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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, April 23, 2012

What's New Puttycat, whoa~whoa~whoa!

Well for me, life. I have been dealing with a lingering illness. Seems so petty to share this with what is going on with so many in the world.  I will try and update life in the next few posts. I will also be rejoining the blog world. I have been reading some blogs, but my energy to even comment has been very sorry. I hope my blogity friends understand.

For now, I thought I would share my Fourth and her project on how every woman should have a sundress in her wardrobe thanks to the versatility it offers with a few accessory changes.
In higher learning~
Anywhere in the southwest~
To the beach~
On the farm~
featuring McClintock
And of course, while cleaning goat pebbles!


Mrs.Rabe said...

That's cute!

Hope your feeling better!


kymber said...

bahahahaha! she is gorgeous AND goofy - just like her Mom! i love sundresses (when i am forced to wear clothes when we leave the Manor)! and Fourth really knows how to accesorize - goat pebbles - bahahahah!

i am sorry that you haven't been well. i have been saying a special prayer for you daily as you mentioned being unwell a few posts back and i knew that was why we weren't seeing blog posts and comments. i truly hope that you are feeling better!

one last thing - you mentioned in a comment on our blog that you were starting seeds in a new way this year.....PLEEZ DO TELL! inquiring minds need to know!

lots of love to you and all of yours always! your friend,

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Clean up on aisle 3. LOL!

Melodie said...

I hope you get back to feeling 100% soon! That is a beautiful daughter you have.

ProudHillbilly said...

Hope you getz better soon!

Anonymous said...

And into each life/picture some goat pebbles must fall. :)

She is such a pretty girl and I mean inside and out. I love her tons.


debbieo said...

I am praying you are on the mend, its not fun to be sick. Your daughter makes an adorable model and the sundress does work for many different situations.
I have missed both your blogging and your comments but such is life, I am just glad you are feeling better.
We head to Arizona the first week in June, I hope we get to meet either on the way there or back.

Susan said...

She is so lovely. I know you are so very proud of her!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling up to snuff. You don't worry about saying sorry for something we all do time to time. I take long breaks due to all kinds of different things, especially being tired.

You take care of yourself, looking forward to see how you're doing. Prayers goin' up for you.

I love your post and the fashion model is adorable. Just love taking one outfit and making fit where ever we're going or doing :)

russell1200 said...

She looks very nice in her sundress. But she should have at least one picture where she has a sunny smile.

Maria said...

Hi Jennifer, sorry to read that you've been unwell. I haven't been blogging much lately so I'm catching up on reading my fav blogs now. Love the sundress...very versatile :-)

Humble wife said...

Deanna-thank you. Slow and steady!

My Kymber-thank you for the prayers-well appreciated. Thank you for all you say and comment. Love my northern friends. Oh and I will update my garden info soon!

Michelle-definitely caption contest winner! lol

Melodie-aww thank you!

PH- me too!! thank you!

VA Sis- so philosophical yet so true!

Debbie-oh how exciting! I will go through schedules-and I am certain one way or the other we can meet!!

Susan-thank you, yes you are correct!

KIR-thank you-this one has been a doozey and keeping me down. I agree about the outfits...makes life easy!

Russell-we were trying to mimic the photo shoots...for one of her classes. I will add a recent smiling photo of my precious Fourth as sunny smiles are perfect!

Maria-I am doing the same. I will be down under to visit soon-promise!!

Gayle said...

I hope your illness isn't seriously and you are just wore out and due for a break. Love the dress especially the "anywhere in the Southwest" look.

Humble wife said...

Gayle-I am finally on the mend, but it is taking time!!I love the southwest one too!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! that's so versitile and pretty to see a young lady in a sundress.