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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Simple Life

As those that are regulars to my blog know, I am striving to live a more simple life on less. Less in no way means cheap or poor.

Much of my journey has involved learning how to make many things so I could still have the things I enjoyed in my former life(before the farm). In the process, I have discovered how many products are loaded down with things that are not healthy for us. I believe this journey has been a blessing for my family as we have homemade items filled with natural/organic ingredients that are far better than store bought products.

My newest skill I have learned is how to make lip balm. In my previous post I shared how windy it is today in New Mexico. With the dry winds come dry and chapped lips. So I decided today was the day to make lip balm.

Here is the close-up of the finished product! 18 tubes of lip balm and 2 tins

The ingredients...I forgot to show the locally harvested honey!! Well imagine it is next to the extra virgin olive oil and the beeswax~

The work station. I had talked to Bill about making me something that would hold the tubes up when I poured the ingredients into them, but needed something today. Fortunately, we do have an abundance of egg cartons, so I improvised.

After filling the containers I realized one important thing. They are small and one must pour slowly! As a thrifty person, I could not let the spilled product go to waste~

~and I did waste a good deal...or so I thought. I waited until it hardened, scraped it up and

put it in the double boiler, melted it again and filled...

Six more tubes!! Wow!
Neat isn't it? By the way, the missing tube? Fourth has it! We had to have a product tester-and she willingly volunteered.

In case you were wondering, I made the 18 tubes and 2 tins for less than the price of two Burt's Bees Lip Balm products(what I usually use for dry/chapped lips). I love my simple life!


Anonymous said...

I love the thought of saving money with quality products that are healthy for us ...I am going to try and make the laundry soap this weekend...I have revamped my kitchenware...no aluminum I cook with glass or cast iron, weaning myself off the microwave....with popcorn...the other way stovetop is sooo messay ...I love coming by your place and see what is new on the agenda .....lip balm ...too cool

Pat in Albuquerque said...

Wow. Three questions:

Where did you get the tubes?
What proportions in the mix?

And was the double boiler hard to clean afterwards?

Humble wife said...

Rhonda-thanks! By the way we are microwave free. I went to the PX and bought a hot air popper for popcorn, which was our only holdup. The hot air popcorn is better for us...and ever so tasty!

Pat-I bought them from Mountain Rose Herbs. I used 1/2 oz beeswax, 1/2 cup of EVOO, and a half of teaspoon of honey. The double boiler(or on the farm 2 pans) was easy. I let the pan cool, scraped off the residuals, wiped it down, then washed it~easy-smeasy!

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, good for you. I like the egg carton idea too.


Susan said...

When Mickey had the bees we gave the bee's wax away and never tried making any of the items. It makes great cosmetic type items. Good job, Jen. I love the eye carton rack!!!

Humble wife said...

Thanks Sassy!

Susan- I have thought much about Mickey and you and the bees. Thinking maybe Bill and I are going to raise some bees soon, for the gardens.

Gayle said...

Burt's Bees is the best and expensive! I wonder if I can find the ingredients here (beeswax and tubes)...and if they are expensive. I so want to try this and am writing myself a note right now! I should also get off my fanny and make some yogurt...I've been making too many excuses not to!

Sue said...

It would have saved me a lot of grief if I had thought of your egg carton idea! I used to make soap and natural toiletries to sell at the farmers market a few years ago. Your post brought back memories. I used recycled food cans to melt the beeswax in. It saved my pots :-) Great job! I wish I could remember the ratios ... you can add Vitamin E (the real VE not man made)by making a pin hole in a VE capsule and sqeezing out how ever many drops you need. VE is an antioxident and will keep your lip balms fresher longer. And you can keep them in the freezer until use. That keeps them fresh too. LOVED your post :-)

kymber said...

okay...i bring from the far north this astonishing news!!! i used to be a lipbalm crazy...i had about 50 different kinds of lipbalm at home, at the office and at least 20 in my purse!!! for over 15 years!!!

and then i discovered...dah-dah-dah:

hemp oil. cold-pressed, unrefined hemp oil. you can cook with it, use it in salad dressings and it makes incredible salves and balms. you just pour a bit of the hemp oil into a lipbalm container and you have instant lipbalm. if your elbows are dry, or your hands, or your facial skin, just rub in a drop or two of hemp oil. i am looking into growing our own hemp and pressing our own oil for these very reasons. oh and don't get me started on hemp hearts. google hemp hearts to find out how very good they are for us!!!

your friend,

Mrs. Mac said...

I bet it will last and last .. good work.

Ma said...

I make a similar concoction w/o the honey. I really like it!

Anonymous said...

Very thrifty but more important very healthy. As I've been acquainting myself with your ideas I've had to look at what we eat in our home. We have begun a journey to less processed and more from scratch in many areas. I had already started to be more aware of cleaning products and have brought my home into a bit safer waters there - but now I find myself looking for other places to change our way. This seems like a really good place to try! I just read last week that many makeups (and lip balms) etc have poisons in them.

Thanks for sharing Jen!


Dani said...

Brilliant - clever girl :) Did you only use beeswax and olive oil? Fragrance?

Humble wife said...

Gayle-order the items from Mountain Rose Herbs. LOL on excuses! We all do that :)

Sue-excellent tip about freezing them. I have vitamin E but opted to make my first batch without-in case, dontcha know...and did not wish to loose expensive item.

Kymber-well now I have a new project my friend...Jen and more research. This journey has been such a boost for my education. I do not use much lip balm unless the winds are blowing here, but in NM we are beginning the hot dry dry drier driest months and need to have a supply!! xoxo

Mrs. Mac-it does, and all at home have one with them!!

Ma-me too!! Funny how easy it is to make it.

VA sis I am happy to hear of your changes. Believe me, it begins to open your eyes on how every product in the home is made with the cheapest, crappiest, harmful ingredients...all so we can have spotless homes, and presentable bodies. Sadly we are causing disease after disease and wondering why. Synthetic ingredients do not break down for us...anyway I am happy to hear of the changes for you. It will make a difference :) <3

debbieo said...

I bet if Bill takes a 2x4 and drills holes the size of the lip balm tubes it would work great. I am going to get some hemp oil and some beeswax both.
Carry on.

Humble wife said...

Dani- as this was my first attempt I did not use anything else. I do have vitamin E oil which I plan on adding. I did not wish to waste it if my first run went awry!!

Debbie-EXCELLENT idea!! I know for my second batch I will be able to share my balm stand!!

Dani said...
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debbieo said...

Hey Jennifer,
I got my beeswax in and now can I have the recipe for your lip balm?, you showed the ing. but I didnt see the amounts. Also, I dont know what to get hemp oil. Any ideas?