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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toilet Talk

Well maybe not so much bad words as actual talk about the toilet paper holder~With toilet talk, I thought I would share my toilet paper holder I made for one of our bathrooms on the farm. It is fashioned out of baling wire(we have an abundance of this as we have hay for the critters) a lovely piece of wood perfectly broken and a screw to hold it up.

Here is a side view of the toilet paper holder. It is in the bathroom that I have been slowly turning into All things New Mexico. The walls are decoupaged with pages from the New Mexico magazine and the bench under the paper holder is a salvaged bench.

One more view. I have a few pictures I have drawn of local birds framed and on the wall, and slowly and working other NM ideas into this room. Life on the farm is one of steady~ paced projects. And we really do live by the low-cost, no-cost method!

And that is my toilet talk for the day~almost as for the record, I was born in the south, and do live almost in the mountains~so if it is hillbilly~ish I suppose it is a result of my roots!

Signed JennySueLottieMae
Wife of Billy Joe Jim Bob


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Now I think that is a great idea~!

russell1200 said...

Ann Landers said that the most mail and arguement she ever got was over which was the correct way to turn the toilet on the spool.

You are an over the top person aparently.

Susan said...

Clever as always.

HossBoss said...

You're such a nut, HW! Love the triple roll dispenser ...saves time because you don't have to 'reload' as often, right? Very smart!

: )

Mrs.Rabe said...

Clever girl! This post made me laugh! I wondered at first if you had a three seater since you have three rolls there! At Mount Vernon they have these beautiful outhouses and several of them are 5 seaters! :)

Have wonderful Sunday, JennySueLottieMae!

Rhonda said...

Girl you are so creative ....I need to hang out with you ....are you free right after church...wink wink .

Humble wife said...


Russell-the only way it works is to rotate the direction of the paper-which benefits each person and the correct way to put the paper on the roll!! :)


HB-well the triple load was because of the size stick. I liked how it looked so this is how it was determined how many rolls would go on it.

Deanna-my grandparents had a two seater-too funny. If only this was an outhouse would it not be so silly. Yet, on the farm we enjoy the less is best method and so JennySueLottieMae!!

Rhonda-how fun!! ACBFF= after church best friends forever!! :)

debbieo said...

I love the wall paper. I bet you never run out of things to read,lol. Read the wall.

kymber said...

JSLM - i loooove the toilet paper roll! how awesome! and you don't need to change the rolls so often. i do believe that i will be stealing this idea! thanks buddy!

your friend,

Humble wife said...

Debbie-lol. I kind of enjoy my paper on the walls. On one side it is about Carlsbad Caverns and who found it and the early days. I have learned so much! Some times though I wish I had thought of piecing complete articles together, because in a few places I am left wondering....and imagine the rest of the story!

LOL Kymber-a Canadian hillbilly!! I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Love the tp holder, like wood & wire too, so many great things to do with 'em. Lovin' your home decor shares, I guess the tile floor and the "laundry" room are my favorites so far.:D

Ma said...

The toilet paper holder is great, but the walls are better!

How did you do that and how hard was it?

Humble wife said...

Oh Mater-you make me smile! My make over ideas are almost bordering on hillbilly Hilton!! But thank you so much!

Ma-so here goes, but remember my climate is very dry so this works for me. I made decoupage using Elmer's school glue-watered it down, then applied to the back of each page with a paintbrush. I then painted the front with the same mixture. I used NM magazines and in three places the row is entirely covers of the magazines dating back to the 1970's. I was inspired when I found so many at the thrift store for a nickel a piece. When my make over is complete I will share the entire room.

BTW-you can use wallpaper glue(comes in paint can) for moister climates. I have decoupaged torn paper grocery sacks the same way. It makes the walls look like leather, and I made the family room in our old home all things western!