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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Reality Blogging!

We are a bit over halfway through our kitchen makeover and I thought I would share how it is going. We tiled the dining room and kitchen so far and we all now understand how to cut out the subfloor, sand it, discover how much in flawed work is covered up by builders, laid hardy-backer board, put down redi-mix, buttered the tile with mix, laid the tile, cleaned up the tile, let it dry, grouted the tile,cleaned up the tile, sealed the tile and~discovered that knees on people in their 40's are quite sensitive to constant work-even with knee pads...

Here is the sink area. This is the sink with a bit of Jennifer cleaning up!

In truth~the sink area looked like this~before I took the first photo.
How's that for reality blogging? One thing I need to do on this cabinet is paint the inside as well as the base. Steady pace...

This is how the cabinet* looked, when we picked it up. Once we realized we needed to replace the floors in the kitchen, we temporarily did the kitchen knowing, that the floor would be tiled. Now that the floor is tiled, it is time to build a Jen's Dream kitchen! Keep in mind that the low cost-no cost method is still in place, and that everything is going to be custom built for someone of my perfect height( translation=I will be able to finally reach things in my own kitchen-without using footstool).

*Craigslist find~free for picking up. Porcelain top included. I found one on Ebay so you can see it in its somewhat former glory.


Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I love your kitchen, Jen. We have similar color tastes. My kitchen is done in blues and browns as well, with a little bit of dark red here and there because red is my favorite color.
I also love the 50s steel cabinets. A friend gave some to my husband for his garage. They had been in a shed and had rusted on the inside, so they work for the garage. I want to get some for my basement. Not that I really need more storage, but I want some of the cabinets!

debbieo said...

I lve the color you chose for your cabinets. I would like to make a suggestion though. You said you need to paint the inside of the cabinets as well. My suggestion is to paint them white so they are easier to see in to. Dark painted cabinets hide things in plain site, white inside helps to find things. Just my two cents.

Susan said...

Love the true blue sink cabinet!!! That's the color I just painted the area, below the board railing, in Mickey's bathroom. You guys do everything so well!!!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Great, great find! The color is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Looks good Jen!

krueth said...

Love the blue cabinets! Wish I were a bit braver with color :-) Your tiled floors look awesome too! We once had a little lady who was about 4 foot nothing I think, ha! and she had her kitchen built to her height. Oh the backaches we kids had when we were there for a meal and then did the dishes, but it was perfect for her! Wendy

kymber said...

i love it! i love it! i love it! and it sooo goes with the tiles! oh i love colour in the kitchen - it just makes me happy or something!

did i tell you that i love it?!?!?!

oh and i hear ya about the knees!

your friend,

Humble wife said...

RMH-how neat! Yes the insides were a bit rusted. We primed them first to stop the rusting. But I do love the blue!

Debbie-clever tip! Thanks so much!!

Susan-I guess it is the color of the season!!! :)



Kymber-oh thank you so much! oh we are knee twins!!!lol

Gayle said...

You are so awesome. I bet the Craigslist in your area (and anyone else in the States) is awesome. We are regionally limited if you know what I mean. Anyhow...looked at the eBay and I would have paid that price...so you scored!! Love what you are doing. When you are done you'll have to share full spectrum shots. (I know it isn't right, but I have to admit I am jealous...sure wish I was the one almost done with a new kitchen.). Thanks for all the loving comments you leave on my blog. I don't know how to put it into words, but everyday you lift me up and help me to see the things that truly matter. If I ever get to travel I'm going to make your place one of my stops!!

Humble wife said...

Gayle-the Craigslist for us is pretty good, as we are kind of at a crossroads for two major ones-El Paso TX and Las Cruces NM. When we began the farm we decided to have a place we could love but afford it would take creativity. We have had the sinks for 3 years, and waited until we could do the floor for more. We really are fixing up our run down place on split shoestring budget!! I will do full spectrum shots. I hope maybe this weekend I can show some of my shelving-and share my plans for a kitchen adapted to someone not so average in height, but not make the kitchen unusable for others.

And Gayle, I love blogging. I am able to be neighbors with so many and friendly and share with others. I would love for you to visit and my goodness, Alaska-heck consider this the same in reverse. I would love to see your gardens, the moose, and your adorable family!

Sue said...

Sweet! I love the porceline sink and draining counters! At least that's what I think I see. I hear ya about being able to reach without a stool. lol At 5'3" I can't reach very high either. lol

My blog has a new URL, Jennifer. It's ... http://thelittleacrethatcould.blogspot.ca/

Drop in some time.

Humble wife said...

Sue...I am excited about your new URL. I have it open to go and read. By the way, you are quite tall to me!! Woohoo, if only I was as tall as you :)