"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Posts

I had to write one more post this year.  Why?  Well of all the posts I have written for Double Nickel Farm (with another 600 or so in draft form), I had 2012 posts in total.  How on earth could I end the year 2013, with only 2012 posts?

Now I have one unfinished series I am working on that I began in March.  I think for the final post of 2013 that the series might be too much...so I will share instead some photos of projects or ideas I wish to try.  All of them are from Facebook so forgive me for not linking aside from Facebook. 

This one could be great changing colors for 
the different seasons!

I kind of like this idea of primitive cats in a basket.
Maybe a fair entry?

Another simple idea for potholders!

I like this too, as it has the number with
pictures of what was created on that day.

Great for wee ones.

 Another idea perfect for Bible for wee ones.

Neat wreath for Sukkot

Kind of a telling story for pretty much every home in the world.

Independence Day Watermelon~challenge accepted!

 I have already begun working on this as I wanted to make Bill and
I another crocheted blanket for our bed.  I love this idea of combining
differing sizes of granny squares.  My goal is to finish this by the end 
of 2014!

 Oh and in case you think we are creative with a refined flair...
I am seriously considering building our very own pool for 2014.
All we need is another billboard sign(made of a tarp like durable
plastic), and hay.  Simple~ and refreshing.  Not for Beverly Hills,
but definitely for Double Nickel Desert gang.

And because I think we should never end on a sorrowful note~
two for giggles: 
Yep...you smiled didn't you?

 How about that?  You're still smiling!

Thank you for visiting the farm in 2013 and I pray you swing by again next year!

Favorite Posts of 2013

Here are some of my favorite posts of 2013.    I added a photo from each month as well that was from a different post than the one I selected.  For August~ I linked all the posts about our special day, as well as the other favorite post aside from Anniversary Posts. 

January~I Can


March~Father of Year Winner

April~In Spite of the Times

May~Ten Things

June~They call me


August~If I Could
Nine Thousand One Hundred and Twenty-Five Days
About the Yesteryear Newlyweds
Becoming A Family
About This August
From the Governor of New Mexico
Fifty-three Years Ago
Just Married
Questions and Answers from the Anniversary Couple

September~The week before my mom died she

October~Time to Clean the House

November~Introducing the Newest Family Members

December~It seems like a lifetime ago

Monday, December 30, 2013

A Window to My World

The final leg of the drive I have when I go to town

Snacks I made for Bill to take to work
Rice Crispy Treats~Buckeyes

and Caramel Corn
I made parsley honey which I then used in place of karo syrup 
8 cups air popped corn(I have a Hot air popper)
1/2 cup unsalted butter
1/2 cup cane sugar
1/4 cup karo syrup parsley honey
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp baking soda

Melt butter then add the brown sugar and  honey.  Add the remaining ingredients.   Put popcorn on cookie sheet~drizzle butter mixture on and stir.  Bake in oven 200F for about 30 minutes.

My view of the mountains near our eastern fence

Duct tape to the rescue again.  Plumbing issues and not having the right
part mean a temporary repair until a trip to town the next day. 
Important side note~thanks to my sweetie for being a jack-of-all trades
as you can repair pretty much anything.  

A friend asked if I wanted to join her challenge of making meals from 
the freezer/pantry/fridge.  Here's one gathering I put together.
I made soup.  I used frozen squash medley from the garden(2 cups), canned veg stock,
canned carrots, 
the greens from green onions, 
2 seeing potatoes, a few cloves of garlic,
 a cup of frozen corn,
 celery that nearly had ended its shelf life,
 and not pictured~2 cups of frozen turkey from Thanksgiving, 
and 1 qt of canned tomato juice. 
Not the best photo, as I almost forgot to snap a photo of the finished 
product! Bill added half of the juice of a lime per bowl and told me
it was delicious.

And at the farm gym I worked on the Kindling machine

Which yielded a great workout with not two buckets
of Kindling~but a total of Four!! 
I skipped the Splitting Station as the split ax is half my height

instead headed to the load and pull station. After two trips on this 
station I confess I was ready to conquer the world~ Kidding. 

I was ready for a nap!

That's a peek into the world of Me...and my life.
Have a lovely day!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It seems like a lifetime ago

we bought the farm.   In truth we just began our seventh year the other day!   I am not sure what I really imagined would happen once we moved here.  I will confess that it has been far harder than I would have guessed and far more wonderful than I would have dreamed. 

We began our journey to simplicity as a result of a life changing event.  I am a firm believer in seeing the best of anything even when times are the bleakest.  The farm was us seeing the best for our family.  For anyone that doesn't live in the high desert, you may paint an image of a farm that is not fitting of our region.  When we bought this little place in the middle of nowhere...it was not a farm.  In fact, it wasn't really anything.  Correction~it was an eyesore, that was a rundown hole in the shrubs, mesquite, and cacti of southern New Mexico.  The property came with a few things: 1. It is in a zone considered a Colonia, 2. The previous owner was a collector of cats, and a maker of pottery that she then disposed of~everywhere.  3. The view to the east was one of the most spectacular views I had ever seen. 

We named our little place the Double Nickel Farm.  In humor more than anything else, as we bought a place that then left us without even two nickels to rub together!  

It was a crash course in homesteading.   We built pens from salvaged items, traded labor for farm animals and then learned on the ground floor how to care for all the animals.   We began gardening and then learning how to preserve the harvest.  We studied how to make everything as we are cash poor farm, but have brains that with a bit of dusting off, work pretty well.  

Now I make all of our cleaners~and they are organic, safe for the environment, and extremely LOW cost.  I make a good deal of our toiletries and the research into this arena opened my eyes to all of the chemicals that I had in our home before the farm, and how with making my own...how I have reduced this.  

I can make so many things from scratch.   We went from eating a good deal of processed foods to having very little processed foods in our diets.  

A large part of our home has been furnished by visits to the thrift store, antique stores, or on line yardsales.  Typing antique was fun, but in truth, antique stores have a good deal of items for very reasonable prices.  

We do not have cable/satellite television~and don't miss it.  I think we are on our sixth year of no television aside from DVD's...and it is wonderful.  

Our luxuries are few...the internet~out of Texas, cellphones shared with our kids(low cost when several are together...oh no land line),  and well that's it.  We do not have wiggle room to cut back as we don't really have much surplus.  

Since we have moved to the farm, we finally got another vehicle.   For anyone wondering~new for the farm family means a vehicle with 90,000 plus miles on it.    You see, on this journey, we no longer even know any Joneses, therefore keeping up with them no longer matters! 

Our family has grown up and pretty much moved on...from 2008 with the oldest entering the Army and serving in Afghanistan, to now having all of our sons in the community, one as a fireman, one as a hospital tech, and the other as a deputy sheriff.   It's crazy to realize that the journey that placed Bill and I on this path, very well placed our children on their paths too, as they learned such impressive work ethic over the past years, that they are an asset to any workplace.   Our baby turned 18 this year and so now, the journey of the Double Nickel Farm takes on an entirely new path.  The farm now is more and more a place where Bill and I work together for simple milestones to make the farm become the 'folks' house...where the kids and their loved ones venture out to have a break, family fun, and good food. 

I cannot imagine what another seven years will bring.  I cannot imagine where we would have ended up if we did not have the courage to leap into this life we have made for ourselves.  I am ever so thankful that we accepted that sometimes things happen as my life has been all the better because.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Favorite New Recipe of 2013

I call it Emalicious

This is a simple recipe that is wonderful.
Thanks to Third's mother-in-law Ema, we have a
great side/snack or refreshing treat for any occasion!

Okay~get a pad and pen, recipe as follows:
tomato cut up in small pieces
cucumber~in the above bowl I used 1/2 of one
peeled and sliced thin
the top of green onions diced up into small pieces

Your favorite Italian dressing (homemade is fine)
Salt to taste

Blend about a tablespoon or so of dressing with the fresh produce
add salt

Chill for at least 30 minutes
Then dig in!

Thank you Ema for Emalicious as we have had this at least once a week
since you shared the recipe!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sunny Funny Birthday

Bill had a wonderful birthday!
The gang of goofs!
This was the table before we ate. 

The annual birthday menu for Bill:
Shredded Beef burritos or tacos
Spanish rice
fresh veggie tray
and of course for dessert Cheesecake!

The day was spent with the cuties.
We had lovely weather of temps in the high 50s.

The group played:
a game very similar to Apples to Apples (can't remember the name)


The house was filled with laughter and silliness and fun
and love.

To Bill~we love you very much!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


things about my Bill.

1. Bill is tall.  Not just tall...but really tall. 2.  Bill is the middle son.  3.  Bill has had a mustache, beard, or goatee for the past 19 years.  4.  Bill is the only one of his siblings with an English name.  Several have nicknames but he was given an English name.  5. Bill served in the army as an MP.  6. Bill loves cheesecake.  7. Bill loves Oreos.  Well not Oreos, but Double Stuff Oreos.  8.  Bill does not drink alcohol.  9. Bill loves unsweetened tea.  10. Bill is my 10!

11.  When shopping for Bill's jeans/pants, I know if they are the correct length if they are up to my shoulder blade to the floor. yep...see #1.  12. Bill is an incredible cook.  13.  Bill is a gentleman.  Look up gentleman and that is Bill.  14. Bill has changed many many diapers, helped or did the night duty with babies, and loves kids.  15.   Bill has told me loves me more than once EvErY single day of our marriage.  16.  Bill lost the tip of one of his fingers to a lawn mower.   Not just any lawn mower~but a push lawn mower...OUCH. 17.  Bill makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman on the planet.  18.  Bill loves tinkering.  Someday I wish I could have a workshop built for him.  19. Bill has green chili almost every single day.  We buy 25-40lbs a year roasted, and freeze them.  20. Bill loves anything in wrapped in a tortilla.  One time, we had leftover enchiladas that I warmed up and rolled up in a burrito~and he loved it.

 21.  Bill dislikes dislikes dislikes clowns.  I learned this after I decorated the room for First in all homemade clown baby stuff.  I had to take it all down and believe me...I never heard of Chuckie until he told me...and I got it!  22.  Bill has read every single Louis Lamour book.  In fact, he had the collection and when we married I read them all too.  23. Before Bill had his accident, I could carry him on my back~secret tip~his feet were on the floor while he was on my back.  I am that short! 
24.  For the last well forever, Bill has had 2 eggs over-medium, potatoes, green chili, and tortillas for breakfast.  25.  Bill has worked at times three jobs to provide for our family.  He is a wonderful man.  26.  Bill has a Bachelors Degree.  27.  Bill wears glasses.  Many miss out on how long his eyelashes are...for that I am glad!  28.  Bill sings to me all the time, in English and Spanish.  29. Bill has taken me all over the world!  30.  Bill loves Western movies and the oldies with John Wayne he has watched many times over.

31.  Bill is the best dad.  As the kids are moving forward in life, he makes sure he is always available for advice, conversation and love.  32.  Many times throughout the week, while at work,  Bill drives about the city in a Six X Six Polaris Ranger.  33.  Many times throughout the week, Bill discusses the Bible and shares Gods Word.   34.  No matter where I go with Bill, EVERYONE knows him.  Bill is a very nice man.  35.  Bill makes me laugh at least one time EvErY day!  36. Bill made a shelf when he was in high school, that has been with us in every home we have lived in.  It is the only item that has been with us all 25 years.  37.  Bill was awarded the highest award a law enforcement officer can receive.  38.  Bill has a great sense of humor.  39.  Bill texts me several times a day. 40.  When I married Bill, I called him Billy as that is what his family calls him.  When he was in the military I called him by his last name and it took several years after he was out of the military before I called him Bill again.  Usually he is sweetie, honey, cutie, Billyjoejimbob, or Goober.

41.  The sun is brighter because of Bill.  Each day he makes a day better.  42. Bill made several CDs for when we drive.  He added some songs just for me...and also the Old Rugged Cross~which is one of his favorites.  43.  Although I have never made Bill a corndog, one time he thought I sent him a corndog in his lunch, because one of the boys had left a lunch I made for him...and Bill grabbed it.  He ate it even though I never made it before. Sadly, the corndog lunch was in the truck for 2 days and Bill got food poisoning! Really~poor Bill.  He has told me, it tasted bad...but he dislikes corndogs and thought it was the way it should have been.  44.  Bill has four pair of cowboy boots.  45.  Bill has two cowboy hats.  46.  Bill has but one wife that has loved him all of his days, even though she has only known him for 25 years!

Happy Birthday Bill!
Thanks for the bestest life ever.

We love you!
First, Love of First, Second, Third, Love of Third, Fourth
and me... 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Calvin and Hobbs New Mexico

was where the farm gang headed this morning. We went to Hobbs, New Mexico because First was graduating from the Southern New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy.

The photos are a bit out of order. 
Second, First, First's to be brother-in-law, Fourth, and First's sweetie.

The happy couple!
The academy was 22 very long weeks.  Well for the sweethearts, this
was a long, long time. 

Many people came to support the three new deputies.  This is 
pretty amazing as it was nearly 4 hours each way to the academy.
My best guess was that about 22 people went from our county in
support of these fine young men.  In the center is our county sheriff.

First introduced the Color Guard and gave a history of Law
Enforcement officers. 

A close up of Bill pinning First badge on him.

Pretty great moment for a former officer to pin the badge on his son.

The day was really wonderful and we traveled in two cars with First's in-laws
that went also to support him.  I am so happy that his new family is so good to him.

In addition, we met the family of one of the other deputies.  This was very neat, as 
the mom of the other deputy is stationed at Wright Patterson in Ohio!!

For the two missing farm goofs(the newest Mr. and Mrs.)...they were taking finals
and the great news is that they passed all their finals! Woohoo.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Serious Post

I haven't really had a serious post in a while. You know the kind~where I dive right in to what is going on in the world and such.  The reason I haven't lately is because~we all know what is going on.  Seriously.  Anyone that is unaware of how things are going in America and elsewhere~well isn't paying attention.

Times are unlike no other.  The debt that our nation is in is incredible.  Actually it is incomprehensible.   The status of family in America/ the world is so diminished.  The news is littered with violence with bored 'teens' playing the knockout game, to those that practice beheading filming a less painful method~where they shoot the head off with some sort of high powered military grade weapon.  Who needs more of this?

On my blog, I have been very direct with how important I feel it is for any and all to prepare.  I believe that times are increasingly bad, but one should also prepare for a crisis that may only impact you~like what happened to Bill and I.

I have shared how I believe that we all need to study and learn skills and reduce this notion that quick and easy is best for us.  Especially when it comes to foods.  I have crossed from a mom who bought all kinds of crap for my family, thinking I was doing good, to a major transformation since we began the farm.  We were awakened to what has been in front of us...processed foods are bad.  Hormone filled critters are bad...organic is good.

I want to reassure any one that visits this blog, that IN SPITE of the times, Bill and I are comforted.   We have peace in the times as our faith gives us hope.  We send Bibles out often.  We give Bibles away locally.  We feel that if one would like to know how to live in a world that we live in...that answers and hope can be found~and if you would like a Bible you can click here, and we will send you one.

With all of that, I share snippets or windows to my world.  It is a place that is peace filled.  It is a place where a husband and wife of 25 years are still in love.  It is a place where the adult children come with their loved ones and we all share meals, have good times, and express our love.  The window to my life is not one of bragging about something~no I would not wish to do that.  Instead, I wish to share in the blog~that the world does not change us.  We are who we are IN SPITE of the world.   I hope this makes sense, now off to a few photos from here and there.
On my table this morning.  My mother-in-law will be having 
visitors in a few days and with them, I am sending some photos.

Sometimes the obvious slips your mind.  
We decided this year that the woodpile would 
be exactly window height.  Now we do not have a 
large amount of wood inside, and only have to
open the window for wood.

The leaves have finally fallen down and the Mulberry Tree
Apartments are exposed to the world.  I love hearing all the 
bird chatter in the summer and hope the birdies fair well this

Thought I would share my rolling pin that I use to make tortillas.
I do have a 'real' rolling pin, but I have used this doll rod for 
nearly 18 years now, and can't imagine using anything else.
Yes, there are dings and dents in it.  Along with being a 
part-time rolling pin, it also is a part-time hammer!

I love trains.  Not sure when this began, but I do.  My favorite
part about the trains is seeing the graffiti.  I am often impressed
by what I see.  Can you see my mountain?

On impulse I thought I would snap a photo of a trip to the library.
Lots to take in.  
First~yes the seat is in close.  No I cannot perfectly reach the gas
pedal unless I tuck my other foot under it. I have done this pretty
much all my life in vehicles made for taller than me people.

Second~no fancy dancy Kleenex boxes for the farm truck.  Yep, that
is a roll of genuine Costco tp!  I believe tp should be in every vehicle
that travels to and fro in the west.  Bathrooms aren't as common as 
tumble weeds~just sayin'

Third~the soda.  Yep.  Sometimes a soda hits the spot.  Nope it is
not healthy.  This one sat in the truck for a bit and then one of the 
daughters-in-law was over and wanted one, and I popped outside
to the truck!

That is pretty much it for today.
Now tomorrow, well hotdog, it is a BIG DAY.

I will share later but woohoo it is going to be GREAT!