"You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."
Dr. Adrian Rogers 1931-2005

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oh that's okay, I make lamb*

This is my second post title using a quote from the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I am more familiar with recipes using beef and chicken, so cooking with lamb is experimental for me. We have made lamb chops several times in the past and each time we make it, the chops are a big hit. Now I am getting more familiar cooking with ground lamb. Tonight, I made a spaghetti dinner using ground lamb.
The menu was: Spaghetti,
Spinach and Greens salad,
Toasted French bread with a garlic herb butter

Dessert: Cheatin' Peach Cobbler
In case you wish to know how I prepared the meal, here is what I did tonight:

First I browned the ground lamb, with a bit of cumin, onion powder, and garlic salt.

Then I made my totally easy spaghetti sauce. The base is 3 or 4 cans of tomato sauce and a few tablespoons of seasoning mix.
I have a master mix of seasonings for the sauce:
minced onion~ 1 TBSP
parsley~1 TBSP
salt~1 TBSP
garlic powder~ 1/4 tsp
sugar~1 tsp
basil~1/4 tsp
thyme~1/4 tsp
sage~1/4 tsp
marjoram~1/4 tsp
oregano 1/4 tsp

I multiply this by six when I make up the master mix. Then I add a few tablespoons to the sauce, judging by how the seasoning looks. Slow cook over medium-low for a while, then add the browned meat.

For the salad, I have to confess that we are a picky group. Each person loves to have it their way~so I wash the spinach and greens and prep the sides and allow the family to have a mini salad bar! For dressings we use red wine vinegar and Balsamic Vinegar.

The Cheatin' Peach Cobbler is easy~
I have a master mix for homemade Bisquick too:
9 cups flour
1/4 cup sugar
2 cups shortening
3 TBSP baking powder
1 TBSP salt

I keep this in the freezer and use the recipe which is the Strawberry Shortcake from the box(Bisquick). I call it cheatin' because I cheat and use this recipe and instead of strawberries I use peaches.

(2~ 15 oz. cans peaches)
2/3 cup sugar
2 1/3 cup Bisquick(or the mix)
3 TBSP sugar
3 TBSP margarine or butter -- melted
1/2 cup milk

After the ingredients I change everything. So here is what I do:

Mix everything but the peaches together. It makes a stiff dough. Kind of roll/flatten into several dumpling style thingies! Put the peaches in a pan, plop the dumpling things on, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar and bake.

Preheat oven to 425 F until the dough is cooked.

I serve this in a bowl with milk~and I love it.

To continue with being frugal here on the farm, I remove the labels from the canned goods. I use these for projects around the house, like the photo of our second freezer. It was a tad old and beat up, and now I have a Warhol~ one of a kind freezer.
Excuse the photo...it was off the cell phone. This post shares a bit more about my frugal ways. In years past folks would not call me frugal but thrifty, as I use each item in the house to the max, thereby stretching the ever shrinking dollar.

*this will be a recurring title!


Mrs.Rabe said...

That movie is very funny - I love the Dad soaking his elbow in Windex!

I think it is great to be thrifty or frugal or whatever! It is good to save money!


HossBoss said...

Love the Master Mixes! I wonder if it would keep on the shelf too? We don't have an extra freezer yet... maybe not anytime soon. But Bisquik lives on the shelf and so do all the ingredients in it. Just wondering...

Have a great day, HW!

: )

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks for the encouragement to keep on the frugal path. To that end: I buy the extra big bags of dog food for my 90+ pound dog. Any thoughts about how to re-use/re-purpose the empty dog food bags? I haven't been able to think of any uses yet but was inspired to ask when I saw the pic of your Andy W.creation. SJ in Vanvouver BC

Amish Stories said...

I'm not big on lamb, but i will be eating the heck out of that Peach Cobbler though! I hope to see you at my own blog this Thursday when i publish images from the Witness movie location tour that i went to this past Sept. The film stared Harrison Ford in 1985. Richard

Humble wife said...

Deanna I agree! And the windex~hilarious!

HB-My spaghetti mix I keep in the cupboard. I am sure you could keep the mixes in he cupboard, as long as you pre freeze to kill off the bugs. I am funny that way~

SJ-good of you to ask! I use the feed bags for many things(including dog and cat food bags). This post shows how I converted one to a large shopping bag http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/2011/08/county-fairpart-3-arts-and-crafts.html

I also have made smaller versions for produce...

I use the bags opened, cleaned, and then tacked up in our coops and sheds. Kind of lines the walls from the drab plywood...and paint is costly.

A blogger I follow made feed bag aprons...which I am going to do, but lengthen them for butchering. We usually have 5 when we butcher and someone ends up with blood somewhere-this idea will solve the problem! http://doingmybestforhim.blogspot.com/2012/01/feed-sack-apron.html

Now not to make you think I am crazy, bear with me- but I made a shower curtain out of the bags too. We have an unusual size shower on our farm and the conventional shower curtains would not reach the floor. After much thought-I decided to go eclectic and made a Warhol style shower curtain. Simple and keeps the water inside the shower!

Hope these ideas help.

debbieo said...

I have an idea for when you lenghten the apron for butchering, split the legs and make ties on them to wrap them around your legs and the split will allow walking. Post pix when you make one please.

I love the freezer idea. We bought a "new" fridge for the girls camper and its not very pretty. What a cute idea to put can lables all over it. Now, how to make your own decopage. Any ideas?

Humble wife said...

Richard- we really never had much lamb in our diet. Now it is a few times a week. I am looking forward to when you write about Witness! I love Harrison Ford!

Debbie-Brilliant! I love that idea too. Of course I will post as I love to share simple tips. I will link you then too aside from in my comment section.

As to decoupage-I use one bottle of glue...a bit at a time and mix with warm water. Very thin. I use a mid size painting brush and brush the back of the label on. I wipe the fridge or anything with my hand to smooth. Some labels were more difficult but all will stick. I never bought any decoupage glue or whatnot. Walmart sells glue for 20 cents a piece each Fall and I buy 2 or 3 dollars!

Rhonda said...

Crafty crafty crafty you are ..wise in budgeting your assets...a teacher of proven theory to bring the knowledge to our every day life to increase our education and lives..in both outside and inside experiences! I think the Peach dish sounds awesome....

Anonymous said...

You are such a wild woman! One day a few years ago, I was in NY at the Art Museum. I saw these HUGE (8 stories tall) canvases hanging - each one painted nicely with a single color - first was a Red one, then Orange, then Yellow, followed by Green Blue and lastly Purple. The lady at the museum whispered to me, "Oh this is our newest acquisition we have it insured for 1.5 million dollars". Trust me when I tell you - I think your beat up freezer "cover up" is much more artful and interesting!

I also like your homemade bisquick recipe - I think I'll borrow that and try it!

Not sure I know what "dumpling style thingies" are (JOKE) but I think I'll give it a try!

VA Sis

Monique Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for you lovely visit and comment.
Your food looks fantastic, very delicious !!
Have a wonderful day.

Humble wife said...

Oh Rhonda! Necessity is the mother of invention(or innovation or creativity)! I suppose that has been the driving force!

Thank you Monique! And you too!

Humble wife said...

VA sis-- sorry I missed responding~

I am always chuckling when I see what is passed off as art. I can't imagine a response to the color panels except The Emperor's New Clothes. Seems like we all oooh and aaah when some important person tells that this or that is art without using common sense.

The thingie dumplings are what I call them, when ou make them you will see the consistency and understand.

Maria said...

That meal sounded yummy! Here in Australia we used to eat lots of lamb because it was economical to buy (when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s). Then certain 'cuts' got to be very expensive such as leg roasts ($25-$30) and loin chops. Then in the last few years even the humble lamb shanks became very expensive. (butchers would either give them away free once or charge about 20c for each one!) Shoulder of lamb roast has become trendy (those darn cooking shows on TV! lol) and I saw one roast in the shop for $21! In Aus now people eat more chicken and pork as the prices are lower.

Humble wife said...

Maria-to be honest the price is why we never had any lamb before. Now that we raise the sheep, we are surprised because it is far easier to raise sheep than cattle...although we do butcher a beef each year. Now that we have it, I am surprised as the taste is marvelous!! Chicken is easy to raise also, but pork...ugh, the worst animal we ever raised was a pig. He ate so much!

Anonymous said...

this is your firstborn son commenting, I think next time I come down we are having lamb-spaghetti, pictures look so amazing that I almost licked my computer screen! love yall!

Humble wife said...

To my handsome amazing firstborn son~of course! I will make anything you desire! I am so thankful that you came Saturday and worked all day. Photos are up and coming. Thank you for giving me one of my greatest names-Mom!

huggles and love