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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, March 30, 2012

In all things

Well it has been interesting trying to figure out how to post with the new changes with the blog host.  As I have been trying to maneuver around the new publishing style I smiled and realized something. The change most likely will make posting easier, yet I miss the old format.  I was comfortable with it and whether it was easier or not, it is what I wish for as I am posting.  Isn't that how life is?  We get comfortable with something and are reluctant to change, even if the change may be for the better. 

My daughter has been faithfully eating olives~so I can begin another project. Do you have any guesses as to what I am going to make?

 To all those asking for a more complete view of the makeover in the kitchen...I will be sharing soon.  Our construction crew~although super adorable~have never rebuilt a kitchen-but are ready to take on the challenge!  Oh and the above photo~makes me smile, as my cardboard cupboards(well they are super thin wood~cheapola) are almost all removed. And heck, I won't miss them, because I had to use a stool to reach everything that was housed in these cupboards!
Ethel Cushing
Made in Edgar, Nebraska
Circa 1930
85" x 71"
Nebraska State Historical Society, Source: Donald & Doris Cushing, Lincoln Ethel Cushing made this quilt featuring ribbons she and her husband Loren won at the Adams, Nuckolls, Clay, and Garfield county fairs and the Nebraska State Fair from 1924 to 1931. Prizes were for needlework, canning, poultry, and livestock. (source)
 This photo is a photo I found on the Nebraska History site. I was reading about something that took me to the Nebraska site, and I spent some time reading about the quilts made by the citizens of Nebraska. This quilt was made in 1930 using fair ribbons!! Pretty exciting~don't you think? This quilt inspires me to perhaps do something different with the way I display ribbons currently.

This is how the ribbons are displayed today.  Maybe I will quilt something down the road!!


Ma said...

I preferred the old blogger format, too, but I suppose I'll get used to this.

I have no idea about the olive jars, I'll be staying tuned:)

Anonymous said...

YOU ARE always busy going and doing....I admire you for that ....an idle mind is but the playground of the enemy ....HE cannot even come near you ...you are up and add it again just when he thinks he found you ... LOL .... poor ole devil...you keeping him hopping.....excited about the new changes in your house.....

Mrs.Rabe said...

Isn't it great to accomplish projects even if it does take time?

I am going to paint my hall bathroom this week - thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...

God is good...


Mrs. Mac said...

That ribbon quilt is very creative! Thanks for the Nebraska History site. Many of my ancestors settled in the Osmond area ..

Gayle said...

I do my blogs in Windows Live Writer. Gave up using the Blogger format awhile back when they made their first changes. I don't much care for change myself.

I have no clue what you are going to use the jars for and in my lack of creativity today I can't even make something up!

What a great idea for ribbons. The kids mostly have trophies and medals, and the few ribbons they got I wasn't very good about taking care of. So many clever ideas I wish I would have known about 20 years ago!

New kitchen cabinets!! Yay!! Jealous with how fast your projects are going. We are at a snail's pace.

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make a beautiful chandelier or sort of light with them? Oh, I love repurposing!


I hope this goes through, I've been having all kinds of problems leaving comments for friends.

Humble wife said...

Ma-such is how it is on blogger!! A change happens and we bloggers adapt or move on!! Yes, stay tuned for the jars!!LOL same bat blog, same bat channel:)

Oh Rhonda-I pray I am busy for HIm too, whether through reading, praying, or in some service too. As to being idle, well, I suppose blogging is my idle time!!

Deanna-I think hard work and projects that take time are rewarding, so yes I agree! And absolutely God is good! You are welcome btw, and praying for you and yours during this separation!

Mrs. Mac- I wonder- could any of your relatives quilts be on that site?? Wouldn't that be wonderful?

Oh Gayle- as to kids ribbons- I am not sure what the kids kept or didnt, I provided a scrapbook and helped for a while, but the boys-well, are boys, so who knows. Those ribbons are mine~I know, I mean who would enter in the fair? Well me, a housewife learning skills of old and entering to feel a wee bit of achievement for my effort! I must confess, I love entering items especially as many are things I have never done before! ps- NO new cabinets for me. We are on a tight low cost no cost budget. Our kitchen will be unique for sure. Stay tuned!

Sassy-my comments have been lost here and there too. Blogger and its changes!! oh the chandelier idea...now if I can get my olive addict to eat more olives...and I could learn how to wire-what a neat idea, but no, not for this project!

debbieo said...

The thought that came immediately to my mind when you asked what we thought you might be making was spice jars.

Humble wife said...

Debbie!!!! yayaa!! I am making spice jars!! Excellent guess

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, catching up on blogs here and enjoying your posts this great morning. What spices do you put up?

I'm new to this gardening/preserving thing for my age (!) this will be my fourth garden and still don't know what I'm doing! I surely enjoy watching your efforts, congratulations on the ribbons! :D

Humble wife said...

Mater- a good many, and I buy the rest from the natural food store.

I am excited to read about your gardening and can't imagine an age where gardening wouldnt be wonderful! I love the little plants popping up and smile as they continue to blossom!