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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, July 30, 2012

University Field Training Available

on the farm. This semester DNU (Double Nickel University) offers courses in
 Arachnology as well as,

Entomology and:

Home Economics:  Preservation of foods I, II, and III
Veterinary Science of Farm Animals: Introduction
Old Testament Bible
Feasts of the Bible I

Upcoming Fall Semester to include additional courses:
Veterinary Science of Farm Animals: Maintaining Farm Animal Health
Desert Eco-system
Native Peoples of the Southwest
New Testament Bible
Feasts of the Bible II

The Double Nickel University is affordable and offers a variety of degree programs.
Campus housing is booked, but online students are welcome! Fill out a comment of interest today and one of our amazing DNU staff will get back to you!


kymber said...

count me in and sign me up! oh and i am trying your kale chips recipe, too! i love kale and swiss chard!

much love to everyone at the DN University!

your friend,

Patricia Mathews said...

Wow. This sounds wonderful! I'm up here in Albuquerque, so the only one I'd be interested in - desert ecosystems - I'd have to take online.

Incidentally, Albuquerque has the Albuquerque Old School - traditional ways of living more with less - run by the local Mennonite church. I've taken a couple of courses there, and highly recommend it to any of your readers up here in this part of the state.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to sign up for a course or two! :)

I have to say Jen that you have a very creative way to share your life with us. I cracked up over this post!

Love ya
VA Sis

Anonymous said...

Sign me up!!


Paloma said...

Very interesting! LOL! :) I think I have lots of lessons here around my house on other areas though... I need to get to them before I can take more classes! ;)

Many blessings!

Humble wife said...

Kymber-I know you will love the kale chips!!!! :)

Patricia-what a great tip~of course we should seek out those that live this way an continued to for so long!

VA sis-it is all perspective. If we do not embrace our lives...we may become overwhelmed. As for me I look for the joy and fullness in all.

Liz-you betcha!! :)

Paloma~funny how we all have so many things we are doing...yet many miss this. I think life is our university!

Carrie said...

I seriously need help, my garden is in bad shape. We would be facing a hungry winter.... I think I am going to have to do away with this NM soil!