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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, October 11, 2013

My daughter began her day on 18th street

searching for something in the cubby between the seats.

As the sight in her rear view mirror was this~

and she was pulled over for the first time in her short driving career. 

She was with her brother and a friend looking brave...

On the passenger side of the truck...

And on the driver's side of the truck.

All that looking for license and registration, and what? 

She was handed something.

The sign says "Remember, it isn't always as bad as it seems!
Thus begins your birthday scavenger hunt.
Have fun, be safe!
18 is only the beginning."
ps...smile for the photo.
flip over for next clue
 What's black and white and read all over?
The Alamogordo Daily News!

The card said
Your story is yet to be written...
and as your story unfolds, it can change daily.
(this card also had a three columns about Fourth in
newspaper style)

As with the first, the clue for the next place was on the back of the card.
"Blues Clues---Hope you have your handy dandy notebook,
the place you are going rhymes with
True Plenty Fun!"

Rue 21!
The card is a gift card for a future visit at a shop she likes.
On the back of the card was the clue:
"Your silly brother had his first job in NM at this location."

Well hotdog, this coupon is a coupon for a monthly lunchdate
with Dad. What will you order?  A Windy City?  A Caliche Dog?
No matter, no mind, 
as this is special time
with Dad and his little girl.

The clue on the back was
"Super easy to find~its your business!"
(Fourth, since the time we moved to NM, called 
this business her business~so she knew!)

Back of the card for the next clue:
"Brother where art thou?  It's not an emergency and don't call
911.  But for goofs and giggles track down Dad's look alike son!"

 Rub a dub dub
3 brothers in a tub
and who do you think they be?
An ER tech
a Fireman
and of course a Deputy!

Clue on back:
"Boy oh boy another clue,
How shall I tell you 
what shall you do?
Well head on over to S's*  
new workplace...
steady pace."

* a special person S works here

Going in a bit undercover!

Reading her card...
JC Penney gift card coupon
for an amazing daughter!
You have brightened our days 
widened our smiles
and captured our hearts!

Clue on back of card:
"We need you to drive 
near where the animals thrive.
Then head next door where the green grass grows
and the cottonwoods are tall
and where many go to picnic.

Look around far and wide...
check high and low, 
for your family that loves you so!"

(One of the community parks is near the zoo)

I didn't take many photos at the park.
We had a picnic as she wanted Mexican food for her special day.
I made green chili, beef and potato burritos, salad, chips, salsa, 
watermelon, and of course a cake.  It was an avalanche cake.
Have you ever had one?  An avalanche cake is a cake that sits in
the vehicle and the top slips off the bottom as it was warm in the car!  

My daughter wanted something different this year for her birthday.

I think she had a different birthday for sure, and golly why not?
I mean you only turn 18 once!


Mrs.Rabe said...

What a blast for her birthday! She'll always remember this day!


Glenn B said...

Happy birthday to fourth! Just a bit after my own although I must admit I am just a it older than is she.

Susan said...

This is ALL precious beyond words and she is absolutely beautiful. Happy 18th Birthday!!!!

JenT said...

What a fun birthday! Very creative!

Carlotta said...

How incredibly awesone. She must feel so loved.

Humble wife said...

Glenn-Happy Birthday to you!

Susan-thank you!

Jent- thank you!

Carlotta-oh she is so loved and I know she knows it :)!! thank you

Kev Alviti said...

great idea for a birthday surprise. I love that it started when she got pulled over!

Humble wife said...

Thanks Kevin. My husband was in Law enforcement for many years and had a wee bit of help from some of his friends.