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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, June 29, 2012

Before and After

I shared in March the photo below of the empty olive jars in the post titled In All Things and I asked if anyone had any ideas as to what I was going to make with the jars. 
DebbieO guessed correctly! Thanks to Fourth loving olives I had the idea to save the jars and make a spice jar set to match the home.

Here is a photo of the jars today! The larger olive jars on the left house the peppercorns, the minced onion, and the bay leaves. More detailed photos of the shelving unit to follow as the construction continues!


Anonymous said...

WOW - is that your handwriting on the labels? It is LOVELY!!!

What a great use for repurposed sets of jars.

I used to have a 10 piece place setting of jelly jars (2 sizes) for glasses! LOL. I painted them for whatever matched the season. Festive up the table.

Love ya
VA Sis

PS the spice shelf isn't going to be too high is it? (BAD SISTER BAD SISTER). Couldn't resist. Still love ya.

Humble wife said...

To my OLDEST sister of all, why yes, the shelf will be height appropriate-which means folks will come in and have to bend down to grab a spice if cooking with me! ;)

Thank you for your kind words! I love your visits and yes the writing is my own!

I love the jelly glass idea! I am trying to break my habit of buying a product solely for the jar. Not successful yet. Perhaps in the future.

ps...I still love ya too, even though you and the hills are almost the same age. (WORSE SISTER!)

Gayle said...

You two are funny!! :)

Now I want to run out and buy a whole bunch of olives (and I don't even like them). Because of you being such a resourceful repurposer (?) I am now saving my jars to use for pasta. Why not? Who cares if they match...in fact, it is a bit more interesting when they don't! Summers I harvest and am thrifty...winters so much. Wish I could be like you all year long!!

Humble wife said...

Oh Gayle-I love the eclectic look too, so save the jars and use them!! Glass is better for storage than plastic! Oh to be like you is all you need to be, as I am simply a goof that well, saves olive jars! ps...I do not like olives either, but my daughter eats them like they are candy!!

Vickie said...

Very nice! I love the look and good use of jars just going into the trash! I'm afraid we don't eat many olives so it'd take forever to do this for us!

Cute new puppy, too. Looking forward to more pictures of Milly...

debbieo said...

Oh they do look good with the spices in them. I have a thing for saving glass jars with good lids. I always find a way to reuse them.

Humble wife said...

Vickie-I am not the olive junkie!! My Fourth is and it amazes me that she eats so many of them! You bet on more photos of the pup--!!!

Debbie-me too. Seems like on my journey I evaluate so many things on a different plane!