"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Trivia and Contest! UPDATE: Contest Closed September 3, 2013~if you entered read the bottom of post

The other day Bill, Fourth and I made a special trip to go
see what is in the above photo.

Do you have any idea what it is?   Can you decipher it?

It is in central New Mexico (but closer to Albuquerque).
It is not a national or state tourist site.
It has the possibility of being a hoax.
The content of the writing is what is an ire today in many public arenas across the US.

I will send to anyone that can guess what this is a lovely Double Nickel care box!

Those that are listed below need to leave me an address so I can send something from the Farm...
Correct in Guessing:
Glenn B.
Pam R.-pretty near close enough!
Deb R.

Also correct were three email responses.

Thanks for all the guesses and I will be putting the something~something together in the next week or so. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

From the Governor of New Mexico

I was pretty excited to receive this in the mail from the governor
of New Mexico.

It says: 
 Congratulations on reaching this important milestone.  It is
a great honor to recognize you on this momentous occasion,  August 
27, 2013.  As you celebrate your anniversary with loved ones please
know that your commitment serves as an inspiration and sets a 
positive example for all New Mexico families.  May your celebration
be joyous and filled with love.

Thank you Susana Martinez!
Bill and Jennifer

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just Married~

Yep...Bill and I are driving around on our Anniversary 
in a marked vehicle!

If you see us say hello!!

Questions and Answers from the Anniversary Couple: Updated in bold :)

While sitting in the passenger seat I thought I would have a question and answer session with my husband of 25 years.  We are on a day trip to celebrate the Big Day~you know~our Silver Anniversary.  

The questions are what pops in my head at the moment~poor Bill.

1.  What advice can you give to a young couple on how to have a happy marriage.
Bill-You can either be right, or you can be happy.  My short response~haha.

Jen-Decide each day is the best day and make it special.  Bill's response(stinker) refer to his comment...what a goober.

2.  What made you decide to get married so quickly?
Bill-I met the woman I loved.

Jen- I met the man  I loved.  Yep, I copied his, but its true.

3.  Do you remember how you felt before you saw each other in the chapel?  Describe your feelings.
Bill-I was sure.  In the chapel I was absolutely sure, wasn't worried, wasn't nervous, I knew what I was doing.

Jen- Well to be honest, I had a moment of holy smokes, what am I doing?  I felt tears begin to swell in my eyes.  Then Bill took my hand and my worries left.

4. To Bill-who was the best man?  My little brother Alex.  He is still commenting so I need to add...he said he could have had a St. Bernard for all he cared as all he was worried about was the bride.  He is such a sweetie.

5.  To Jen- who was the matron of honor?  My sweet sister Liz.  She was pregnant with her second child and the temps in the desert were over 110 F.

Side note-Liz's husband gave me away.  I still am thankful that he was so respectful and serious for me that moment.  I have tears in my eyes as I would have loved that Dad could have walked me down the aisle.  Thank you Craig~you were a wonderful stand in.

6.  Describe why you are still in love with the other.
Bill-How could I not be?  You got the complete package...brains, beauty.

Jen-I will try to not write the volume that is rolling around my head...Bill is my everything.  He is ever so handsome, kind, generous, sweet, wise, and boy oh boy does he make me laugh.

7.  What is the most annoying thing about the other?
Bill-When I hijack his bathroom towel and I do not replace it...Jen's response~Boy I am guilty on this one.  Most likely won't ever change. Bill decided to add to this answer.   He says that I am a pestilent front seat passenger.  Sigh.  I am a terrible passenger.  No breaks on my side, no steering wheel on my side and doggonit...the mountain cliffs, edges, and drops are so horrible to look from in the passenger seat!  

Jen-Even when I look horrible, just woke up, and can't even focus...He tells me how beautiful I am.  I always want to see me through his eyes.  I wonder-does he not understand what beauty is? I thought I better update my answer too...so Bill won't be the only cool person to update and answer~Let's see, the most annoying thing about Bill is that he doesn't get annoyed. Yep.  I am laughing as I type this as it's true.  He sighs a bit but seems to have taken the antivenom for me. 

8.  What is your silliest memory with the other?
Bill-I don't know...darn.  Seems like there are so many.  Final answer-too darn many.

Jen-When we traveled through Petrified* National Forest with First when he was a baby.  I still think about that trip and crack up.

9.  If you could change anything about the other what would it be?
Bill-No a darn thing, because then you would not be you.

Jen- I would only have Bill not have the pain from the accident.  I wish he would have a reprieve from that.

10.  Fourth came up with this question- If you could go back in time, would you do anything differently?

Jen-I wouldn't.  Each moment has brought us to today.  Even though I wish that Bill was pain free...I know that the accident was a defining moment for us, for the family, and for our future.  We are who we are because over the years, with the ups and downs, we rolled up our sleeves and worked to maintain us, and worked to maintain us in a loving way.

*oops I had Petroglyph-I was still laughing at how silly we were and accidentally put incorrect name.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

2013 County Fair Rodeo

Calf Ropin'
Barrel Racin'
Bronc Ridin'
Pint sized Runnin' of the Bulls!

2013 County Fair Home Ec

Here are some photos of items entered in the Home Ec. Division at the County Fair.  Better images of the items can be seen here .

Hand sewn braided rug.
1st place
ABC chart 
1st place
Recycled Gourd Dolls
 1st place
Dried mint~1st place
Dried crookneck squash~3rd place
Dried Amaranth leaves~1st place

Cloth napkins~3rd place
Potholders~3rd place
Felt Owl~2nd place

2013 County Fair and the Double Nickel Farm Flowers

I entered 8 groupings or individual flowers this year.   Thanks to last years farm theme we are now a farm that does work to add a bit of simple beauty on our corner of the desert.  I am grateful that I have a place to share our efforts.  
1st and 3rd place

1st and 1st place
Three stems and one stem categories.

2nd and 2nd place
Three stems and one stem categories.

1st and 2nd place

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Time for some labels

When I began blogging I was pretty compliant and filled in the label section at the bottom of the post with only simple listings of items.  I did so for a bit then I began to label each post in a more Jen way.  I am that kind of person.  Today I am going to share some of the labels I have used in the past. 

In no particular order...here goes with post link and then the label I used with that post.

Pretty much the Same~amazing what is under ones nose when they open their eyes under my nose is the sweetest kindest husband ever

Monday, August 12, 2013

To Be Fair

Each year I enter items into the County Fair.  I try and come up with a theme to tie the items entered.
The theme this year is Recycled*.

This owl is filled with the stuffing of an
old pillow.  Nothing goes to waste on the
Double Nickel.

If you remember this post I shared that the
remaining parts of gourds grown on the farm
were going to become some sort of dolls.

The body of each doll was formed from~you guessed
it~baling wire recycled!

The bottom part of the gourds became bowls
that I entered last year. 

The left~6 folded cloth napkins and on the right
are two potholders.  The fabric is from a 
1950's housedress.  I wrote about the woman who owned 
the housedress here.

The lining is an old beach towel.

 I have shared progress photos of this rug.  It is a braided rug
made up of an old skirt, curtains, pillowcases, a few
shirts and remnant fabric.  I hand sewed this.

This is a crocheted rug made from cotton 
This rug is made up from ten~old shirts!!

I have had the wood for this piece for a while now.  
Believe it or not this is from my island that was in the kitchen
before we tore out all the cheapy thin almost cardboard wood cabinets.

Whenever others ask how Bill and I have been able to live the lives
we do...I try and explain how we live.   The value of items is truly
appreciated here on the farm.  I  work hard at not wasting anything
and giving new life to as many things as possible.

I enjoy making something different from something that is usually 
considered waste.   I enter items in the County Fair...not because
I am the art guru.  No.  I enter items to share that anyone can make
items for their homes.  One need not rush out for new to have something
nice.  Imperfection of stitches and crooked paint strokes makes for character...that 
makes the contents of our home one of a kind originals.

In the Garden the Mighty Garden

Daisy Daisy!

and of course...
rattlesnake skin.

There's a lesson here.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

If I could

live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?   

My friend from the north asked several questions that, in truth, she meant for one to respond to in a single post.  I am a person that is a bit here, there, and everywhere, so I am answering them~but one post at a time.   Here is my first reply to whether I am a dog or cat person.

Back to the question~and my response.   First off, to anyone that knows me...where do you think I would live?   I mean I do think I am pretty in your face obvious on where I would live, or at least I think I am!

Okay.   I will say a few things before I get to the nitty gritty of my response.   Bill and I have lived in many places.   I will not toss out the number~but holy smokes it is a large number.   Bill and I became pretty proficient at packing and moving as well as picking out what was important and what the military movers could take. 

We have lived in six states and 2 countries.
In all the years of our marriage, we have also traveled.  We used to camp a good deal and this afforded for low cost traveling all the while ensuring we saw many a wonder of our world. 

With all of that~I have also shared the view from my front porch:

Believe it or not...they are all from the front of my home.  The view
changes with the sunrise, sunset or weather.  Clouds are so brilliant 
and vibrant that I am at times speechless. 

With my view that I already have, could I even think about another place to live if options were endless?

My answer?  Yes.  You see, even before I read the Bible, I was a Ruth to Bill...and whither thou goest. 

I could live anywhere with Bill.  Any place we are together can be amazing.  Every place we have lived has been a place that I look back upon with fond memories.  Some require more of a pollyanna (#10 on the link) perspective than others, but all the places we have lived in these past 25 years have been better...all because I was with Bill.

So my choice of anywhere in the world...is conditional.  Only anywhere as long as my Bill is with me!

Fifty-three years ago

on August 27~my parents were married.

Sadly, they never celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary...as dad was killed in Vietnam 4 months before they could. 

I did not know the actual date my parents married until 1988.  I married my Bill and once the wedding was over, my mom told me that Bill and I married on my dad's and mom's wedding day.   I kind of get emotional thinking about that.  I had no idea.  

About a year ago, one of my sisters mailed me their wedding album.   I had never seen these photos before and confess I was thrilled through tears.  
Mom was about 10 months older than dad.
I am six months older than my Bill. 
This is a photo that makes me 

My mom left Ohio and headed to Texas
to teach in a Catholic Mission school.  

Within weeks of her arrival she and dad
were set up on a date.  A woman who
taught with her was married to a man stationed
at Fort Hood.

I am definitely their daughter...as

If you haven't clicked yet on the photos...
do.  Mom was a freckled cutie.  I tell you,
I LOVE freckles and have not ONE.
She repeated many times~that yes,
she had freckles ALL OVER.
I can confirm that she did have freckles on her arms, legs, and face as
well as
on both her feet and palms.

The couple that set my parents up were the best man
and matron of honor.  I do know their names but will not
share here.    

That very tall priest~with his eyes closed, was my Uncle 
Larry.  He later left the priesthood and married my
Aunt Cathy~a former nun.  My cousins from Uncle
Larry and Aunt Cathy~are ever so freckled, even
if they are nearing their 40's!
It is hard to process how very much I have that my
own mother never was fortunate to have.

I would have loved to know them when they
were together.   Mom rarely spoke of dad.   Until I 
married my Bill, I did not understand this.  But I do
now.  Boy oh boy how very hard to have the world
you know and love drastically change.
My grandparents went to Texas to share mom's 
special day.  My grandmother died just days 
before Bill and I married in 1988.  In fact, that
is why we flew to Nevada to get married.
My mom did not think that a wedding and a funeral
went well together and she put us on an airplane
and sent us out west to marry.  I wish the Jenny of
today would have told the Jenny of yesterday to say
"we'll delay the wedding..."
I think she would not have allowed us to.
This photo was taken in mom and dad's 7th anniversary

All I can think about as I type this post is crud.  Sometimes life gives terrible blows to all that are about.   I think about the short life they had as a couple and how filled their time was being young parents.  I know exactly how mom felt finding out dad was killed, identifying his body with dad's mom,  and the funeral as she left a long hand written letter for us children... and I am saddened~

As I will be celebrating my 25th anniversary with my Bill,
I am so thankful that I have had the marriage I have had.
I am so thankful that I have had the understanding that everything
is precious and the pettiness that can break a marriage isn't worth it.
Mom's story is one I think is something pretty amazing.  I have been wiping my tears
as I close this post because her life went on...and she did remarry and thanks to that marriage
2 more sisters became part of the fold.  
I will continue on this August making plans as I close in on my 25th
but I will never forget...that Bill and I began our marriage on a day 
that was truly a lovely day for my parents as well. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The County Fair

is next week.  

What this means is that I am putting the final touches on projects, fine tuning recipes for baking, and selecting the best items from the garden.

In truth...as much as I enjoy entering items,  I cannot
get my mind off of the fries that are only found in a Fair
setting.   Crazy~unless you have tried the fries!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

For Fun

Second needed to take something for a work picnic on Independence Day and asked if I could help him out. I decided to make a simple melon bowl snack platter.
I only had an hour so my dreams of a firetruck or something 
else work related wasn't possible.   I made a melon boat 
carving the watermelon and then reserving the outer part 
to make two ladders (kind of a hook and ladder play) and the 
Alamogordo lettering. 

I had red and white felt to make the emblem on the front. 
 To attach the letters I used toothpicks.

For filling, I made rounds of cantaloupe and watermelon, 
and then added green and red grapes.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Thought I would

repost something I wrote in February 2012 titled Marriage.
I also have this linked on my sidebar. 

Marriage is not a fifty-fifty relationship.
Marriage is not a relationship that is selfish.
Marriage is not about man cave or crafting room.
Marriage is not a union that is about the right person to enhance the other's career.
Marriage is not a place that one builds up material wealth.
Marriage is not about separate finances.
Marriage is not a union of brothers/sisters/and parents. It becomes a place of extended family and a totally new family.
Marriage secrets, business, as well as intimate relations are not to be shared around the office cooler, Facebook, or at the local club with your buddies.

Marriage is about two people becoming best friends, and best friends in everything and anything.
Marriage is about two people facing the world, and as two they become a mighty one in strength.
Marriage is about two that close their eyes with the other as their last image for the day.
Marriage is about two that open their eyes with the other as their first image of the new day.
Marriage is about two that can conquer the world because the best person they know in the world is their partner.
Marriage is about being thankful for the in-laws, as they allowed your love to become who they were to be-when you decided they were the ONE for you.
Marriage is about two that decide that the world is the perfect place for babies-as the two can become three and four and more, with a strong desire to share the love you have to the next generation.

Marriage is hard work.
Marriage is not about divorce.
Marriage is about two that should give of themselves in body, spirit, and mind...and accept the same from the other.

But we must overcome the selfishness we have in order for marriage to be the marriage it was designed to be.

A flawed wife that decided her marriage could be the very best, if she put herself second.
Post proofed by a flawed husband that decided his marriage could be the very best if he put himself second.

My label for this post

Monday, August 5, 2013

Dog or Cat

A friend recently posed several questions and one was are you a dog or cat person?  Let me share with a photo post about my preference.

Television show filmed on the farm

Samson Delilah Fourth and BB the rogue tom

 Fourth and Millie, First and Samson,  Second and Val, and Third and Athena


Delilah, Samson,  Jericho and chickidoodles




Samson and Third

Teeger and kittens and chickie
puppies and chickie
In the scheme of things I suppose wondering if one is a dog or cat
person may not be too important.

I think with all the craziness of the world, perhaps taking time to
think about dogs or cats may be just the ticket.

So what do you think I am?  Dog or cat person?