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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Brings the 2nd Cookbook Giveaway!

The Double Nickel Farm is going to have a cookbook giveaway every single month for the rest of 2012. In the previous post I announced the winner of the 1st Cookbook giveaway.

Now it is time to share the cookbooks I am giving away this month. Well one is a cookbook and the other is a pamphlet.

The Treasury of Campbell's Recipes was printed in 1991 and is a softback book. It is not taking a can of soup and serving it, but is instead a book of pretty amazing recipes using Campbell's Soups. Some of the recipes included in the book are Chicken Tetrazzini, Peanut Noodles, and Cajun Style Shrimp! I have loved this cookbook and am happy that it will be going to a new home where someone else can enjoy it.

The pamphlet is a 2003 Pampered Chef Recipe Collection Fall/Winter. It only has 32 pages but believe me, it is loaded with delicious recipes. Some recipes in this pamphlet are Cheesy Spinach Pinwheels, Minestrone Pasta Bowl, and Chocolate Satin Napoleons. I stumbled across Pampered Chef years ago and although I do not have many of the items they sell, I do have two that I use all the time. I love the mini serving spatula as it fits my hand so nicely, and the Mix and Chop. I usually do not endorse anything on this blog and am not receiving anything from Pampered Chef, but I do like to share things that work.

Now back to the contest.

Here are the rules for this contest:
  1. The contest is from this post until March 15. Winner will be announced on the 16th.
  2. The winner will receive both the cookbook and pamphlet.
  3. You can enter once a day.
  4. This time all you have to do is enter. It was very nice that I learned so much about the readers of the blog...but this time all you need to do~is say I'm in, or in, or something like that.
  5. I am happy that those that do not have blogs left me an email address with their comment. If you do not have a blog, please leave me an email with your comment. To prevent any extra spamming leave it like this penofjen(at) yahoo(dot)com~ I really have no idea if it works but so many people do this that it must. Or perhaps it is just neat to do. No worries!

So thank you in advance for visiting the blog and enjoy commenting! I will add a button to the sidebar later tomorrow, so it will make it easy to comment each day!

Have a great weekend!



Gayle said...

I think this is really a fun thing you are doing. It made me look at my own shelf of cookbooks and notice that I should be sharing those, too. :) I've often thought of doing giveaways, but I so forget things I'm doing! LOL

Anyhow, I guess I should say...I'm in! :)

Crystal Mary said...

Its a pleasure to visit your Blog even without a prize. I am just a plain cook, but I get there.

Sue said...

Pick me!

Mike said...

I'm in.

keepinitruralinthemidwest said...

I'm in!


Carrie said...

Hi again, I wrote little bit about your blog today..
and I'm in!

Dunappy said...

Hey Back again, Thanks for letting me know about the new giveaway. Something new about me. Besides the horses I have two rescued formerly stray dogs and a rescued formerly stray cat. I take in strays if you can't tell lol

craftycountrymomma said...

I love your Blog and I am also in.