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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Year of the Flower and the Ribbons!

This year on the farm has been the Year of the Flower. Each year we have tried to improve the property in some measure by continuing on our path but focusing on one specific item. I really wanted to add some loveliness to our farm.

I ended up planting a good deal of flowers from seed and although some did not survive because of the weather, stealth chickens, or dogs that seemed to like to climb around in the garden, some made it through and truly changed the feel of the farm.

I entered a few of the flowers we planted in the county fair~
I entered my Aster's in two divisions(1 stem or two stem) and won two first and 1 second place ribbon.
My Verbena looked a bit sad, but I brought it in and it placed third.
My small zinnia's placed second.
My large Zinnia's placed first.
My Allysum placed first and second.

In addition to these flowers I grew small sunflowers of three varieties, petunias of two varieties, marigold-two varieties, gazanias, and calendula. We had a very heavy rain Tuesday night and all of my petunias, and marigold were crumbled.  My gazania's weren't blooming when I clipped the flowers, the sunflower petals were looking very sorry, and I completely forgot my calendula. I will always plant a good number of flowers from now on. No matter how much we have worked to make this farm take care of us we do need to slow down and have some things that are simply to enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the raft of ribbons! Have you figured out to keep them all yet? I know last year you were in a dilemma of too many... is it possible to have too many?

Your flowers are lovely.

Love ya (miss you too)
VA Sis

Glenn B said...

"I really wanted to add some loveliness to our farm."

Are you kidding - add some loveliness to your farrrm? Your farm, your house, your home, your marriage, your life, have so much loveliness that I would not think it possible to add even one petal more! Then again, it does not surprise me that you tried to do just that; I think your desire to do so is the main reason it is so full of loveliness in the first place. I truly envy, in a nice way, your husband and family!

All the best,
Glenn B

Gayle said...

I grew Bells of Ireland last year and they were also because of my mom. They were my husband's favorite. I totally forgot to buy the seed this year, but will next year. After going to the fair I wish I would have taken the time to enter my flowers. I know so many would have placed first from what I saw there. I'm so glad you got to enter and are realizing that some "frivolous" things in life are important as well.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great job on the flowers and ribbons.

I always find that it is important to have beauty in our lives even is small ways - it adds to the richness of our lives.


Humble wife said...

My VA SIS-Tomorrow I will be able to collect the ribbons and then I will share the totals. I am a bit amazed myself...and think yep it is a lot of ribbons! :)

Aww Glenn, your comment is so sweet. I am not too sure our life is any different than any one else's. We are simply making the very best out of what we have. I do cherish such a nice comment though :)

Gayle- I have to study about the Bells as they are so unique I was reminded of my mom in more than the Irish way...but the uniqueness, I pray I can make them grow here. As to having some beauty I am ever so glad, and look forward to more next year! Maybe we should have a seed swap:)!

Deanna-well said my friend, well said! thank you :)

Susan said...

Loveliness and beauty are important!! God certainly included them when He created.

Humble wife said...

Susan-you are so correct. I am always appreciating the beauty He created!