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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Final Wrap~up of County Fair 2012

The County Fair is over for 2012.  The fair has been a wonderful place to share the continued workings of the farm. We are learning more and more each year and the fair allows us a chance to share our accomplishments.
Here are some photos of the produce section. Our garden has been one of the most diverse gardens we have ever grown, because I wanted to see what would grow in southern New Mexico and what wouldn't.  We entered the traditional items such as chili's, squash, and pumpkins, to the not so traditional items of amaranth Hopi Red Dye. We did not have a great tomato year and so a sure thing ended up not entered. 

Our cotton has not produced yet this season. I was happy to learn that when it produces I can save it for next year and enter it in 2013!

Our transformation to a farming lifestyle has had many ups and many downs, but gardening has been a wonderful spirit booster to help us along our journey. Next year we are expanding once again in our gardens and can only thank Mesilla Valley Maze in Las Cruces...they have been our inspiration!
Here is a photo of walking up to the fair. I love the mountains as a backdrop!

I love watching the kids on the slides...note the blur on the left of the photo~woohoo

I seem to post a photo of the Ferris Wheel every year, so I can't stop now, it is tradition!
It's funny, because we never attended county fairs anywhere until we moved to New Mexico.
Now I look forward to the fair every year!

Here are two of the gourds cut and painted. I tried to make them look a bit like Native pottery. When I entered them, the woman taking the items thought that I had made them out of clay! I wrote about the gourds here. 
I harvested the gourds in November and have been creating a few other things so I am sure I will post again about the gourds transforming into this, that, and the other!

My Fourth entered two photos in the fair. This is her second year entering and she placed third(Ford Grill photo)! If you are from this area you know how difficult it is to even enter a photo. Folks line up hours ahead (we did this year)...and last year, as two years ago Fourth was seven away from entering and they closed the contest as only a limited number are accepted.

Here is my cinnamon basil...the smell of cinnamon basil is heavenly!

Here is my peppermint!

Here is my parsley!

Here is my dried squash medley!

Here is my dried zucchini!

And here are my pickled peppers.  I used some of my pickled peppers in the corn bread recipe I created and entered in the quick bread division. Let me say...oh boy the corn bread was delicious!

I know that sharing these photos of the items entered and the ribbons may seem like bragging or being over the top and if this seems this way, I thought I would explain a bit to new readers why I share.

On January 1, 2005 our lives changed. Bill had an accident that made us regroup and figure out what we were going to do.  We opted for a major move, and a major change in how we lived. We drastically adjusted our budget...and our goals.

We bought a farm in the middle of the desert. In truth it wasn't a farm like anyone is familiar with. We mentally wrapped ourselves around an idea and have rolled up our sleeves to make this idea come to fruition. It has been an education as neither of us really knew how to raise any livestock or poultry, and we never really grew anything that could sustain us. My baking was taking frozen bread dough out, defrosting it, then baking it, and saying I made bread! 

Since we had to adjust our lives because of  the accident we had to study to learn everything to make the transition  go smoothly. The county fair is the perfect place to share how much we have learned or accomplished in the previous year. It is a pat on our backs. If Bill and I can do this, anyone can. We hope we have shared this through the blog as life often brings hardships and even in hardships we should rejoice. I pray that I share that more than the downs we experience. 

And since I it would take up far more space than I think you would like to see...here are the ribbons we received:

First place-blue ribbons~ 11
Second place-red ribbons~13
Third place ribbons~16


JenniferK said...

I knew you'd take home lots of ribbons! Way to go!

Paloma said...

Wow! you did great! That is awesome! praise God!!! :) Good job!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say how awesome you are. I love seeing all your ribbons. Not only have you changed your lives completely, you have made the change so well that your peers have given you ribbons! Way to go! SJ in Canada

Anonymous said...

WOO HOO!!!! WAY TO GO! Congratulations. It looks like the farm really took home the ribbons.

Gardening and harvesting our garden (ours is so tiny compared to yours) is one of my greatest joys. I love reading about your adventures - I get to live vicariously!

Congrats to all of you for another year of labor yielding such wonderful results.

Okay a few questions...
1) How do you "contain" your peppermint? I ask because a few years ago in New Jersey I planted 2 little peppermint plants. On the day we sold that house I SWORE that the peppermint plants were more plentiful than the grass!
2) Cinnamon Basil? Is this a type of Basil? If so, how do you use in your cooking?

Love you and I'm so proud to be realted (LOL) to you!

VA Sis

Mrs.Rabe said...

Congratulations on it all, Jen!

You all have done it, and are doing it well! Keep sharing it with us, it is so inspiring!


Humble wife said...

Thanks Jennifer!!! :)

Thank you Paloma as you are correct! Praise God for Bill's accident and for allowing us an opportunity to live life in this manner~I must not forget Phil. 4:13...as it has been one of my comfort scriptures on this journey.

Thank you SJ! I confess we have a long way to go on this journey~and are learning new things all the time, but I truly appreciate your kind words.


I will copy and paste your questions to answer them

1) How do you "contain" your peppermint? We have container gardens for the differing mints. One is 3 ft x 4 ft. The other is a tire. Makes life easy, as I only use about this much through the year in baking, canning, etc.

2) Cinnamon Basil? Is this a type of Basil? If so, how do you use in your cooking? First off walking by this basil plant is heavenly...here are a few links to copy and paste to read more http://www.specialtyproduce.com/produce/Cinnamon_Basil_30281.php


When I go to the garden to water, I grab a leaf and rub it on my arms as it seems to also be a mosquito deterrent.

I am glad that we live in times we can share our lives while living thousands of miles apart...although I love my life to be simple I do appreciate this and am glad you read along! Special shout out to the other sisters that read too <3 Maryland Sis, Utah Sis, and Ohio Sis!

Thank you Deanna for you kind words...you have been a wonderful support with your comments and I really appreciate them!:)

Maria said...

Very impressive tally of prizes Jennifer! You are to be commended for all your hard work and diligence :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You deserve to be proud. It is an amazing achievement in such a short time. Karen in Missouri