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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, November 2, 2012

Now is the time to prep

in case you need to flee your home.


Here are some ideas to help you to begin  preparing in case a crisis hits your neck of the woods.  Now keep in mind flight is always number one in prepping if the situation is too dangerous.  So if flight is your number one concern in the possibility of  a natural disaster or the likes are you ready to leave at the drop of a hat? 

Could you?
What should you do in case you have to flee?  Do you have pets? Animals? 

Well first and foremost you should have what preppers refer to as a Go Bag.  This is a bag that contains clothing, meds, foods, water, and cash(not credit or debit cards) to get you by for a few days(goal should be  week) Water can be kept in the truck of the vehicles in addition to at least one water bottle per bag.   Keep in mind that you should have one for each person in your home.

A listing of your bills as well as a photo diary of your home(for insurance) should be a must. Bills are still due even during a crisis, so have contact numbers for all your financial obligations so you can make arrangements while in the crisis. This will not happen the first few days, but if you are displaced for a while, you will need to have this.

You should also have a copy of eye prescriptions and medical prescriptions for each person.

MREs are meals ready to eat and you can store a good amount in a Go Bag.  They are fairly inexpensive and you can pick them up at Emergency Essentials or stores like that.

Feminine supplies are critical.  In times of a crisis one does not wish to have to track down hygiene care.

The same applies if you have a baby or small child...diapers, rash cream, wipes, etc.

A flashlight, pocket knife, matches, simple can opener, gum, some hard candy, playing cards, also can go in the Go Bag.

If you have pets-this is important: Have a cage that you can take them in.  Take food, water and bowl.  This is best in a bag too...a 2 liter water bottle with at least 4-5 cups of dog food in a bag with bowl, will make the pet comfortable while under stress.  Also have copy of shot records- You may have to leave your pets behind.  If so, provide for the pet with extra water for several days, as well as food out. Please have a photo or two of your pet-so you can identify it easily if the pet is rescued or gets lost in the crisis.

Oh I need to mention this-be sure to have a change of underwear and socks.  You can rinse these out each night and wear the other pair...

And most important-your phone/address book. If you lose power and cannot charge your phone then you may lose contact with everyone, unless you have a written copy.

A gathering place at least 200- 300 miles away from your home is important. Be sure each bag has the address, phone number, and name of contact of this person. In case you are separated, this person then is the gatherer of information to pass on to the others, they also have a place to regroup. Do not assume you can move in with those you have slotted as your gathering place groupies!  Be sure to establish ahead of time that you would like to use them as your point of gathering and they then can use you.

By the way, you may have to flee when the family is already separated due to school, work, or miscellaneous reasons.  Be prepared by having each person memorize the contact number.  This will be how you reconnect while separated.  Remain calm and wait until you can locate each family member.  Your contact person can gather information. Be sure you understand that you may not have cell service and that this may take several hours or even days. In Japan this was disheartening to see families searching for loved ones.  Minimize this by having an outside contact.  Then if your contact has one that has not checked in-you can begin a search.  If all have checked in then all each person has to do is wait until they can reconnect, knowing that their loved ones are fine in a safe place.

I will write another part to this to share ideas of what to have on hand for an emergency.  Please take the time to ensure you and your family will survive an emergency.  If you were not in the path of Hurricane Sandy, I think you should be capable of prepping your family.  Be aware that those that were not prepared are in serious trouble right now~and some are Dumpster diving, waiting hours upon hours for fuel, and living without electricity and more storms are headed their direction. No one wishes this upon anyone else.

Please prepare.


Gayle said...

I read every word of that and to be honest we don't prepare. We could have a forest fire or an earthquake (unlikely), but really no other natural disasters I would have to flee. My big thing is I should have my home prepared for days without power when it is -50* below because that is something that could easily happen. Cars won't start so I can go for fuel for the generator, etc. etc. You've given me a lot to think about and I for sure will start gathering comfort items in the event we are left in the cold.

Humble wife said...

Gayle-Minus 50F!Yep, I think you need to prepare. One thing for sure is an abundance of wood to heat the home, which I am sure you know. As to natural disasters...I cannot count how many times I read or hear someone say, I never thought this would/could happen. This is the idea, to prepare because in truth anything can happen to anyone, anytime.

People have died as a result of this storm...and that is sad. I can guess that some could have been prevented with preparation. I am thinking others are struggling beyond belief right now, as toilets won't flush, it is cold, food on grocery shelves is restocked and without shipments the shelves empty fast.

Email me and I will share some photos today of my pantry and some things that may help you. penofjen(at)yahoo(dot) com.

Anonymous said...

thank-you for your posts - taking care of both the physical and spiritual needs. i for one very much appreciate it. SJ in Vancouver Canada