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Thursday, April 26, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?UPDATED

Not much to read here folks. This is more of a record for the farm.  I still have a good deal of plants in sunroom awaiting planting and of course I will be sowing a good deal of seeds directly into the soil.  I have been planting for the past few days and made every plant dated for today  to keep it easy.

~Rainbows End  4.26.12
~Brandywine Red 4.26.12
~ Australian Giant Oxheart 4.26.12
~Black Krim 4.26.12
~Heidi 4.26.12
~Jelly Bean  4.26.12
~Gardener's Delight 4.26.12
~Cherry 4.26.12

Tomatillos 4.26.12
Green Beans 4.26.12
Potatoes 4.26.12

Mesclun Sweet Salad Mix 4.26.12
Buttercrunch Lettuce 4.26.12
Red Russian Kale 4.26.12
Cabbage 4.26.12
Cabbage Red Acre 4.26.12
Endive Green Curled 4.26.12
Arugula Rocket Salad 4.26.12
Bak Choi Bonsai 4.26.12
Spinach Teton 4.26.12

Mammoth Dill 4.26.12
German Chamomile 4.26.12
Parsley Common 4.26.12
Oregano 4.26. 12
Cinnamon Basil 4.26.12
Cilantro 4.26.12
Common Thyme  4.26.12

English Daisy 4.26.12
Bells of Ireland 4. 26.12
Pansy Sweet Giants 4.26.12
Common Evening Primrose 4.26.12
Sweet William Catchfly 4.26.12
Marigold Petite Mix   4.26.12
Aster Giant 4.26.12
Wild flower Mix 4.26.12
Hummingbird flower mix 4.26.12

I am excited about my flowers and have a good deal more to plant and thanks to sites like Pinterest, I have a ton of neat ways to create planters.  I am looking forward to the season and love that New Mexico has such a wonderful growing season!


I did not update when I planted more items in the garden. Sometimes it does get busy about the farm and although it is a simple life, my days are filled!

Here are some photos of things growing or harvested 2012~
One Two Three and More (Eggplant, lemon cucumbers, sugar pumpkins, and gourds)
Final Wrap Up of County Fair (harvest displayed, dried cilantro, dried parsley, dried cinnamon basil, dried peppermint, dried squash, dried zucchini)
The Year of the Flower and Ribbons (Small Zinnias, Large Zinnias, Aster, Allysum, Verbena)
Friday (a view into my garden looking to the mountains in the east)
Simple Life (my purple Aster's)
Pizza Perfection (Making pizza with zucchini, pattypan squash, cocozelle squash)
University Field Training (Sunflower, tomato plant with uggggg tomato bug!)
The Possibilities of the Letter P (Petuninas's, purple Zinnia's, parsley, peeking sunflower, peppers, pimply gourd,pleasing tea of German Chamomile,plentiful harvest~Red Hopi Dye amaranth, zucchini, squash)
Friday Five (gourd from 2011 cut up, gourd growing in tomatoes)
A Dozen Things (zucchini, yellow and white pattypan, kale, parsley, cilantro, Great Lakes lettuce, spinach,arugula, mystery squash)
Before and After (Kale, chard, spinach, mustard greens, cinnamon basil, pattypan squash, zucchini)
Saturday Six (zucchini)
Way Out Yonder (our garden transformation in the desert)
The Garden(is still producing)


Gayle said...

How awesome to be able to direct seed. Planting here involves so many steps that started back in February and I still have 5 weeks before I can plant outside! You are growing such a great variety. I hope to expand as the years go.... it seems I'm always to busy to do adequate planning (or at least that's the excuse I'm using!) :)

Have a good weekend...hope you get to spend lots of time in the gardens. I'll have to check out your pintrest. Always looking at gardening ideas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer! Love your garden line up! As they say in baseball at the beginning of the game, "Play ball!" :D

Here's hoping for a great growing season for you. matermusearts.wordpress.com

Mrs.Rabe said...

We crazily planted straight into the ground early this month. So far so good.

We have tomatoes, corn, peppers, onions, spinach, lettuce, green beans, squash....

Can't wait to see how they do!


ProudHillbilly said...

One tomato plant, one basil plant, one cilantro plant. Hoping they survive. But the flowers are doing well - the front of the house is really shaping up.

Mrs. Mobunny said...

I have a HUGE tomato plant that came up on its own. I have red poppies for the first ever. My roses are done blooming. Day lilies blooming right now and a few irises. No avocados on the tree. Oleander blooming pink and white. Lettuce coming up in old thermos containers. Lots of larkspur in purples and pinks. Ice Plant from my mom in Kansas is spreading. Violet plants large, no flowers yet. Just a few nasturtiums, never enough. Pepper plants coming up everywhere. Cilantro going to seed. Just a few pink zinnias. That's how my garden grows.

Rhonda said...

Okay.....I'm guessing you are EXTREMELY BUSY and that is why you have not been outside of your world and entered the world of blog....LOL ...just wanted to say hellllllooooo and miss ya!

Amish Stories said...

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