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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Incredible Edible Egg Orange

Bill brought home a big bag of oranges yesterday and I knew what I was going to be doing this morning! I began with only 20 oranges, washed and ready to become incredible!
The first thing I did was eat an orange-so I washed one more! By the way, I highly recommend this step~product safety and all. I had my canning jars and lids prepped as well as the water bath canner rearing to go.

I then was grateful that I had read this post the other day. Thanks Canning Granny! While my 15 oranges were in the canner(7 pints). I had a few more things to do with the remaining five oranges as well as the skin.

I scraped off all of the white pithy part of the skins... kind of slow going so have something to watch. I watched the turkeys out the back window. The critters never cease to amaze me. I added several minutes to the canning time due to elevation of the farm.

Canned oranges

I also peeled the remaining five oranges to prepare for the next part of the incredible orange day! I cut the skins(after removing the pithy part) into very thin slices(about 2 cups). I then cut up the 5 oranges into small pieces. I added 12 cups of water and then covered it and placed it in my pantry to rest for 12 hours. Tonight I will can 7 half pints of orange marmalade. Do not skip the step of letting the orange rest, as it makes all the difference.

As the marmalade is resting, take about 2 more cups of thinly sliced skin and place it in a canning jar. Add equal parts of water and vodka...yes vodka as this is how to make orange extract. I used this link. I will finish the orange extract in February and put into small jars then. But wait there is more!!

Take the peelings that you did not remove the pithy white part(once you had 4 cups of removed pith skins you can stop). Slice thinly and put on pans and warm in low heat oven at 175 F for a few hours. This will dry them and now you have a base to make a lovely potpourri. My own personal recipe of stovetop potpourri is orange slices, cinnamon sticks and water. In the morning it is so wonderful to turn the potpourri pan on and have the aromas of cinnamon~ orange sweetness.

Here is a recap of 20 oranges:
7 pints canned oranges
1 pint of orange extract(in a month)
7 half-pints of orange marmalade
1 pint of orange peels for potpourri
~and all the white pithy part went to the birds!!

Now do you see why the orange is so incredible! By the way you can make candied orange skin which is delicious!


Susan said...


Shannon said...

Wow! That is impressive. Way to use all parts of the oranges. I am inspired :-)

Melodie said...

Like sunshine in a jar! I did this with clementines awhile back.Yum!

HossBoss said...

Wow! I am not sure I've ever eaten a canned orange, but I bet it would be good!

Sassy said...

I love what you've done and I can smell the aromas from here ;) I have not canned oranges yet, will have to do.

Rose said...

I've been wanting to can oranges and these look great! What variety are they, navels? I have wanted to can Mandarins, too. Thanks for the inspiration and info.

Mrs. Mac said...

This all looks amazing! So much from 20 oranges. I bet the candied orange is good too. Thanks for sharing the links.

Humble wife said...

Susan- :)

Shannon-thank you!

Melodie- exactly! That is what I will label the oranges!

Sassy- the aromas were lovely!

Rose- I am not the most knowledgeable on orange types. I would guess navels but they are sold from a Mexican market that brings them up from the groves south of the border.

Mrs. Mac- you are welcome. It is amazing how much we can use if we pause, isn't it?

Little Home In The Country said...

WELL DONE!!!!! Love your work - I can just about smell the oranges... mmmm...... :)

Anonymous said...

I never thought of canning oranges but then again I do not can....would love to but my time is stretched as tight as a rubber band from here to Texas ready to snap.....they make a pretty jar of oranges...love that color ....

Jane said...

You did a great job with those oranges,frugal,I like that !!! I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well. Blessings Jane

Humble wife said...

Little Home-they did smell delicious while putting them up!

Rhonda-oh you made me smile with your comment. Canning is not expected of anyone. This is the year I have decided to learn as much as I can by canning. I never put up more than say 70 jars a season and this year I wish to can around 350 jars. It is more of an on hands school to learn. Also to of course enjoy!

Jane-thank you! I am also following your blog anonymously! Thanks!

Gayle said...

I love canning....all the jars lined on the shelf make me really feel like I've accomplished something. Our produce is entirely too expensive for me to do this, but I sure would if I lived further south (same with making tons of applesauce...just not feasible here).

musemater said...

Great! I've done marmalade, but not just canning or making flavoring from the oranges. I order my favorite citrus called Honeybell tangelo, a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine, really sweet. Add a little Meyer lemon sometimes makes another great flavour.

Humble wife said...

Gayle- I love how it feels to see the jars too. I live where growing season is pretty much year round, esp just a few miles south, so I am fortunate. I am happy you have club stores though as the prices are not horrific(I hope).

Muse- I did sneak a lemon in as I had one that was looking poorly. I did not mention it as I was being frugal and did not want to share my terribly over compulsive using up everything behavior!!

Mrs. Mobunny said...

WOW! How neat is that to make your own orange marmalade? Great job!!

Humble wife said...

Thanks Michelle. It is delish!