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Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Spanish Rice

This is a recipe from my husband's family secretly handed down for generations. Since I am sharing it with you, I must also say "Welcome to the Family" as the recipe must stay in the family!

First gather the ingredients. Ignore that I forgot to add the bay leaf or olive oil in photo~

For a small batch:

1 can tomato sauce 8 oz.(250 mls) (this is not the condiment put on hamburgers or hotdogs but this)*
1/2 of a mid size onion cut into thin strips.
1-2 bay leaves depending on size(yes I embellished the reality of my photo)
1-2 garlic cloves
1 cup rice (250 mls)
2 cups water(500 mls)
olive oil a tablespoon or so(15 mls)

Put the oil in the pan and add the onions and allow to saute for a minute or two.

Then add the rice. Saute the rice and onions for a few minutes on medium heat. Once a few of the rice grains brown then add the tomato sauce and water. I add the sauce first, then pour the water in the can to make sure I use all of the tomato sauce.

Stir one time after you add the liquid, toss in the bay leaf and the garlic. I put the garlic on a toothpick so I can find it when the Spanish rice is completely cooked.

Now this step is key...put a lid on the rice and do not stir! Keep the rice on medium heat for ten or so minutes then reduce to low for several more minutes.

Remove the bay leaf and garlic and serve.

Dinner is served! Turkey burritos with beans and Spanish rice. Serve with shredded cabbage, limes and salsa.

* in some countries, what Americans refer to as ketchup is called tomato sauce. As the farm has readers from around the globe I thought I would share this.


Felinae said...

Yummy~sounds just like the way I make with the exception of the bay leaf. I'm going to have to try adding one the next time I make it. :)

Have a great weekend!

Love & Hugs

Susan said...

My mom use to make Spanish Rice a lot. I haven't in a long time. Will try out your recipe soon.

Humble wife said...

Fel- I had never cooked with a bay leaf until I met Bill. LOL who am I kidding? I never really cooked until I met Bill! When I do not have a bay leaf...it lacks taste-so I know it adds!

Susan-I am glad I made you think of your mom...I am sure my kids will remember how much I make it too!

Sassy said...

Oh yum, will try your recipe soon. We love Spanish Rice! Love the toothpick trick. Thanks for the recipe and for being part of the familia.

AmyWW said...

How do you make your refried beans? Those look delicious, and mine always turn out looking pale and sort of sickly. I'd love to see your recipe on your blog sometime!

Vickie said...

Looks great! We eat lotsa Mexican food 'round here. I've tried several rice recipes and I'm addin' this one to my list. THat meal looks wonderful!

Gayle said...

Something tells me that has to be way better than the boxed version!! I wish I had more people to cook for. My husband loves new dishes and will eat anything. My kids only eat a few things so for me to cook without waste I'd have to make the good dishes small and then make a bunch of other boring stuff for the little ones. Wish cooking was easier around here!!

Rhonda said...

Looks yummy but Spanish Rice is one dish as hard as I have tried to like, I do not care for: I just do not like the tomato taste...I love fresh tomato from the garden but not in paste or sauce....this is one reason I do not care for a lot of Pizza's also....just wanted to stop in and say Happy Saturday!

Humble wife said...

Sassy-you are the best! And welcome to the family!

Amy-here is my bean recipe. I clean the beans-picking out the rocks etc. I wash 2 cups, then put in my crockpot on low at 10pm. I add a jalapeno or Serrano pepper(dried is fine-mine are from the farm), and 2 cloves of garlic. I do not salt or add onions. The salt will not allow the beans to plump and cook efficiently. As to onions, I am new to not cooking an entire onion in the pot. So if you want toss one in. In the morning take your potato masher, or magic wand blender and whirl away. I usually eat beans with each meal so beans are made often here. By the way, the house smells incredible with the beans cooking!

Vickie-:). We eat Mexican food daily, of course here in the southwest it is food, and all other types of food have the adjective! Funny isn't it?

Gayle-you can cater this recipe to one serving as the recipe is one part rice, two parts water, and two parts sauce. Add onions to your taste, cut the bay leave, and reduce garlic to one or even half. I have never had the box version so I cannot compare, but can say this: home prepped are healthier as it has less preservatives etc!

Rhonda-:) and back to you. Pizza for me is only homemade as I am not a huge pizza sauce fan myself. I need very light sauce. Perhaps that is why the Spanish rice is good to me, the sauce is diluted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer, I just had a homemade Chocolate chip cookie (from my son not me:)). Otherwise I'd be taking it out to the kitchen to try this! Mighty good looking!


Mystic Mud said...

mmmmmm - I want some now!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Nothing better than homemade. Who needs a boxed 'helper' .. when it's so easy to make from scratch?

debbieo said...

I make this without the garlic and bay leaf and call it sopa. I will be adding those ingredients next time.
Thanks for the recipe.

Humble wife said...

Mater-okay I am wishing for a chocolate chip cookie!!

Mystic-I wish we could pull out the benches and have your gang sit and have a dinner with us!

Mrs. Mac-no kidding!! I think homemade is so yumdelicious!

Debbie-interesting how things are so close and unique!