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You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Monday, January 9, 2012

Where's Waldo~New Mexico Style

As we have mountains to surround us many children in New Mexico missed out dearly on playing the shape in the cloud game. I played that as a child. The rules are simple, lay on your back and see if you can see a shape in the clouds. We do have clouds in New Mexico. Magnificent ones at that, with incredibly wide open skies, but the ground is too hot, the snakes slither too and fro and grass is something that one has to go to the park to walk upon. So most children play the shape in the mountain game.

The children find the Lady of the Mountain while they play. It is easy would you like to play?

Check out this photo.
Do you see the Lady of the Mountain?

While wondering if you see her, I will share a few photos from around the farm.

The little bird with the red breast is a pyrrhuloxia. I love them~and love the calls they make to one another.

Saturday the oldest came home and so I was able to snap a quick bench pile up! Third was working so as life is the photo is only of the three.

My lovely Fourth, Second, and First! Thanks to these goofs, we were able to have more wood split and stacked, as last February reminded us that winter can surprise even a desert dweller!

Now back to the Lady of the Mountain. Did you find her? Here she is!
Can you see her? Some people say she is hard to see. For me, after several years I look to her as I drive in the community and smile. What makes your community unique? Do you have something that makes you smile as you drive here and there?

Have a lovely day!


Gayle said...

We have a mountain near Anchorage called the Sleeping Lady. Every time I see it I am reminded of the summer visits to my grandparents.

Susan said...

No I could not see her but I'm not good at that type thing.

musemater said...

Hey Jennifer! I saw her!

AND I looked up your Pyrrhuloxia birds, pleased to note that they're "cousins"? to mine!

"The Desert Cardinal is one of three birds in the genus Cardinalis and is included in the family Cardinalidae, a group of passerine birds found in North and South America.

Its name of Pyrrhuloxia - once part of its latin name - comes from Greek terms describing its coloration..." Wikipedia.

Thanks for posting the picture of yours, they are grand birds all!

Yet the birds pale compared to the beauty of your "brood".

DebbieLynne said...

I was close! Do I get a doughnut as a prize?

russell1200 said...

I remember being in the N.C. Appalachian Mountains and seeing this face. I asked my girlfriend of the time about it, and she gave me this look like "you are clueless".

It was of course Grandfather Mountain I was looking at.

Humble wife said...

Gayle-neat! A reminder of visiting grandparents is a good thing!

Susan- yes but you are good at oh so many other things :)

Muse- yay!! I knew it the first time I saw them as the similarities are amazing. The beak is more parrot style~but I love their nests and how I am reminded of my childhood in Ohio. Thank you about my own brood!

DebbieLynne-If I had made donuts~yes~you would get one~minus a bite or two;)

Ah Russell-cute story that made my day!!

Ma said...

I saw her:) That bird is lovely, very colorful.

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

Jennifer, thanks for pointing out the lady of the mountain.
There is a mountain west of us called "Ear Mountain" that is our local landmark and the subject of many, many photographs. I will post one soon so you can see it. Local landmarks certainly do touch our hearts! Great "kid" photo!...........Denise

Humble wife said...

Ma! Yay! Yes the pyrrhuloxia is!

Denise-I am looking forward to the photo. I do love visiting your blog because you share so many photos!!

Maria said...

Yes I did see the 'lady', reclining there so peacefully. It's lovely to see photos of your surroundings :-)

Humble wife said...

Maria-yay! Yes I share the surroundings because I am interested in other places when I blog visit. I try and share because I think it is like having a mini peek!!

Family Chatter said...

I love that there are others (like you) who look for shapes in all kinds of natural beauty-- such as the "lady resting", etc. I think clouds are beautiful, period, but I still (always) look for 'special designs' in the clouds and this started when I was very young. My younger brother and I would lie on the slanted hill by the barn (known as the 'barn bank hill' because it's used to run wagons up into the higher level) where we would 'search' the clouds as they floated by-- looking for a 'picture'. Last summer, driving from WI to Utah and then to Oregon and back, I took a number of photos of clouds 'telling a story'. The birds in this post are beautiful, but....... your children WIN!!!! (BEAUTIFUL+!)

Humble wife said...

Family Chatter-I love that another understands telling a story by the clouds! I am not alone! And thank you:) I think so too, about my kiddos, but I am biased;)