just awesome! Congrats to the hunters.

There is something so reassuring about having a freezer filled with fresh meat, isn't there? And elk! I've never had it. What's it like-- deer meat or something different?

Humble wife said...

Fiona-moose are in the northwestern part of NM more in Utah. We had some sausage made for the kids, but Bill and I have stopped eating any pork and of course to make elk sausage you would add some form of pork, so we did not make any for us. Oh the tales of Bill's day! Our oldest son, who know is home and works as a deputy heard about Bill's one shot one elk day. Seems the man that went with Bill enjoyed sharing the day so much our oldest heard about it before Bill told him!

Oh Jennifer!! Wow~5! So far, Second has had no luck even seeing any elk. He is going one final day on Saturday and then the hunt is over. I pray he gets one so we all will have an abundance of meats.

Marica-that is the truth. Filled freezer, relaxing provider. Elk, is a bit different from deer, from all I have heard but both are lean. Many in this area rave about the elk burger being the best meat for a burger!

ProudHillbilly said...

If you'd like some venison, you are welcome to come stand on my front porch with a club in hand. They'll come right up to you.

Which is why I can't do it - they are just too doggone stupid/tame.

Humble wife said...

ProuD-LOL! I will quote a son here "dumb but tasty!"