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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sequence of events since the snake bite

as requested~in reverse.  
Here's Samson.   He weighs over 150 lbs.  I had no idea how large 
he really was until I drove with him in the front seat of our SUV.
His nose is still quite swollen from the rattlesnake bite on Sunday.

I share in reverse so you have the good news before you see the

Bill and I were filling the truck with wood and the dogs were
with us.  As usual, they were digging under the pallets of seasoned
wood.  We cleared the pallet and believe me, were aware of our 
environment~but heard no rattles and so thought nothing of it.

As we tossed the last of the wood into the truck we heard the rattling 
of the snake.  This noise of a rattle is one of the scariest sounds 
I have ever heard.    I immediately headed towards the house with the 
dogs, to get them away from the snake. 

Bill took care of the snake.
The snake was 39 inches long and had nine rattles.

When I got to the porch, I called for Fourth and then 
glanced at Samson and saw his nose and the blood.

Once I saw the blood, I knew it was too late and Sam
had been bitten by the rattlesnake and I called for Bill. 

This was moments after Samson was bitten
and Bill was getting the truck and I was calling the vet.

The swelling nearly tripled in size by the time Bill
made it to town~a bit of a trip as we are in the sticks.

I stayed home and remembered that the head needed to
be secured.  Ugh.

And that is the end of the sequence of events in reverse.

Samson is doing great.  He is on some meds for a few 
more days, but will make a complete recovery.  

The snake
won't, and for this farmer's wife~that is great news.

 Bonus:  The Double Nickel School Science Museum 
secured another item for its desert dwelling exhibit.


Lamb said...

Thank Goodness! I actually put off reading your blog for a couple of days out of fear that the news would be bad.
So glad Samson is recovering!

Carlotta said...

Glad to hear your dog is fine.
1. Can you store the head in a bottle somehow? Totally cool.
2. What do you guys do if you get bit?

Glenn B said...

There are some good uses for a dead rattlesnake. Sautéed rattler is delicious. The preserved skin can make a nice piece for display or can be used for a small leather item. By the way, why cut off the head, just leave the snake in a place inaccessible to your critters and no need to worry about after death reflex actions. By cutting off the head, you take the risk of accidently getting punctured by a fang and becoming envenomed. Bear in mind that the venom remains potent for a good amount of time and even dried venom can be deadly.

Happy to hear that Samson is doing well.

Humble wife said...

Oh Lamb...I know. I was so worried the first 24 hours. Now I am happy I can share the good news! Thanks for checking in :)

Carlotta-we don't save the head. We save the rattle, the body...and discard the head. It was cool after we realized Samson turned out ok.

Glenn-Yes,the snake is delicious just not to us but for the chickidoodles. They are huge fans of rattlesnake so it never goes to waste. The head was removed with shovel as always. Yes we are cautious. Out here one needs to appreciate what are the risks! The snake was immediately snacked upon ...which makes me glad. Thanks for the comments, and believe me, although I dislike snakes, I do realize that not all snakes are harmful!

Pat said...

My kids killed many and actually skinned a few in homeschool...as well as had many other animals...sold the red rat snakes to the pet store!

Ahh the good ol days...so glad Sam is well!!