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Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Friday, January 20, 2012

Update on Laundry Room

Building an addition is not as hard as I thought. The ceiling was the hardest and then the walls, as I wanted them to be perfect.

I also wished for the floor to be the kind of floor that matched the southwest. I hope you like my new laundry room!

Here is where I began the addition.
Getting the walls perfect was somewhat tricky.
Oh and the ceiling?! Sky blue paint is not as easy to find as one would assume. And I am all for staging the room to make it feel the way I desired when I built it.

So same photo sharing all the perks of my laundry room remix. First if I feel like I need a mini workout, I have built in pull-up bars. I can also attach a toddler swing when little ones visit. My laundry table was hard to find, but once I found it, the rest of the room fell into place. The Bible verse is inspirational-and I read it every time I go to the laundry room. Note the purse. My former lovely clothespin bag was to die for on the farm...and Delilah had to have it. I left it out one night and she teethed on it. So now the clothespins are housed neatly in a purse that I kind of liked but had not used...hey what new laundry room can't use a timeless classic such as a brown handbag?

The clear divisions of my laundry room still keep up to date with the open house feel we have seen in floor~plans of the 21st century. I worked very hard to make sure that if, Mr. Farmer and I were ever to sell, the additions would be modern yet simple. Another important factor when considering the efficiency of an addition to the laundry room was how much energy was available and how much would be used? Our climate is very similar to this site, and it boast 350 days of sunshine. Energy use-pretty much nothing, except Farmer's wife, which is great because natural vitamin -excellent, and physical labor-magnificent!

So recapping the building project. I had an unfinished laundry room for a good while and decided it was time to complete the project. My laundry room makeover did not cost a single penny!

In case you are wondering what scripture is on the gate: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. Matthew 7:14


kymber said...

i think that, when building additions, one must always consider the re-sale value. large, open-concept laundry rooms can provide such re-sale value on an older home. i know, i have done my research. i think your new addition will greatly add to the re-sale value of the home - my only suggestion, if i may - have you considered putting in a skylight? apparently skylights are the latest thing and a skylight in the laundry room can really notch up the re-sale value of a home.


I FREAKIN LOVE IT! (and i very seldom use caps, my dear. THAT alone should say how much i love this post!!!)

your friend,

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

And a very nice laundry room it is.

Humble wife said...

Kymber- we tried, truly to work a skylight into our budget. I think you and I must have researched in similar areas...BUT, we could not afford it~sigh. hahahahaha :)Thanks for making Bill and I laugh out loud!!!xxoxoxooox

Michelle-why thank you!

kymber said...

teeheehee...awesome Jen...we are so on the same page when it comes to additions and re-sale value. and i am terribly sorry that you couldn't afford a skylight...maybe in the future eh?

bahahahahahah! i am so glad to make you and the gorgeous Bill laugh out loud! can't think of a compliment that i would want more than that!

Sassy said...

I love new additions and yours is heavenly. I looove outdoor rooms, I do have a few myself, nice to have defined living areas ;)

Anonymous said...

Okay Humble - at what age did you develop this need to repurpose purses? Clothes pin bags - chicken coops/carriers. You crack me up!

However, I do love your sense of architecture. Makes me long for my own line - NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING is a wonderful as sheets dried in the sun on the line. I love towels dried that way too. They always smell so fresh and clean.


musemater said...

I give you the Most Entertaining Post of the week for making me chuckle at your oh so moderne addition.:D

The towels absorb better and help exfoliate the skin and clothes have crisp body, just love the feel of the jeans, to say nothing about the fresh scent.

debbieo said...

How lovely, My laundry room is similar but is not defined like yours is. You give me inspiration. I have been looking for a laundry table like that but I want to use it to be the base for my 16 brick rocket stove.
Thank you for the great post.

Family Chatter said...

No key strokes from this keyboard can fully describe how much this post is so, so, SO ME! My 'Family Chatter' blog shows clothes flapping in the wind-- well, sometimes, they've been almost horizontal because of the strong 'breezes'!!! NO dryer sheets can compete with the smell of line-dryed clothes. The creativity and descriptions on your post about this new laundry 'room' are a hoot. LOVE THIS POSTING!!!!

Felinae said...

Oh, HW, I love it!!!

You have completely captured the essence of the Southwest in your laundry room. I particularly love the natural earthen color of the flooring and the slight variations in color on your lovely stone shaded walls.

You did an amazing job, my friend, excellent post. :)

Hugs & Love

Rocky Mountain Homemaker said...

I love your laundry room, especially the color of the ceiling. It uses very little energy, except yours of course!

Mystic Mud said...

I love it!! I am so inspired I think I may have my man check this out and consider building our whole house in the open design!! I'm sure it must take longer than traditional building, but the open concept is surely worth the wait!

Great post, thanks for the laugh, and it's really too bad that you couldn't scrape together the needed funds for a skylight - it would have made the room "POP"......giggle:)

Humble wife said...

Kymber- haha!! I think perhaps someday we may be fortunate and have a skylight~~xoxox

Sassy-Absolutely heavenly, isn't it? I have a good deal more open space than enclosed space...so my farm is much like the half full half empty cup!!

VA Sis...having so many sisters that carried purses around-how could I not have become so purse repurposeful!?!?! :)

I love bedding fresh off the line and each week when bedding is washed I sleep like I am in heaven!

Muse-I am happy I gave you a chuckle!! By the way, I use 1/2 cup vinegar each load and my towels are actually very soft. I never realized how wonderful vinegar is!!

Debbie- we are researching a rocket stove too...how neat!!

Family Chatter- I have your blog still open as I have never been a private reader before and am worried if I leave it that I will not get back in!! I understand the horizontal clothes as it gets very windy here.

LOL Fel- I did get the southwest colors perfect didn't I? huggles to you Catman and B!!

Denise-and the best thing about using my energy is that it is a great workout!!!

Mystic-some day, I hope we can scrape the money together for the skylight! I do like the silliness of the post, and that I actually defined my laundry room because it made me feel good, and brought some smiles on line!!

Anonymous said...


Humble wife said...

LOL Rhonda!! Yes the paint was very tricky!!

Susan said...

Love it!!!!

Humble wife said...

Oh Susan- I knew you would! You are an example of thrift and so I hope I someday am as you are! <3