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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Yeppers All is Well on the Farm

I am amazed at how much time has passed since I last posted.  I did not plan on taking a blog break but a blog break is what I took.  In truth, I have been off the computer a good deal and it has been pretty wonderful.

I am embarrassed to have missed my own date to announce the father of the year contest and will do so in the next post so stay tuned!!

Here are several photos to share what has been going on here on the farm/southern New Mexico.

The great news is that we had to process what this was.   We have had so little rain I almost didn't recognize it.  Last night I paused and had to process what noise I was hearing.  Rain...on the roof! 

I even had a chance to not only see a rainbow, but snap a quick photo of it!   Perhaps you remember the building on the right?   I have written two posts that spotlight this business one titled This and That (mostly that), and Remember This Building?

 We had a serious issue on the farm and required some investigative measures to resolve.  We would unload the hay and then the next morning would discover a haymess.  Fortunately, being married to a former police officer has allowed me to hone in on some deductive skills...and within a few hours I had closed the case of the Haymess on the Double Nickel.

No charges have been filed but a mental note to all those that feed on the farm must secure the gate to the hay.  Athena the granddog discovered that one of the hens had been nesting here and was digging through the hay~just in case~another egg was here.  I am not sure how much I love this no good, pain in the fanny, hairless, speedy Gonzalez, barking, licking, jumping on the bed-couch, chewing everything in sight pup...but I continue on.   She does work hard outside chasing grasshopers, flies, Millie, Samson and the cats!  As to the case being closed...hmph desert cases are a tad bit easier than city crimes~and have far less paperwork, so I suppose I will allow myself to work any other cases that come up.

 I found this photo and realized I must have accidentally snapped a photo when I was turning off the camera.  It works for me as it shares my styling NM slip on shoes and a childhood saying.  Cracks and breaking backs...sigh.  Since my mom is gone, I suppose if I had stepped on the crack, my back would be in question.  

I met up with these three men at the local supercenter and they had fun reminding me how I shopped with them when they were small.  I made them line up youngest behind me to the oldest as we shopped.   I would assign each one with a task of grabbing an item needed, but then they would return to the line.   I may have been a drill sergeant of sorts with the kids~okay I was...but it seems to have afforded conversation for them as they grow older!

Here is another blast from the past photos with the kids meeting former Utah Governor Mike Leavitt (for the second time). 

I thought I would share my stained glass window as the sun began to rise. I decided (temporarily) to make a curtain of a quilt top I picked up at an antique store.  I really do enjoy the colors in the morning.  That item on the bottom is my exercise machine folded clothes shelf.  This is the post where I shared about the quilt tops:  A Peek into My Day.

This shelf is in a bathroom to a gas station in the middle of nowhere. For remote out of the way bathrooms, it was one of the cleanest public bathrooms I have seen.  I snapped the photo, as I have decided that this is what I am going to make for my bathroom sink/counter. I ponder a good long time on projects but when I find out what I want...I know.  Since we will pick up our wood from a local lumberyard and use the discards-the cost of our new counter will be low low cost as a truckload of lumber is $10.00. 

A new fast food restaurant opened in our local community.  A Carl's Jr.  I am not a fan of eating out, but I did dine with my handsome sons the other day.  I took a photo of the paper tray liner as WOW, that is a mouth full!  My critique of the newly opened Carl's Jr. is thumbs up!  There is plenty of parking, the restaurant is very clean, and the staff was very friendly and nice.  Twice while we were dining, one of the crew of Carl's Jr. came over to make sure everything was okay.  I do appreciate that.  ps...I only had a soda so no food review from me.  One son had a taco~he said it was delicious and the other two ate something like in the photo and raved about it~so from the guys it was good!

For a even more local dining experience the girls say baa~yum.  For me, I say the END.

~Thanks for stopping by,


justdifferent said...

Glad to see you back.. I have missed living vicariously through my blog buddies as several blogs I follow have chosen to take the same time period away from the computer. Hummm I wonder what is up with THAT?

Felinae said...

Glad to hear all is going well, my friend. Carl's Junior is yummy, but a bit pricier than other fast food places. Have a wonderful day!

Love & Hugs

Gayle said...

I'm so glad you are back. I missed you.

The boys are adorable all lined up. You have such a special family. You and Bill did such an amazing job parenting.

I love seeing photos of your so different land.

Lamb said...

So. Jealous. We got about 5 minutes of *sprinkles* out of that storm before it passed over and went down the road to you!

Susan said...

Interesting, newsy read.

Maria said...

I wondered how you were because I'd missed your posts.

Humble wife said...

JD-lol...but at the same time real life visits make up for the lack of blogging!

Fel-thank you my friend. I did not know that about the prices as I really do not eat out much~my gang is pretty excited though to have something new to try!!

Oh Gayle I always think the same when I see your neck of the woods. It is so amazing to see something so different from here. I thank you for your kind words my friend.

LOL Lamb...it was somewhat a weak rain. But for the sheer fact that moisture fell from the sky I had to make note!!! Funny just a hop skip and a jump down the road and NO RAIN! Sigh. I hope we both get more soon.

Susan-thanks! Sometimes life is newsy and goofy and takes me away!!

Oh Maria you are such a sweet friend. All is well, all is well!

justdifferent said...

Tooo true, however being next door neighbors would still be ever so much better as I nearly always have a coffee pot on. Or tea pot, Or Italian soda. And there would be a never ending supply of projects that took more than one between us as well

Humble wife said...

JD-well a shared grape vine on the fence line would be wonderful...dontcha think?