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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Realities of Farm Life in New Mexico Part 1

Bill and I have been on a learning journey for the past several years.   Not that the years prior to farm life weren't filled with learning, but the farm learning curve is unlike no other.  I have been thinking about this post for several days and did not realize that the first part of the post would be about Samson our Great Pyrenees. 

Now if you have read my blog for any amount of time you know, I am pretty afraid of rattlesnakes.  I need to be very clear, although I am afraid, I am also very appreciative of what I need to do in any situation, whether it is to avoid, to alert the snake I am in the area(so it will leave), or to kill the snake.   We have encountered many rattlers while living here and until today...had no bites.
Samson's nose beginning to swell as Bill was bringing the truck around

Samson was bit by a rattlesnake this morning.  He is at the vet's being treated as I type.  The anti-venom is $900.00 and therefore was not something we could afford.  The second course of treatment is a plasma, fluid treatment that will be less.   Through payments, I think we will be okay.  I am a crier...and tear up as I type.  The vet seemed pretty confident because of Sam's size that he could pull through, but we will not know for a few days.   

Sam is a pet but in truth he is an important tool on the farm.  He is the protector of the livestock and keeps the bobcats,  javelinas, mountain lions, and coyotes at bay.   He also is the best buddy of Fourth.   He is always happy, and is our tree climber.  

Yet, life is hard.   I am one that considers myself a prepper too.  I do not see myself as a prepper because I am afraid of the world, anymore than how I live now with my fear of rattlesnakes.  I appreciate that in life things happen.   I understand the need to have skills, storage, and abilities for living.   Being afraid is not a bad thing.   It is wonderful to have a healthy understanding or fear, as long as the fear is not crippling. 

I prep because I understand that bad weather happens.  I prep because I understand that jobs are lost.  I prep because I understand that prices are steadily going up and if something goes on sale I need to put some away in storage. 
the snake was a Western Rattlesnake about 39 inches long

As one that appreciates the realities of farm life in New Mexico, I can see the realities of the world.  I must say now that anyone that believes that the Obamacare website downfall was because the Left are idiots, are missing the rattle that is rattling.  The goal of this administration has always been to fundamentally transform the United States of America.  

In the times we live in appreciating the reality of what is going on we need to know that bad things happen. Yet we can live life enjoying the good times preparing for the not so good times.  For us, with Samson and his bite, we will adjust our budget for several months due to this.  We pray he will survive as he is more than a pet, but a valuable protector.  We never forget that rattlesnakes are a very real threat to our life.  This does not stop us from living the simple life in the desert far from the
the head after Bill terminated it

I will be writing several post in this series so stay tuned. 


Lamb said...

I am lighting a candle for Samson and sending good thoughts his way.
I have an undeniable hatred for venomous snakes. My oldest was bit by a copperhead when she was 10.
I know they have a purpose on this planet, but when I see one, all I can think is "Kill it, KILL IT NOW!!!"

Tewshooz said...

You know, about 30 years ago we lived in rattler country and my cat was bitten as were about 6 rabbits later that year. At that time, snake antivenom was about 25 dollars and an overnight stay at the vets, 40 miles away. Can't believe that stuff is so expensive now. The cat pulled through..the rabbits? Well, they were rabbits. One did survive...

Susan said...

So sorry and pray for Samson.

Anonymous said...

Oh shoot! Hugs, many hugs!

Humble wife said...

Lamb -oh snakes...I say the same thing too. I understand that some are needed and begrudgingly allow them to remain..but ughhhhhh!

Tews...yep, everything goes up now doesn't it? Rabbits here seem to be coyote food, so we don't see many of them.

Thank you Susan. I prayed too.

Liz-thank you so much!