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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Simple Life

One of my son's needed a touch of the simple life for an outing he was planning. He requested a picnic basket, a small cooler and the red checkered tablecloth that we have had for years.

Here is the picnic basket. Isn't it lovely?

Here is what I filled the basket with...the wooden piece on the top is actually a small table-very clever indeed!

The breakdown- a rustic candlestick to go with the red candle. White cloth napkins with simple throwaway utensils that match the color theme. Our checkered tablecloth~makes a simple meal spectacular, and of course the mini cooler that fit perfectly and will hold the luncheon items. It is far more special to do something not expected yet simple on an outing. Anyone can go to dinner and the movies...

On to my simple kitchen. Slowly but surely it is coming into the focus. No longer do we have two separate rooms, but instead have one great room with the table part of the kitchen.

My china hutch houses my Pyrex dishes as well as several platters I have collected over the years.

Here is the other side of the area near the table. Still playing around with how it will be when done. I love that anything goes when doing makeover and not applying any traditional expectations to the project. The hooks for this and the other photo were fashioned out of baling wire~as the farm provides pretty much anything I need!


Gayle said...

Your son is so lucky to have you to help him be romantic and you are so lucky to have a son who wants to be. Win-Win in my book!

Love the kitchen...you sure make fast progress.

Anonymous said...

I love picnic baskets! I have a couple old ones and have used them, it's soooo fun.

Your kitchen is lovely too, love the shutter idea.


debbieo said...

I think your son was probably a hit with the picnic basket. Little touches make things so nice.
I do love the blue in the kitchen. Its bold and daring.

Sue said...

Love your picnic basket! Was your son going on a date?

Susan said...

You are always so clever and add that special "extra" touch.

By the way The Harbinger is available at Walmart. Please read it Jen and give me your feed back!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Our kitchen and living room are all open to each other - it makes one big room! We love it and are able to host so many people at the same time this way! Saturday evening between our family, Nate's girlfriend and daughter, and our friends we had 17 people at dinner!

I like to use what I have too...repurposing is a great thing! Also my husband is handy like your Bill and he used left over pine flooring to make our huge table! I love it!


kymber said...

what food did he take on the picnic? i love picnics! i love your hutch and dishes and all of the blue accessories - when do we get to see pics of the whole kitchen? i am dying here!

your friend,

Crystal Mary said...

Sounds nice, I would love to see a pic of the whole room. Yes anyone can go to dinner and the movies, but a picnic is more intimate and old time sharing.Plus the fresh are is healthier.

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is beautiful!
ps. (in my mind) I'll be over for (virtual) coffee after morning chores... :)

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome ....love the shutters....way cool ....way cool....I have a thought now ...I'm gonna polly parrot you .....LOL ....

Anonymous said...

I found this quote in my book of quotes (it is a small wire bound notebook I've kept most of my adult life). It is so you:

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth...
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable." -- Kahlil Gibran


ProudHillbilly said...


Mystic Mud said...

Love how the kitchen is coming along!!!

Humble wife said...

Gayle-I think my kids have been sabotaged from birth as they have parents that are corny/romantics!! I wish the kitchen was moving along quickly-it is kind of slow in my mind!!lol

Sassy-I have several older baskets. I suppose I collect them=but only if they are useable. The shutter idea was an impulse idea when we moved in, and I liked it!

Debbie- I have a feeling the picnic was a great idea too! And thanks for bold and daring-not sure if I am IRL but it is nice to read!! :)

Sue-yes a simple date!

Oh Susan-I am hoping to pick the book up from the library tomorrow...and I will let you know! Thank you!

Deanna-I love having a country kitchen! Oh I can imagine how exciting it would be to have all fit...and what a grand idea to make a custom built table!

Kymber-my son was stealth. He randomly questioned his young friend, until he knew what she liked. He packed a picnic with all her favorites-clever huh? And soon, my friend, soon- I will have a complete photo!! :)

Crystal Mary-I agree the fresher the healthier and of course you are correct, a picnic allows for more intimate setting!

Oh Rhonda-I love this! Polly away!

My sister in VA-what a lovely comment. I am humbled that you would see me this way(((love and hugs))) :)


Michele-me too. It has been long in coming-we moved here in 07, plotted, planned, scrimped,saved, and of course made do for a while. Now we are undergoing a makeover on the low cost no cost method!

Humble wife said...

Liz-I missed your comment...but am imagining virtual coffee for tomorrow. I am going to make White Sands coffee and am thinking our visit will be wonderful!! ((hugs))