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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dear Maytag Repairman,

My dryer broke. While I am waiting for my repairman to arrive, I thought I would send you a fond hello from the farm. Your commercials still resonate with me all these years later, so when my dryer coughed and died, I thought I would tell you thank you. Your commercials were not offensive and reminded me of how some companies stood by their products.

As I write this, I wish to say, if I had a Maytag, I would most certainly call you. But my dryer, when it breaks, requires a footstool and well, a rope. I have opted to use what I call my height equalizer~which is Bill. So my repairman is not here until later this afternoon, but I am not worried, nor will my finances take a hit. Oh and that lovely sunshiney fresh smell that comes with my dryer-has withstood the break!

So dear repairman, I appreciate your loyalty to your products, I pray this post finds you well and I thank you so much for allowing the competition a corner in the market. For that the Double Nickel Solar Dryer Company thanks you as well.

Jennifer-CEO of clothes care, wear and maintenance.


kymber said...

oh crap. broken dryer. not good. as the CEO of Framboise Manor Solar Dryer Company may i offer you a one-time free rebate on solar dryer fixing from one of our top solar dryer fixers, jambaloney?

(fine print: this offer is only good for one month. during that month you must promise to log on to our company's website at least twice a day. this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupon. we recquire 2 active credit card accounts before fulfilling this offer. we also recquire many goofy pics of gorgeous children (yours) to be posted on your website. this offer will expire in one month).

thank you from the Framboise Manor Solar Dryer Company.

Humble wife said...

Kymber- If I may quote you for just a moment "bahahahahahahaha"

Oh and of course I will be checking your co. website. I am an anonymous follower- dontcha know!!!

I will be posting photos here and there of the gang of goofs. It is mandatory~some day they will enjoy sharing these photos, and they will be glad that I snapped them when I did!!


Peggy said...

I love it! hahaha

Sassy said...


Humble wife said...

Peggy-:)! thanks

Sassy- :)! thanks

Sassy said...

Yeeehaw! You've received an award, come on over to claim it girl!!

kymber said...

i still need those credit card numbers - bahahahahha!

Ma said...

I wish I could use my solar dryer year round! I can't wait till spring.

HossBoss said...

I used to love my clothesline dryer when we lived in Grand Junction, CO. Well, not in the winter ...but I had a mini-version in my basement for the cold snowy days.

We have a clothesline here but the original owners planted pecan trees and live oaks right next to it. That was 36 years ago, so the trees completely over shadow the line by now. That wouldn't be so bad but many wild birds roost in the live oaks, especially doves. Doves are a fairly large bird. Let's just say it's impossible to keep the laundry CLEAN until it's dry with the clothesline under those trees!

But I do intend to use the posts for homemade upside down tomato buckets this spring. I'll let you know how it goes!

: )

Melodie said...

We have the same brand of dryer!

Humble wife said...

Sassy-thank you so much for the award!:)

Kymber-bahahahahaha...I will post one number per post. If you can fin the number and line them all up you will have the card numbers. Be aware that it could be in the photo and a quantity of items in the photo. Or it could be in the label!!!

Oh Ma-I understand, come fast spring come fast!!

HB-another informative comment. We must have long term planning when we build...else bird poo may end up on clothes. I hope I keep this in mind as we continue on our projects! I am looking forward to the tomato bucket info!

Melodie-Many models and varieties are out there! I love that we are all able to share about the sunshiney smell!!

JenniferK said...

After a sweet friend gave us her washer we are back to using our solar dryer! I have missed it! More work but I need it!

Annie Oakley's Kitchen said...

Sorry to hear about the dryer! I gotta say though there's nothing like the fresh smell of clothes that have been dried on the line (not in winter though!)

Humble wife said...

Oh Jennifer-you are one of the hardest working mommas I know, but the solar dryer will allow you to close your eyes at night and snuggle with sunshine so it is wonderful to have. What a blessing that someone gave you that washer, I am sure with the kiddles that is a perfect addition!

Annie-thank you and yes it is. Mostly for me it is 365 days because of where I live. We rarely have too bad of weather, so my solar friend and I work well together!!

Carrie said...

What do you do about how hard the clothes are after they are dried. I don't want to put hard blue jeans on my babies, bit I want to start hanging clothes out to save money. I use vinegar for fabric softener...Do you have any tricks for this?

Humble wife said...

Hi Carrie- I use one cup full of vinegar for each load I wash. In addition I make my own laundry soap with borax, fels naphta, and washing soda. We have done our laundry this way for a few years and no complaints, in fact the towels-are especially soft!