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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, September 17, 2012

Historic Find: UPDATED

I have spent last night and this morning contacting my siblings.  Mom died in February 2011 and so we had sorted photos etc that belonged to each of my siblings and mailed them to them.  Included were pretty much every letter or card that we had given to mom and so the crazy thing about what we thought had been precious notes filled with our children to Gramie, became treasures when returned.

I have written about some of the things she had kept that I gave her:  Floral Bouquet for Mother's Day and Mother's Day Gift from My Mom.  I truly cherish the fact that she saved all of our correspondence and that I have these to share with my children.

Last night, as I was going through the box a  folded note fell out. I picked it up and it was that old typewriter thin paper, and I opened it...and my mother's handwriting was clear as day.  I read the date June 8, 1967 and was floored!  A seven page letter from my mother to the six of us children even though I had not been born yet.

The letter is of a young woman grieving and worried if something happened to her would the children know their parents.  It is a letter that is powerful as she shares Dad's last thoughts about the children, being a father, and his character as a man.

I am going to share snippets after I get a copy to each of my siblings, as this is not a story that should remain within my family.  My parents were more than I ever realized, more than I ever understood, and they truly were part of a generation that loved this nation.

Here's Dad and Mom on their wedding day 
They were married only 6.5 years
Had five children when he was killed in Vietnam
and I was born 2 months later making mom a widow with six children five and under.

I pray someday I can share their lives and how they may never have been fulfilled in the way they dreamed upon their wedding day...yet parts of who they were in character and content have continued on.

UPDATE:  I thought I would include a photo I have posted before~one of my mother receiving the Silver Star and the Purple Heart that were awarded to my dad posthumously. I think that this is a powerful photo as the wee ones in this photo became the legacy of that young couple that I am proud to say were my parents. (I am the babe in mom's arms)


Susan said...

Oh Wow Jen. A story to be told and shared for sure. My forever friend, Joan, has a similar story, although her's was caused by a husband who deserted his wife with 6 young children - back in the days where there was no welfare, food stamps, etc. They were very poor, but ALL are highly educated, very successful people because of the values instilled in them by their struggling but proud mother.

Sue said...

I thought I had commented on this yesterday, but I don't see my comment, but I'm glad I came back to check because I got to see the update. Beautiful!

This is such a fatastic treasure and the letter from your mom to you and all your siblings was a tender find. You are very lucky to have it.

Humble wife said...

Susan-Wow, she has a story to tell too doesn't she? I pray someday to make sure it is told about my parents.

Sue-Oh yes, I agree as it really was a complete detail of the decisions dad made, their dreams and hopes for us, and of course the love they had for each other. I am glad you came back...thank you.

Anonymous said...

A truly powerful story Jen.

VA Sis's Hubby